Marvelous Monday: My Love Affair with Birdcage Veils

Happy Monday everyone! I’m in a strangely, eerily good mood for a Monday and I hope the rest of you are having a great start of the week as well [if not great, at least not angry/homicidal or sad]. To kick off another wildly wonderful wedding week, I’m going to share my obsession with birdcage veils. To me, having a veil was never an option, it was always something I knew I would have. Although I am hardly a traditional girl or a traditional bride, a long veil is one tradition that I just could not give up. However, as of late, I’ve become unhealthily obsessed with birdcage veils. I love the length, the sexy look and the flowers, pins and accessories that are often attached to them. Because I can’t make up my mind and want one of EVERYTHING, I’m going to have both a birdcage veil and a long veil at my wedding!  One for the ceremony and one for the reception. Who said you can’t have it all? Since my other veil is already ordered, I’m now on the lookout for a very vintage, very classic and very “claire” birdcage veil. Which one of the below is your favorite? 

Marcia Lace Headband

Marcia Lace Headband Veil, by Hems and Bustles on Etsy [I love that his one is a headband!] 

Lisa Rosettes Veil

Lisa Rosettes Veil, by Hems and Bustles on Etsy 

Vintage Ivory  and gold flower fascinator headpiece with bleached peacock feathers for wedding or special occasion by starz selection

Vintage Ivory and Gold Feather Fascinator Headpiece, by Starz Selection on Etsy 

The Lovely - Hand Dyed Alencon Ivory Lace Tear Drop shape Head Piece with White Birdcage Veil Blusher

The Lovely Handy Dyed Alencon Ivory Lace Tear Drop Shade, by Wedding Aisle on Etsy 

Hot Pink Bird cage veil

Hot Pink Bird cage veil, by Leslie B Leadbeater on Etsy [I love the hot pink! So original!] 

birdcage veil - Cupids Kiss - a bridal bandeau

Cupid’s Kiss floral birdcage veil, by The Honey Comb on Etsy 

Megan Ivory and Champagne Veil

Megan Ivory and Champagne Veil, by Hems and Bustles on Etsy [I love the touch of champagne. This one is my favorite!] 

The Bandeau Poof

The Bandeau Poof, by Fascinating Creations on Etsy [There is something SO unique and fun about this veil!] 

Black Birdcage Veil with Feather Fascinator Ready to Ship Goth Bride

Black Birdcage Veil with Feathers, by Leslie Ann on Etsy [Add some serious edge to your bridal attire  by adding this veil! I love the look of white and black, contrasting but still very classic]

VINTAGE LACE Blusher Birdcage VEIL Fascinator Headpiece

Vintage Lace Blusher Birdcage Veil, by Teika Bear on Etsy [I LOVE this veil! It’s so unique and different, and so classic and vintage.]

…and now some real brides in birdcage veils. A big thank you to the brides who submitted their wedding photos!

Beautiful bride with beautiful scenery! Photo courtesy of Olivia Leigh Photography

Gorgeous bride rocking the black veil. So stunning and individual! Photo courtesy of Carla Ten Eyck Photography

The beautiful Christina Mercer Rigby of Us Meets Uk! I love the feathers in the back! Photo courtesy of Evan Bishop Photography

Kelly J.H., known to the world as KJpugs, looking stunning on her wedding day! Check out her pre-wedding blog for more fabulous photos of her [and her ADORABLE dogs!] Photo courtesy of Erin Hession Photography.

Gorgeous real bride Megan Stakolosa in her beach nuptials. Love the pins with her veil! Photo courtesy of Jenni Combs.

Oh my…this bride is stunning & I love the simple, long straight hair with the veil. A very classic and vintage look. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Williams Photography

I’m really digging this black birdcage veil trend. I think the contrasting colors are so incredibly remarkable. Especially in this photo! Photo courtesy of Rock Star Photography Blog

Bride in Birdcage Veil

Beautiful photograph of this gorgeous bride and veil! Featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs, photo courtesy of Jill Thomas.



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8 responses to “Marvelous Monday: My Love Affair with Birdcage Veils

  1. AAAHH! I’m a veil girl all the way but this has me seriously loving the birdcage!

  2. LOVE birdcage veils 🙂 love the black ones!

  3. I love love love what i call “sassy headpieces” – I wore one 🙂

  4. Beautiful round up!!! I have to say i can’t choose the one i love more 😉

  5. kjpugs

    Thanks so much for featuring me!!! I loved my birdcage veil. It was a total last minute decision and I’m REALLY glad I did it!

  6. Thank you so much!!!! I love all the photos!!!! Everyone looks so lovely!

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