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A Charleston Wedding: Backstage Bridal Shoot & Morning Wine

Happy Monday! I’ve decided to kick off each week with a lovely wedding recap! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!

Jumping right in where we left off, my hair was perfectly coiled and my make-up flawlessly applied so it was time to put on my short little “reception” dress for the beach bridal shoot! Since I already recapped the professional photos, I’m going to feature the funny, backstage photos that my best friend Emily took. [Every photo featured on this post was taken by Emily!]  As soon as Richard arrived, Emily, Liz, Melanie and I trekked to Sullivan’s Island to snap some pictures. The weather was absolutely perfect with a lovely ocean breeze. When we first arrived, Richard had me hide in a bush so he could get some gorgeous pictures with the leaves around me.

Emily and Liz were singing “I’m a survivor!” by Destiny’s Child, hence the laughing.

After Richard switched to the digital, he gave Liz his amazing film camera…

…who was told it was his “baby”, so she proceeded to rock and coo it.

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Venue Spotlight: The William Aiken House

Photo by Susan Stripling

It’s time for another venue spotlight, but this one is INCREDIBLY exciting for me. Why? Well, it’s my venue! I’ve been keeping it in a top-secret vault from everyone but very close family and friends. I just wanted there to be an element of suspense in my wedding planning and keep my guests intrigued as to where we were actually getting married! Well since the invites have been sent out and opened by our guests, I figured it’s finally time to unleash the amazing venue we chose for our nuptials. Honestly, every time I see this place I get chills. If you are planning a southern wedding in Charleston, this venue is on the must list to check out.

The William Aiken House is located on the bustling King street which boasts tons of shopping, restaurants and other historic landmarks. Not only is the location perfect, the mansion itself dates back to the 1800’s and is registered as a national historic landmark. The house is kept in pristine condition and is fully furnished with antique furniture, paintings and chandeliers. It also has a private garden with a coy pond and giant Magnolia tree, which is often decorated in lights and lanterns for weddings. A quaint carriage house is located in the back of the grounds and is open to reserve for newlyweds and family to spend the night! But enough from me, time to drool over the photographs!


Patrick Hall Photography

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A Famous Charlotte Wedding by Richard Israel

It’s time for another gorgeous wedding by Richard Israel! Before I get to the pictures (which is what we all want to see!) I need to divulge a little about this lovely bride and her father. Most men who fall in love with a girl are naturally a little scared of their future father in law, especially when it comes to asking for the blessing. Well, in Riki’s case, this was probably an extra intimidating circumstance because the bride (Ashley’s) father is a professional wrestler. Ashley’s father is known in the wrestling world as Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair and is one of the most well-known wrestler’s in the world, winning over 16 World Champion titles! Although her father is a bit of a celebrity, all eyes were on this absolutely stunning bride and her handsome groom in this perfectly classic Charlotte affair.

I’m in love with all lace gown and matching cathedral veil. Stunning!

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A Perfect Charleston Wedding by Richard Israel

I’m so excited to feature this gorgeous wedding for a few reasons. One, it took place in Charleston, which you all know, is a place very near and dear to my heart. Secondly, the bride and groom [Whitney and Eric] are such a gorgeous couple who are madly in love, as you can see in every photograph. And third, it was shot by a photographer too good for words, Richard Israel and his fabulous assistant Elizabeth Rose. This wedding showcases true love and classic, simple elegance, which to me, are the makings of a perfect affair. For more on this beautiful wedding, visit Richard’s blog.

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