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Friday’s Fab Finds: More Ideas for Your Crib

HAPPY FRIIIIIDAY!!! Wahoo! I won’t let this impending natural disaster kill my excitement! (And, don’t worry, I’m fully stocked on enough wine, food and gossip mags to keep me sane for at least 3 days!)

I had a few ideas for what to post for today’s finds, but of course, Pinterest got in the way and I found a whole new slew of gorgeous somethin’ somethin’s to delight your eyeballs with. And, even  better, they all have to do with creating your perfect nest. Like many brides, I moved right after the wedding, so creating a dream newlywed home has been top of mind for me. Even though I’ve been married for 5 months, I’m still trying to create the perfect home for me and my new hubby. Well, I’m pretty sure these fabulous finds and inspiration ideas will get me there (once I have enough money to buy them, of course. Anyone want to sponsor me?)







and the world’s most perfect little set up:


Have a safe and happy weekend! For more of my musings, check out my Five Things Friday!


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2 Months to Go…

2 months until I’m a BRIDE! [via]

Tuesday kicked off the 2 month countdown to the big day, and boy, am I ready! I’m at the point in my planning where all that’s left are the boring, essential little details I’ve put off. As you remember, I had a bit of a shuttle issue earlier, but I’m happy to report that has been resolved! We found a company that will rent out sprinter vans and charge us ONLY for the hours we need it! A radical concept, I know 🙂 We also found a fabulous limo company that is giving us a wonderful deal to cart the lovely bridal party in style around Charleston to take photos! However, now we must tackle the seating chart, the accommodations and the welcome bags. Not horrible tasks, but daunting ones none the less. So isntead of boring ya’ll with those, I’m showcasing some more decor, venue and look inspiration boards! Oh and keep your eyes peeled, I’m going to be posting pictures of our invites AND venue soon!


Bright Bridesmaids

[Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5]

My Look Part 2

My Wedding Look Part 2

[Images 1, 2, 3 and 40

My Venue

Venue Inspiration

I’m seriously getting SO excited for the big day!


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Lust worthy wedding bands

Although my wedding band has already been chosen and purchased [my hubby to be is ahead of the curve!] I still find myself oogling gorgeous wedding bands, from white gold to platinum to infinity diamonds. Although the adage “A diamond is a girl’s best friend” doesn’t ring true for every woman and girl out there, it sure ring’s true for me! So on this marvelous Monday, I thought I’d share some lust-worthy wedding bands I’ve been drooling over. Other brides to be, if you and your fiancée have yet to decide on a wedding band, maybe one of these will inspire you!

Tiffany & Co “I love You” band ring, $1,050, T&Co

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