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Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Kate Spade

Any store with decor like this is already a favorite in my book!

What is there to be said about Kate Spade that hasn’t already been? Her designs are timeless, modern, preppy, couture and highly elegant. What I love most about her designs are how bold they are, but not too bold that they aren’t still timeless season to season. Even her trendiest pieces can be carried through each season, year to year. Instead of blabbing about how fantastic and wonderful this line is, why don’t I just show you? I know it’s early, but Santa, can you put me down for one of these fabulous bags? I promise I’ll be good! [At least kinda good]. All these amazing pieces can be found at Nordstrom.

Studio Stripe Quinn Canvas Tote

Randi Nylon Baby Bag [I know, a baby bag, but I’d carry this to work as my work tote! How amazing is that red interior?]

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