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Tuesday Shoesday: Turqouise Pieces of Heaven

The title pretty much sums up the delicious pumps I’m about to wow you with. I’m sure you’ve seen them (well, those of you who stalk Anthropologie & BHLDN and have a virtual shopping bag well into the thousands). Although the color is stunning, it’s the modest shape, vintage design and Mad Man-esque vibe that have totally won me over. If you couldn’t tell, I’m sorta obsessed with vintage/retro ANYTHING. Well, friends, let these shoes take you back to the non complicated days of martinis at lunch and pearls with your apron. [Shoes are from BHLDN]

Um, what a freakin’ dream they are.

They are named the Elopement pump, which actually makes perfect sense. I could totally see myself, in a flirty, big skirted short lace dress running to the Little White Chapel with these magnificent heels on my feet, a pouty red lip and cascading red curls flowing down on my shoulder, hand in hand with my perfect Don Draper (Mad Man reference, duh). That is, of course, if I wasn’t already married.

I’d wear these with jeans, a dress, a pencil skirt, shorts, hell, even just my underwear. I mean, look at them though, it would be hard to NOT put them on 🙂 These are shoes that are not meant to sit in any closet.



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Friday’s Fab Finds: Darling Little Trinkets

I haven’t used the word trinket in a while but the amazing finds I’m about to show you don’t really fit into any other word description. I just couldn’t decide on one type of product, so I thought I’d share a mis-mash variety of a bunch of different types of products. Some days, like today, it’s good to color outside of the lines, so to speak 🙂 All of these fabulous trinkets can be found at Anthropologie. And I know I’m not the only person who thinks these could make fabulous holiday gifts!

[1, 2, 3 and 4]

[4, 5, 6 and 7]

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Choosing a Dress for your Pre-Wedding Party!

It’s time to show some love to the rehearsal dinner, which is often overlooked and shoved aside in the wake of the wedding. [Obviously!] So today, I’ve decided to funnel my creative juices into picking out some beautiful rehearsal dinner dresses for casual, garden, beachy and formal celebrations [for spring and summer]. Because when the stress level is high and you’re knee-deep in photo proofs and invites, a little retail therapy is the only remedy!

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