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Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Burberry

I want to live in this ad, what about you? [Photo via]

The iconic checkered brown, white and red. Burberry is a classic, a brand that will never go out of style or fade from the fashion magazines. There’s something so timeless about a Burberry scarf, bag or trench. As much as I love timeless looks, they can sometimes seem so drab to me. The same look, same design, year after year. It can get so ordinary. However, as I’ve peeped the selection of Burberry handbags at Neiman Marcus, I’m excited to see fresh new takes on the standard plaid. The addition of studs, colors and patent leather turn these bags from typical to trendy!

Knotted Check Sling Shoulder Bag

Studded Hobo

Feathered Osprey Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

Barbed Wire Check Tote

Mega Stud Check Hobo

Textured Bowler

and the finale…

Burberry Heart Studded Satchel
What I really love about this bag is the color and studs. Usually with heart embellishment, bags [or anything] can look REALLY juvenile. This bag takes the heart look and matures it with a rich brown color and studding!

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Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Vanijja

SET Of 4 Bridal and Bridesmaid's Clutch..Customize your own Clutches to match your Wedding Colors..Medium sizeI am obsessed with these bags. See below for more fabulous clutches!

This spotlight focuses on a different kind of designer than the ones I usually feature. This designer is not as well-known but is just as talented than the household names we’ve all grown up with (what, you didn’t grow up spitting out Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton? Sad childhood!) So where did I find this purse creator known as Vanijja? The little piece of online heaven I call Etsy, which is also where I spend 75% of my time as of late. It’s sort of transpired into a serious problem but it’s not like I’ve spent ALL of my livelihood there…yet. So friends and followers, don’t these bags demand the spotlight and runway? I think so! I’ll take one in ever color, fabric and design, thanks so much. Oh and these would be amazing as bridesmaid gifts because they are SERIOUSLY fabulous bargains. ($25 dollars for a beautiful bag, I think so!)

The Lalita Clutch in Warm..Medium size

The Lalita Clutch in warm

Party Animal in Black..Large size Clutch

Party Animal in black

A Bridal's Clutch..Customize your own Clutch to match your Wedding Colors..Large size

Customizable Bridal Clutch

Read more to see my top pick and other cute clutches!

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Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Salvatore Ferragamo

Isn’t this stunning metallic Salvatore Ferragamo clutch to die for? [Photos via]

Salvatore Ferragama isn’t just known for his fabulous shoes (but they are amazing, right?) His entire line of handbags are absolutely gorgeous as well. Although I’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life (caviar taste on a beer budget, if you will), this weekly breakdown of designers has really opened my eyes to some fabulous handbags I would have once overlooked, including these Salvatores. Since I already own a pair of gorgeous black pumps from his collection (I bought them at Marshall’s, but they still count, right?) I obviously need one of these handbags to round out the outfit. Once again, I’m accepting any of these as a wedding present! [All can be found at Neiman Marcus]

G Mediterraneo Shoulder Bag

Patchwork Fondente Multicolor Vitello Spirit

Leopard-Print Gancini Tote

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