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Guest Book gets a Makeover

Lately, I’ve seen some really unique ideas for guest books, and not on purpose either. As I’m perusing blogs and wedding sites, these fun and different guest book ideas just keep popping up! I took that as a sign,  so I’m posting a few of my favorites. What I love about the guest book idea is that it’s so easy to personalize and make your own.  Why have just a notebook when you can have one of these snazzy ideas instead?!

Unique Guestbook Ideas :  wedding guestbook B138337

Typewriter! Perfect for Vintage Weddings! [Ms. Apple Cider, Weddingbee]

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Invitation Inspiration

I may be getting a little ahead of myself [big surprise there, aye?] searching for invitation inspiration…but better early than late, I always say! I’m slightly clueless when it comes to the world of invitations. I don’t know much about typeface or paper quality, so this has proved to be quite the learning experience. All Elliot and I know, for sure, is that when it comes to our invites, we want something unique and fun but still elegant and sophisticated.  We’ve toyed with the idea of designing them entirely ourselves, but as two people with full-time jobs and two “kids” [our dogs], that may prove to be a little difficult. So instead we are going to try to do at least half on our own, and then let the professionals finish. Here’s a few of my favorite designs that I hope will get me inspired and inspire other brides to be who are thinking/doing their invites!

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Tuesday Shoesday…Let my addiction continue.

I like pretty things. As simple as that statement is, it’s the best way to explain my obsession love for gorgeous shoes, accessories, jewelry, clothing, home decor, etc. Most of my lusting is just in the form of window shopping [stupid budgets and paying rent] these days, which is sad for my closet, but great for my blog! I caught the Tuesday Shoesday fever [thanks Twitter!] which is a perfect way to show case the current objects [in this case, shoes] of my affection. With my wedding approaching and me already in save mode, who knows. Maybe one day, some of these sassy numbers will be mine!

Valentino Lace Couture D’orsay

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Party favors, centerpieces, place holders…decor & gifts all in one!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about the party favors, or “my bags” as Emily [Burning River Bride] calls them. I think I even had my favors picked out before my venue, photographer and wedding coordinator. For some reason, finding and discovering fun favor ideas is so relaxing to me, almost therapeutic. Well, the further I get into wedding planning, the elaborate, expensive favors I once thought I couldn’t live without are proving to be way out of my financial grasp.  So instead of scrapping the favor idea [and the hours and hours of time I spent searching them] I’m finding fun ways to make them more versatile, that way, getting a bit more bang for the buck. Check out a few of my favorite favors that “moonlight” as something else!

2-Piece Square Favor Box

Favor boxes that can be decor on the gifts/sweets table and double as a place for take-home goodies

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A doggy dog…wedding?

I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m pretty obsessed with my dog. I have a 2-year-old shih-tzu, Oscar [named after Oscar de la Renta], who is the light of my life. He’s basically my child, and anyone who knows him can attest to that. Here, take a little gander at my mop, or as Emily calls him, an E-wok.

Although I could probably write this post all about how cute he is, there is another reason I made this post all about him. We aren’t having children in our wedding [not because we don’t like children, more because we really don’t know any kids!] so the position of a ring bearer, at this point, is vacant. However, as I continue my search for wedding inspiration, I keep seeing weddings where the couple’s/bride’s/groom’s pet serve a significant position in the wedding. Below are a few of my favorite that I’ve seen.

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Wednesday Wedding Wonders

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I wanted to keep the W trend going so I added the ‘Wonders.’ But after you take a peek at these gorgeous  inspiration boards [courtesy of Style Me Pretty] you will agree with my choice of words.

Old Hollywood } Seafoam memories.

Old Hollywood Glam, Courtesy of Cami Wade Photography

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Registry tips: How to survive the scanner

You may have noticed the large toaster. No, I don’t have a weird obsession with toast. This toaster is a symbol of wedding registries because it is one of the most commonly registered item. Are toasters really that hot of a commodity? I like toast, it’s great, but we have two toasters at home. Although our two aren’t high-tech, fancy and stainless, they make toast. This point, which will be rehashed later, is a great introduction to this post. I’m no registry expert [I don’t moonlight at C&B] but after doing a few in-house registry events and registering online, I’ve learned a lot about the process. So below are a few do’s and don’ts that I’ve picked up that I think every bride and groom should know! [We didn’t know them at first and they all the difference!]

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