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The Volkman Home Makeover: The Living Room

We are finally making some headway on the home decor, thanks to a weekend of no real plans which allowed us to finish unpacking. It’s amazing how gorgeous a room looks when it’s not completely covered in boxes.


Now the hard part, finding out how to fill the space! For starters, we are going to begin with some sitting furniture. I found the most amazing couch + love seat and a darling “workman’s bench” at VCF. The whole set is a bit steep, but in my opinion, completely worth the cost. A solid couch set can last you years! Now all it needs is the tooshy comfort approval (and husband bank approval) and it’s ours!

Darling, right? I want to keep with a light beige and walnut motif with bright accent colors like yellow and red.

[Images via Pinterest]

This chair, the vintage suitcases and amazing rug, which all cost more than one month’s rent, would make all of my furniture dreams come true. I could totally see myself enjoying a nice cocktail or two on my fancy vintage yellow arm-chair.

Now that my furniture is set, it’s time to figure out how I’m going to decorate all of that blank wall space. Luckily, we have a pretty good selection of art up already but I found some amazing prints and random wall decor on Overstock that will fill in the gaping holes.

Hand painted red flower set, $99.99

Jacquiel Flower Dance, $87.99

Howard Miller Vercelli Wall Clock, $56.99

Lastly, all it needs is a gorgeous plant and we are set! (A girl can dream, right?)



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And now what?

Okay, so that headline is a bit extreme, but it sums up what I’m going to be posting about today. I first must preface this by saying I LOVE being married. I especially love being married to E. He’s an amazing man and I couldn’t spend my life with anyone else (or anyone else could put up with me!) So far, married life is fun. I’m still not used to saying “husband” but when I do say it, I get that butterfly giddy feeling in my stomach. I think the first time I hear him say “wife” I’ll cry.  To lighten up this post, I’m going to insert my favorite photos of us from the honeymoon 🙂

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Maintaining the Bliss: Guest Post by Jacin of Lovely Little Details

I’m so thankful for Mrs. Jacin Fitzgerald. This woman has been such an amazing friend and supporter to me and I’m so thankful for our friendship. Thank you Jacin for posting while I’m away getting tan on my honeymoon!

I am so happy that Claire invited me to guest post while she is off celebrating the most amazing day of her life, marrying the man of her dreams!  I couldn’t be happier for the two of them and wish them nothing but happiness and blessings as they start their lives together as a married couple.

Speaking of married couples…  remember back in the day when you’d be dating someone and those first three months were absolute bliss?  It’s kind of like when you watch the bachelor.  The people on this show date each other for a month, go on fantastic vacations and experience dates like most would never experience even once in a lifetime.  They are living in a state of bliss, before the realities of life come back in to play, and then once the vacation is over, it can be challenging to maintain that state of bliss.  Well, the same thing happens in married life, too.  It can be hard to remember to put the computer down, turn off the blackberry, and spend more time doing things together instead of always worrying about the stresses of daily life.  By doing things together, you are working as a team, spending quality time, and just enjoying each other’s presence – the very thing that led to your marriage in the first place.

Me and Pat 🙂

I recently purchased a book while perusing knick-knacks at Anthropologie called Happiness for Two by Alexandra Stoddard.  I loved the book because it makes you take a step back and think about all the things you could be doing together, rather than all the things you tend to do alone; from the simplest task to adventurous excursions.  And of course, I wanted to share some of these ideas with you!

First off, When You Are Together, Be Together.  Sounds simple, right?  Well if you’re both out to dinner and “liking” someones Facebook status from your iPhone or checking your email from your blackberry, you’re not really 100% there.  Leave the phone at home- this is your together time.  Any other distractions are just that – distractions from the two of you, taking you apart for even those brief moments.  So I challenge you to think of the ways you can just be together – folding laundry, chopping onions, going for a walk – sans blackberry – will make your time even more special.

Next, Bring Flowers Home.  Easy as that.  If you see some lovely blooms on your way home, pick them up.  And every girl I know loves to receive flowers – and even the simplest petals can cheer up a room and brighten a day.  Emerson once said “Earth laughs in flowers”, and when we’re happy, we’re happy.

Lastly Be More Sentimental and Indulge Each Other.  What does this mean?  Think about each other’s personality and needs – there is no need to empty your wallets on each other at all times but if you see a little trinket at the store that reminds you of him, pick it up.  “When we share sentiments, we create moments as big as years”, poet John Keats said, and these moments create the memories we will carry with us forever.  So literally – be more sentimental and indulge each other – at least once in a while!

Whether you find ideas in a book or come up with them on your own, if you’re always on the lookout for a special way to add a bit of sunshine to your lives, your bliss will never run out.


jacin {lovely little details}


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