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Stephanie & Raidi Wintry Chicago E-Sesh

I am very excited to bring you the rest of Steph & Raidi’s GORGEOUS e-sesh. I’m absolutely SO in love with these photographs (if you couldn’t tell by my gushing on the sneak peek) and am sure you will love the rest as much as I do. The couple behind Enmuse Photography truly have mastered the art of photography. Plus, with the heat index as high as it is in DC, these chilly, snowy images give me a much-needed chill! Thank you Avina for sending the images and providing commentary!

Stephanie & Raidi love Chicago during the winter time, but how could they not? Despite what seemed like 100 mile per hour wind on our faces, we were blown away by how breathtakingly gorgeous the city is! Their #1 request was to help preserve their lovely memory about Chicago in an e-sesh, so we gladly obliged! 

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Sneak Peek: Teph & Riadi

Happy hump day friends! It’s a glorious day in my neighborhood because it’s a pleasant 88 degrees with a bit of a breeze, which is paradise compared to the stifling 110 degree heat with NO breeze we’ve had the past few days. However, if the weather in your hood is still unbearable, this sneak peek wintry e-sesh will surely cool you off.

The blustery Chicago shoot, done by the insanely talented duo of Enmuse photography, features the adorable couple Teph & Raidi. Chicago is one of my favorite city backdrops for a shoot because of the beautiful & unique architecture of the buildings and the stunning hidden gems that lie in each corner & nook. When I first got this shoot, I got chills all over my body because of how jaw-droppingly gorgeous the pictures are. I am, literally, DYING to show you the rest. And because I’m feelin’ generous today, I’m going to show you 3 photos from this incredible set instead of the normal two. And just an FYI, it was SO hard having to pick which ones to feature because they are all so amazing. But you’ll see that soon enough 🙂

and one of my favorites because it gives you a glimpse at “Old Chicago” decor.

Seriously, I’m SO pumped to show you the rest tomorrow.


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Alice & the Hatter Love Shoot

Happy Tuesday! Hope ya’ll are having a good day (or at least a better day than yesterday because we all know Monday’s suck). As I promised, I’m here to show you the rest of the incredible Alice in Wonderland themed love shoot by ENMUSE photography.

I love, love, LOVE when couples think outside of the box when planning their photo shoots. As a lover of all things weddings, I see the same old ideas played out, over and over. Your session is a way to show your family, your friends and the world what kind of couple you are. This is the time you can really let loose and have fun in front of the camera, really let your personalities shine. Pre-wedding shoots have completely evolved from what they used to be, couples are now using props, costumes & themes in their shoots to tell their story & showcase who they are as a couple.  This is one of the reason’s I’m completely lusting over this Alice in Wonderland themed shoot and the creative couple behind it, Meri & Iwan. I’ll let Avina from ENMUSE share the details on the couple & the shoot!

Meri and Iwan wanted to tap into their playful sides for this shoot. When they asked for an “Alice in Wonderland”inspired session, we couldn’t be more excited! “Wonderland” has always been such an intriguing idea: a place where magic happens and wildest imaginations come true.

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Marvelous Monday: Alice & the Hatter Sneak Peek

Happy Monday ya’ll! I hope everyone’s weekend was pleasant! It was 50,000 degrees here, so we weren’t able to go hiking, which was a bummer. We did, though, get to the zoo! That’s one thing I love about DC, there is always something to do and all of the cool stuff is free. The zoo? It’s a part of the Smithsonian enterprise so it doesn’t cost anything to get in! Sure there were tourists run rampant, but it was so nice to play around outside without spending gobs of cash!

Now, if you follow my alter ego, The Realistic Nutritionist, on Facebook, you may see that I’m experiencing some problems with my other site. With that, I have to patiently wait while my husband digs through more code to figure out why my admin site won’t load. While I wait for that part of my life to work properly again, I am going to tease you with some sneak peek shots of the adorable love shoot I’m sharing tomorrow. Remember the genius’ behind the Tuscan themed e shoot, ENMUSE photography? Well, they have done it again, this time, with a very playful twist!

I am seriously AT THE EDGE OF MY SEAT to bring you the rest of the photos. I hope ya’ll have a lovely rest of your day!


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