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Tuesday Shoesday: Floral Mary Janes

I’m sad to report I’m not feeling any better about life ūüė¶ But I’m going to be writing a REALLY heavy post on what’s bugging me over on my nutrition/healthy living blog, so stay tuned for that. Until then, I’ll be moping around, holding back tears, trying to keep my¬† head up. Oh, and I’ll also be scouring Pinterest for happy, pretty things that I hope will improve my sadness. And, great news, I found a pair of gorgeous mary janes that have me, temporaily, forgetting my woes.

Sadly, as all good things are, they were found on Tumblr and I can’t locate their orgin. ANYONE, if you can hear me, please help me find these. I’m sure I can’t afford them but knowing that they exist on some online retail store makes my heart just a little happier. Because, God willing, I will find a way to own them.

What goes better with vintage, floral mary janes than a tea length lace gown with a silk floral sash? Absolutely nothing, I’ll argue.

[photo via Love My Dress]

When I close my eyes and image my perfect day, I’m in this outfit. Strolling around the streets of London, window shopping while twirling my perfectly vintage Burberry umbrella, laughing with a girlfriend as we stroll to a late, afternoon lunch.

Even if, just for an instant, my spirits are instantly lifted.



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Tuesday Shoesday: Pretty in Green

I’m not a huge fan of the color pink. I’ve never been. I was one of the only girls growing up who didn’t want to wear pink dresses or ride a pink bike. I’ve always been more of a¬†blue & green¬†kind of girl. This could, partly, be due to the fact I grew up with 3 rambunctious¬†brothers.¬†For example,¬†they used to tear the heads off my Barbies and shave their heads. Imagine what¬† they would do if I pranced around in a pink dress? Even now, at age 25, I just don’t gravitate towards pink. However, I’m still completely in love with blue and green. So when I saw these gorgeous, bright green suede pumps on Pinterest, my heart nearly stopped.

[Photo via]

I absolutely LOVE this color of green. These would add the perfect pop of color to any wedding dress, don’t you think? Plus, total re-wearability. You could rock these at the office with tailored skinny black pants or with dark jeans on girls night out! I’m smitten, completely smitten.


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Tuesday Shoesday: Fancy DiY Wedding Shoes

Wow. What a weekend. I’m so exhausted I’m surprised I can actually type today. I had such an INCREDIBLE time in New Mexico at Mary’s wedding. Albuquerque¬†is such a cute little city! I love the architecture (most of the buildings in the Old Town area were adobe), the food was incredible and the weather was perfect. I was thinking it would be like 1,000 degrees but it was pleasantly around the 80’s! (And the 40’s when we were on top of the mountain!) I haven’t edited any of my photos yet but wanted to share one I stole from a friend of hers (touche, friend, for posting pictures already!)

Although only one of us is looking at the camera, you can get an idea of HOW BEAUTIFUL Mary was. She was a perfect bride. Congrats again on your gorgeous day, Mary and Phil!

Now, let’s talk shoes. I’ve talked forever about how much I loved my shoes. Not only where they EXACTLY what I was looking for, they were just a smidgen over $50 dollars. I wanted those gorgeous blue satin Manolos¬†from SATC but I just could not justify spending $900 on shoes. I wish I did, but I’m pretty sure that would have further contributed to our blown out budget. If you are like me and lust after perfect shoes but can’t quite afford them, I have a secret. You can do them yourself!

Take these feathered Badgley¬†Mishka pumps. Although they aren’t extreme budget busters (around $200) they are a bit steep.

[via Scobey Photography]

These are amazing shoes, but don’t think you can’t have shoes this gorgeous just because you can’t spend that much. Why not make your own wedding shoes with a pair you already own and a shoe clip? Of if you’d prefer to emulate that exact look, I’ve found gold pumps AND a shoe clip for under $70.

Michael Antonio Kashmir pump, $39.95

Jessie handmade shoe clip, $30

Wala! Perfect shoes that won’t blow your budget!


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Tuesday Shoesday: Picture Perfect

Ya’ll, I’m pretty sure you know me very well by now. You know I collect statement jewelry pieces and have an old vintage soul. Ya’ll¬†also know that I can’t pass up a deliciously sparkly pair of shoes. I dress fairly moderately¬†(shift dresses, pencil skirts and flowy¬†blouses), so my shoes and my jewelry are really the places I like to shine. To me, nothing makes an outfit like an incredible pair of glittered Louboutins¬†or a pair of peep toes with some serious bling. Well, this shoe I’m about to share is no different. It’s glittery, perfectly peach with a sexy silhouette. I can’t tell you how many of my outfits these shoes would bring to life.


Plus, these shoes are perfectly paired with a vintage stack of books AND a princess crown. I may have found my version of heaven.


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Thursday Purseday OR Tuesday Shoesday, you pick!

So I know that title doesn’t make any sense, but that’s my ploy here. It’ll make you WANT to read! Or you’ll just go “Claire’s actually gone off the reservation this time.” Which, is probably more accurate. But, either way, I have something REAL real real pretty to show you, courtesy of….PINTEREST. (Duh, is there ever any other way to find pretties¬†this day in age?)

The joy of pinterest¬†(done right) is that most of the pins lead you back to their source, and I’m SO happy this particular one did because it led me to my new favorite fashion blog, Gal Meets Glam. The blogger, Julia, has the BEST sense of style. In addition, most of her finds are very affordable, so normal people like you and me can mock her outfits! She’s also a real person which makes it easier to read and relate to!

Now, before I show you, I must warn you. You aren’t going to know where to look. The shoes are killer, the purse is INCREDIBLE and the dress is perfectly chic. I’m just, in awe of everything that’s happening. Hence, this post could either be a “tuesday¬†shoesday” or a “thursday purseday”. Take your pick ūüôā

Photos are courtesy of Gal Meets Glam.

Um, incredible right? Those shoes are amazing!! But, for the sake of it being Thursday Purseday, let’s take a closer look at the bag.

Absolutely perfect. The sparkle makes it perfect for special occasions and the color makes it oh-so versatile. Swoon.

Now, I’ll ask, what do you think of this ensemble?


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Tuesday Shoesday: Chiffon Bows, Um Yes

Soft chiffon, a¬†pearlescent¬†color and a flattering ankle strap. To many, these sound like the world’s perfect¬†shoes. And to one, very very lucky bride, they were HER perfect wedding shoes.

[via Style Me Pretty]

I literally gasped when I saw them. How absolutely breath-taking are they? Now close your eyes and imagine them, for a moment, paired with a tee length wedding dress that has a tight lace bodice and a flowing, tulled skirt? (like the one below?)

[via Pinterest]

A dream combination. A perfect mix of vintage lace with a modern shape and a unique pump.

What do you think? Too bold for a wedding shoe or just perfect?


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Tuesday Shoesday: Ugly or Cute?

In my many shopping exploits, there have been a few instances where I have fallen in love with a pair of shoes I once thought were repulsive.¬†The color was off, the design was all wacky and I just was NOT going to throw them into my “must try on” pile.

But then, after I return to the shoe department to put back those glittery silver stripper heels (because really, when would¬†I wear them?) I see those infamous shoes¬†again and have a completely different reaction. Maybe it’s because I’m delerious at this point¬†from trying on dress after dress, shoe after shoe, and¬†my mind is¬†fooling me. Or I’m just seeing them with a whole new set of eyes.

That, my friends, is how I feel about these Chinese Laundry pumps I found on DSW. At first, I was like “omg, these are hideous who would wear them!” Then, at second glance, I was like “well, actually, these are pretty cute. They’d be super cute with a white sundress!” So, I beg the question friends, fans and readers, what are your thoughts? Ugly or cute?

Honestly, I think they are a really fun, cute, end of summer wedge. I woud pair them with a coral, white or champage colored dress with some simple jewelry. I could see myself getting some use out of them around Labor Day! So, I’m eager, though, what are ya’lls thoughts?


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