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Thurseday Purseday: Rosettes in a Field of Lavendar

Doesn’t that title sound like a dream? Well, when I show you the inspiration photo I found for today’s thursday purseday, you’ll see this dream come to life. As you know, I’m absolutely in love with rosettes. Pair a bag made completely of soft, silk rosettes with a beautiful dress and field of lavender and I have found my happy place.

[Photo via Pinterest]

There is something so tranquil about this photo, so serene and ethereal. I’ve had a rough few days, emotionally, so it’s no surprise this photo brought me to tears. I don’t know what it is about this scene, this idea, that just makes me feel completely at ease. With a crazy mind and a troubled soul right now, seeing this pure, natural beauty eases the axiety, stress and sadness I’ve been feeling.

It’s no xanax, but I’ll take it. Hope you all have a perfect Thursday!



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Thursday Purseday: Less is More

My theme for today is simplicity. Although I’m known to love big statement pieces and lots of ruffles, some days, I just like the plain Jane look. One color, no embellishment or overly loud designs. So let me share with you a piece that is versatile, stylish and timeless, because simple elegance never goes out of style 🙂 These lovely Tory Burch clutches are the epitome of elegant and can go with any outfit, from your 9-5 shift dress to your glittery tank top! Oh, and at $195 dollars, they make a great present! This clutch comes in 3 different colors [my favorite is the pink] and can be found at Neiman Marcus.

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Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Marc Jacobs

I love Marc’s take on the quilted bag. So timeless.

It’s time for another round of #ThursdayPurseday! I’ve come to love this day for a few reasons. 1. Who doesn’t like spending the morning looking at handbags, clutches and totes? 2. I like to stalk designers and 3. For a few minutes on Thursday, it’s nice to visualize myself carrying a $2,000 accessory instead of a the actual $12 purse I got at Target. I love it and I love Target, but I’d really love a Louis too. I’ve also decided to do this a bit differently as well. Instead of focusing just on types of bags, I’m going to focus on designers and showcase their newest, most delicious collections [see number 2 above]. So without further ado, I introduce one of the most influential and downright fabulous designers of all time [in my book]…Marc Jacobs! What I love about him is how classic, timeless and still modern his designs are, especially when it comes to handbags. They have a timeless feel to them, however, are still extremely trendy, which is a very hard line to cross. Here are some of my favorite MJ pieces 🙂 All can be found at Neiman Marcus.

Debbie Tuck Clutch

[I’m loving the leather & sequins! You could rock this at your wedding to add a punk/high couture vibe to your attire!]

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