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Thursday Purseday: Who Needs a Bouquet

Who said that brides and bridesmaids MUST carry a bouquet? Instead of spending your coin on an expensive floral arrangement, buy yourself and your bridesmaids bright and trendy clutches to carry down the aisle! Not only are they cheaper in the long run, but they can be used over and over again. Plus, you’ve now killed two birds with one stone. You have your bridesmaid’s bouquets and gifts for them too!

[Photo via Love My Dress Blog]

Such a cute idea, right? So where can you get those gorgeous bow clutches? Etsy! They were made by Davie & Chiyo, one of my all time favorite clutch designers on Etsy.

These clutches also make fabulous flower girl accessories. Instead of pulling petals out of a basket, give your little one a smaller version of this clutch to fill with petals. And she’ll feel like one of the girls!

[Photos via Davie & Chiyo]

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Weekend Fab Finds: Pottery Barn’s Under $25

I want my life to emulate the Pottery Barn holiday catalog. Don’t you? [Via]

Tis the season to be…budget friendly! Fa la la la la la la la! 🙂 With my wedding less than 4 months away, I’m left with a smaller than usual holiday gift budget. However, that doesn’t mean I still can’t get my family and friends some amazing gifts! Thanks to my good friend Annie, I stumbled upon Pottery Barn’s under $25 and I’m wowed by the selection! Usually with prices this cheap, the quality is the first thing that is compromised. However, with all of Pottery Barn’s merchandise, these gifts reflect the same artisan crafting and quality to be expected from even their highest cost items! Oh, and these gifts are not only perfect for the holidays. Brides, some of these pieces would be gorgeous as accessories and decor for your big day! Why spend a ton on a mini dessert stand when you can get one for less than $30? Happy shopping!

Emma Monogrammed Mug, White

Monogrammed Mugs
How perfect would these be for wedding centerpieces or decor!

Bird Nest Place Card Holder, Set of 4

Birds Nest Place Card Holder
These would be gorgeous for a rustic, outdoor wedding!

Paperwhite Votives Benefiting St. Jude, Set of 2

Paperwhite Votives
These gorgeous votives benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Adorable centerpieces for an amazing charity!

Bird Ceramic Jewelry Dish, White

Bird Jewelry Dish
A perfect bridesmaid gift or gift for your best friend this Christmas!

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Marvelous Monday: A Gift for Your Girls

I get by, with a little help, from my friends! [Photo via]

I honestly do not know how I’d survive wedding planning without the help of my amazing bridesmaids [all below with yours truly!] I knew they would all step up and help out, though, they’re my very best friends! Choosing my bridesmaids was one of the easiest tasks I’ve had thus far.  I knew it was always going to be Emily, Liz, Heidi, Ashley, Bridget, Shannon and Melanie. I’ve known some longer than others, but I don’t validate my friendships solely on length. Each of these amazing girls have been by my side through it all, whether it be all 24 years of my life or just the hardest 2. And now, more than ever, they are all taking the initiative to help out however they can, and even reach out to me to make sure I’m okay. I’m so incredibly blessed. Wow, this is making me teary eyed! Either way, I love my bridesmaids and want to really give them something that shows how much I appreciate them as well as something that is unique and fits each one of their tastes.

But, since my lovely bms read my blog and follow me on twitter, I’m not going to share their gifts! Instead, I’m showcasing a bunch of great ways to give thanks to your girls, whether you have 7 like me or just 1!

My Amazing  BMS:

My twin, Ms. Elizabeth Joan. [Don’t you love the Tuscan hills in the background?]

My bff for 19 years, Mrs. Babaganoosh Burwell.

Ms. Think Classy Bridget.

My bbf, Ms. Smashley.

Heidi. Another blushing bride to be!

My partner in crime, Ms. Melanie Felony.

Ms. Shannon, also know as Ricky Skaggs.

Aren’t they all, just, stunning? To learn more about them, visit my wedding website.

Now we move onto bridesmaid gifts. I’m lucky because someone approached me with my gift idea, and I absolutely fell in love. However, I know my experience is the exception. I talk to many other brides who are just stumped with what to get their bridesmaids and I can understand why. You want the gift to be personal and unique to each of their tastes, however, you want to keep within a budget and stick with some sort of consistency and fairness. [You can’t buy one bridesmaid an Ipad and the other a clutch from Target, for example]. After doing some stalking, I’ve found some really cute ideas to help take the burden off bridesmaid gift shopping.  Brides who are recently married, how did you give thanks to your leading ladies?

My Favorites

Set of 4 Small Satin Purse with the flower..Choose your colors

Small Satin Purse by Poppy Punch on Etsy.

5 Gracey Clutches In The Fabric of Your Choice

Customizable Gracey Clutches by Gracey Bags

Clutch - The Christine Clutch - Tuxedo Ivory and Black

The Christine Clutch by The Social Seam.

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Tuesday Shoesday: How I love you J.Crew

I have quite the little obsession with a popular retailer. I am on their e-mail mailing list, their catalog mailing list and I stalk their online store about 50 times a day. I can’t help it, their clothes, accessories and shoes are just…delicious. Their style is preppy meets trendy meets classic meets glamour and I can’t get enough of it. Obviously, the name of the retailer is in the title, but I’ll repeat, just to show my true affection. This love of mine is J. Crew , and my love grew a little stronger today when I spotted these pumps.  You could wear them for a wedding, for work, for evenings out or even just around the house in your boxers while you sing into a hairbrush [don’t act like you haven’t done that.] And the flats and flops, they just make my heart stop. How cute would these be as a BM gift or favor for your dancing guests?

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