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Marvelous Monday: DiY Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Okay, so before you slap me for posting about fall already (I mean, in  my defense, it IS back to school time) I need to show you why I’m already patiently waiting for the first leaf to drop. I was greeted by THIS when I went to DSW to shop for some fun wedges for a September wedding I’m attending.

Hello, lovelies. That tall brown riding boot is calling my name. I’m now beyond ready for the change of seasons. I’m stoked for boots (esp. those brown ones), sweaters, rum & apple cider, leaves, crisp air, pumpkins and Halloween. I’m stoked for pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving turkey, roasted pumpkin seeds and sharp trench jackets. But above all, I’m even more excited to see this year’s gorgeous fall weddings (and brides!) As I mentioned last year, a fall wedding was my destiny. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely would not change a thing about my late March nuptials, but I still can’t get the vision of me walking down the aisle amongst piles and piles of crisp yellow and red leaves out of my mind. Let’s all just envision it for a moment, mkay?

Now that your mind is situated happily among pumpkins & fallen leaves, I’m going to show you the CUTEST diy centerpiece I found on Once Wed.

Isn’t it perfect for an Autumn reception? I also love the rustic vibe you get from the twine & the tree ring! Plus, if you head over to their page, you’ll see just how easy the whole thing is to put together! This would also be fabulous for your Thanksgiving table scape or any fall dinner party!

In other news, the TWIPS blog launches today at 1pm PST! So please make sure to check that out! A LOT of blood, sweat and tears went into it and it’ll showcase all the incredible talent that is in our little community!


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Homemade Thursday Gladiolus Bulbs by Kristi of Luna and Chloe Weddings

Guh, I started tearing up just reading this. Kristi has been such an amazing friend to me these past few months and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She’s so incredibly sweet, positive and uplifting and will do ANYTHING to help her friends in need. I’m so happy to have her as a friend and I just can’t wait to showcase the amazing thing she did for my wedding. Her kindness and love blows me away. Kristi, I’m forever thankful for you!

Hello my dears!  Kristi here from Luna and Chloe Weddings.  When Claire asked me to do a guest post for her while she is off becoming a Mrs., I jumped at the opportunity.  You see, I adore Claire and her lovely blog.  Claire and I met on Twitter one day, and we have been friends ever since.  She has been a huge supporter of me, my blog and my homemade projects, and I can’t seem to thank her enough for her wonderful and encouraging comments!  (Thank you, thank you, thank you to the moon and back sweetie!!!)

So while she is off getting ready for one of the biggest days of her life, I thought I would keep it pretty simple around here with a little homemade project.  Since Spring has made it’s official arrival, I have had nothing but bulbs on my mind.  Don’t ask me why, I just do.  I know in a lot of areas bulbs are planted in the Fall, however, the bulbs I am talking about are planted in the Spring for bloom in Summer.  And just what bulbs am I talking about you ask?  Gladiolus, of course.  They represent sincerity and strength of character…which is exactly how I feel about Claire – so I thought they are perfect for this post, no?
For today’s post I decided to show you three different ways you could use gladiolus bulbs as favors at your wedding.  My goal here is to show you that using the same fabric (I used a scrape piece) and gladiolus bulbs throughout, and by changing just a couple of elements you can come up with a variety of looks for favors.  They range from very simply, to just a tad bit of work…but still not much.  Here is the first favor example…


Ah yes, that is a mini latte bowl from Anthropologie!   These little devils are so darn handy…I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways you could use them.  However, with each bowl being $2.50, they make a reasonably priced gift for a favor.  All you need for this idea is a small bowl, tissue paper, bulbs and some fabric…

Just trim off a small piece of tissue paper, place a couple bulbs in the center (I used 5), gather up the ends and twist.  Place the tissue paper with the twisted side down in the bowl, tear off a strip of fabric and tie a knot.  Trim any excess fabric or strings if needed, and that’s it.  ***Oh, and with each of these ideas, make sure to add a note about how to plant!  Pretty simple, no?
Ready for my second idea?  Well here it is…

Small linen drawstring bags adorned with a fabric strip.  For this idea, you only need small linen bags, bulbs, fabric and some spray adhesive.  Just tear a wider strip of fabric, spray it with adhesive, wrap around unfilled bag, trim off any excess fabric and let dry.  Once dry, fill with bulbs and tie closed.


And finally, here is your third idea…


For this last project you will need small brown kraft bags, bulbs, fabric, plant marker (I found the ones above at Target in the $1.00 bin for 5), stamp(s) and stamp pad, small hole punch, instant setter with the punch attachment, setting mat and pencil.


Using a pencil mark where you want the plant marker to go.  Slide the setting mat inside the bag so that the area you want to punch is covered.  Just above the mark use the instant setter tool with the hole punch attachment to punch two holes.  Stamp the plant marker with thank you or anything else you might want and slide it into the two holes.  Don’t worry that it falls forward some, once the bag is filled it will sit flush against the bag…or you could add a piece of tape on the inside to hold in place.  With the small hole punch, punch two holes at the top of the bag, and then pull the fabric through and tie a knot.  Viola!


So tell me my dears ~ which way is your favorite?  Oh, and how cute would these be filled with candy?

~ Ciao
…concept, design, styling & photography all by luna and chloe weddings


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Takin’ it back…to the 30’s.

I’m very excited about my theme. Like, smiling right now, giddy butterflies inside excited.  I knew when it came to my wedding, I wanted something traditional but with a fun, elegant twist. After doing extensive reasearch, I fell in love with the vintage-inspired theme.  There’s just something so classic, elegant, unique and…well, me, about it. After a bit of a crisis, “My bridesmaid dresses don’t fit this theme, I’m going to have to change everything, nothing will match..I have no idea what i’m doing!”, my coordinator reminded me of one very important thing pertaining to my wedding. A theme is just a theme, it needs to fit you and your personality, not the other way around.  I think I was meant for a vintage wedding even before I started researching because my fiance, not even meaning to, picked out a ring that has such an amazing vintage vibe!  So below are a few inspirational photos I’m using to design my perfect vintage wedding. 

MY RING!! My fiance did such an amazing job. And the cushion set diamond and oranate filigree gives this ring a vintage flair!

Easy, DIY signs! All you need is some wood, paint and your imagination!

I’ve never been a bird person, but I simply love this idea. It’s not only creative, it’s cheap, DIY and very vintage!

Since we are having an evening wedding, lanterns on the trees will add elegance to the night sky. I also love the idea of using old mason jars. [Must be the southern girl in me!] Another DIY, cheap project!

I really wasn’t into the all white floral design until my coordinator showed me some photos. Now I’m obsessed! There’s something so elegant, classic and beautiful about an all white display. You can spice it up by adding a few statement flowers or a bright sash!

I’m obsessed with statement jewelry and you better believe I’ll be wearing a bold necklace on my wedding day! I love the diamond, pearl, big flower design of this necklace. I might actually buy it right now!  For necklaces like this one, visit Magpie Vintage.

I’m obsessed with this cake! I love the black and white design, the little splashes of red and the big bow on top! For our wedding, we would probably forgo the bow for some fresh flowers!

Minus the red, which isn’t my taste, I love the candlestick & floral centerpiece idea! The pewter candlesticks add a vintage vibe while the flowers keep it elegant and beautiful.

I think these are probably the cutest cookies I’ve ever seen! Even though the cost per cookie of these range from 3-6 dollars, it might be worth a splurge to have a batch on our sweets bar!

These are just a few of my favorite vintage inspiration pieces! I’ll continue to share any ah-ha! pieces I find and hope you all can do the same!

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