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Marvelous Monday: Dress of the Day

So, I just got back from Vegas. Safe to say, it will be a pretty short post. I’m utterly exhausted, but in a good way. I had an amazing bachelorette weekend! I’m so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and family! I’ll do a recap post once I get my act together. While you patiently await that story, I’ll show you a gorgeous dress. Win, win right?

What I love most about this gown, made by Allure Bridals, is the gorgeous cascading lace bodice and the feathered bottom. These details make the dress perfect for vintage brides who want to make a statement and wear a dress with a bit more glitz and glamour! The Allure Couture line is pricier than their traditional line, however, still offer gowns ranging from $1,000 and above!

Don’t you just LOVE this gown? I’m swooning right now. Okay, I’m going to take a nap. I just can’t bounce back as quickly as I used to.



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Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Olive & Cocoa

I’m scoring some pretty sweet new catalouges in my mail lately.

As you’ll recall, the home good gods surprised me with a subscription to Garnet and Hill, which got my house decorating juices flowing. As I was prancing around my one bedroom home this weekend, measuring walls for paintings and carpet for rugs, I stumbled upon a little gem I must have overlooked in last week’s mail, a catalog for the Salt Lake City boutique Olive and Cocoa. After just a few moments of flipping through it, I immediately fell in love. This catalog? It’s where it’s at friends, especially if you are looking for some fabulous decor pieces for your wedding.

How beautiful would these Glaçon trees be at the entrance to your reception? Or placed around the dance floor/bar? And that’s not all, guys. Olive and Cocoa has more fabulously rustic decor pieces like these, as well as other fabulous centerpieces, favors and gift ideas, jewelry, table top accessories and food. Yep, they even have delicious food. I’m all about the one stop shopping, especially when it comes to wedding decor and accessory shopping. Why pay to ship from multiple stores when there is just one that has everything you need? Enough gabbing, here are my favorite O & C pieces. How would you use them for your wedding?

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Tuesday Shoesday: Flats to Match Your Bright Shoes

[Photo via]

It’s no surprise how much I love the bright wedding shoe trend, I mean, my bridal shoes are a bright hue of blue! It’s no longer the times of boring ivory and white, nowadays brides are using their shoe color choices to showcase their favorite hues and their personalities. A sexy, bright heel is fun to photograph and wear when you’re dancing up a storm, especially if you have a short dress that shows them off! However fabulous they are, they can really take a toll on your stems, even if you are one of the smart ladies who wore them in. No matter how many times you danced around the house in them or wore them out, 14 hours in a high pair of heels is going to hurt. Instead of maiming your feet, pair your bright heels with a matching pair of sandals, flats or flip-flops! That way, you still get that bright color that you love and your feet get a break! It’s a win win! Check out these pairings for bright wedding shoes. It’s your wedding, why spend it in pain?


[Photos 1 & 2]
Switch out your bright green pumps with these darling BØRN floral flats from Nordstrom. They are comfortable, affordable and stylish!

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Friday’s Fab Finds: Goods for Your Nest

Oh Lilly, How I love thee! [1 & 2]

It’s 70 degrees out today! In DC! And it’s sunny! Please excuse me while I run around outside, jumping up and down. As one of my friends so wonderfully put today: “It’s a perfect day to have roof-top drinks.” I could not agree more. However, it’s also a Friday, which means I’m at work. Which also means I’m not partaking in the gorgeous weather OR said rooftop drinks. It’s just a little heart breaking. Well, to cheer up my sullen mood by being trapped inside, I’m bringing ya’ll some GORGEOUS home good stuff that will brighten up your day, no matter what the weather is like where you are!

Ya’ll have heard of Garnet Hill I presume? For some reason lately, I’ve been getting their catalogs. I never subscribed, so I think it’s a work of fate. The home good gods are seeing my sad excuse of an apartment and saying, “She needs some cute new accessories and a new comforter set. Let’s send her this catalog in  hopes she’ll get inspired.” Well, home good gods, I am! And this is because Garnet Hill is now featuring LILLY PULITZER home accessories. Yes, the same Lilly Pulitzer who made those gorgeous dresses above made a special line of home stuff for your house/apartment! Take a peek, you’ll want to buy them, trust me! You can find these here.

Heritage Floral Comforter Cover
I LOVE the bright, beautiful colors! It would feel like springtime in your bedroom all year long!

Chinoiserie towels, Lilly of the Valley shower curtain and Chinoiserie bath rug
I’m pretty sure I would live in this bathroom. All the time. So bright and beautiful!

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Thursday Purseday: Beach Totes

I’m going to be sunbathing in just one short month, but you all know this already. I’m pretty sure I mention my excitement in every single post. But can you blame me? This has been one awful winter, weather wise, life wise, personal/work wise, and I’m just ready for a warm week of nothing but relaxation and umbrella drinks. Lately, I’ve been spending my free time honeymoon shopping and I’m happy to report that I’ve found some adorable beach dresses and perfect bikinis! What goes perfectly with these bikinis and sun-dresses [besides a rock solid body?] A cute beach tote! I’ve found my perfect T & C bag and at $30, it’s a steal! Thank you Etsy!

Suzy Market Tote-Turquoise

Suzy Market Turquoise Tote, $72
The bright color and floral appliqué make this bag perfect for toting around your beach accessories!

QT Canvas Tote in GOLDEN ROD

QT Canvas Tote in Golden, $42
I have this bag in purple and get SO MANY compliments on it. The color make it a perfect spring/summer tote!

drikab sunglow jute basic tote

Drikab Sunbglow Jute Tote, $71

Sailboat Tote

Sailboat Tote, $18
I’m obsessed with this preppy piece! Perfect to bring with you yachting!

Gathered  Fabric Bag in Joel Dewberry Ginseng Orchid Ivory

Gathered Fabric Bag, $49

and the finale…

The Harper Bag, $30
Isn’t it SO cute?!! I love the bright color and the stripped interior!

For more great #ThursdayPurseday finds, visit Niche White Bridal Loft,Enchanted Dream Weddings & Affairs, Sparkle & Hay, The Charity Wedding,PeachBride, The Demoiselle, Postcards & Pretties,BrancoprataSwatchbook Weddings and Meant to be Sent


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Virtual Shower for Miss Steph Bubble!

I’m so excited to be a part of the virtual shower for one of my favorite people in this universe, Stephanie Dunant. (aka @stephbubble). She has been an incredible friend to me throughout this whole wedding planning process and has offered me countless pieces of advice and support, as well making me laugh when I felt like crying. So Steph, my darling, here’s to you and a wonderful marriage. I know you will be a gorgeous bride and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Everyone join me in wishing Stephanie and Robin a beautiful day tomorrow!


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38 Days, Lounge Areas & Fabulous Vintage Knick Knacks

So, um…I’m getting married in 38 days. AHHHH. Commence freak out now! I had a mild anxiety attack last night because there are about a thousand things I still feel like I have left to do. A small peek at my ever-expanding mental to do list is here:

  • Go tanning [this is a real life cause of anxiety for me, folks]
  • Buy smaller lanterns for lounge tables
  • Get e-sesh pics framed!!
  • Keep tabs on RSVP’s
  • Somehow lose 10 pounds before the honeymoon? [another cause of anxiety]
  • Pay remaining decor, limo and photography balance…

I wont’ bore you with the rest of them, but there are A LOT that comprise the “rest of them.” As nervous/anxious I am about the little details, I’m also incredibly excited about it! This event, this whole living, breathing organism that has taken over the past year of my life is almost here. It’s incredibly bittersweet, but I’m ready. Oh and that whole marriage thing? I’m even more excited for that part 🙂

As you can see, my mind is going about 10,000 miles a minute! So I’m going to slow down and show you some of my ideas for the lounge area. Yes, you read that right, we are having a lounge area. It’s going to be under the tent next to the dance floor and will have sofas with tons of tables and chairs for people to sit on when they are taking a break from dancing. A few examples are below:

[1 & 2]

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