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Wedding Day Necklace Tips by Erin of Sparkle and Hay

I don’t know what to say about Erin. All I know is that without this girl, I would be completely lost. She has been such an incredible source of inspiration and friendship, I’m  just so blessed to “know” her. Thank you Erin for posting while I’m honeymooning!

Hi Realistic Brides!  Erin from Sparkle & Hay here and I am so, So, SO thrilled to be guest blogging for the sweetest sweetheart of them all Miss Claire as she is basking in all of her lovely newly-wedded glow.  Claire & I “met” nearly a year ago, at the time both brides to be in the midst of our wedding plans, and it has been so much fun and such a pleasure sharing our journeys and I am beyond excited that Claire’s big day has finally come (and now already dying to see the photos!)

For me, one of the most fun things about a wedding is seeing how a couple infuses their personality into it – from the décor to the food to the ceremony to their fashion/style.  I’m going to focus on the latter in this post – and am dedicating it to one of the most iconic accessories of all time (particularly for weddings) PEARLS.  Whether traditional or alternative, pearls are a mainstay in the wedding industry and I just love, love, love seeing a bride walk down the aisle in her pearls.

Perhaps they are a dainty strand, a family heirloom, your “something borrowed”or “something old”…

pearls - classic

perhaps they are modern; colored,funky & chunky and making a statement…


or a boho-chic cluster, layered or coupled with other stones …

pearls boho

I love their versatility and ability to morph to fit into every (should she want it) girls wedding dreams.  I also LOVE how available they are (mostly the costume variety).  So inspired, I did a little search for pearl projects this morning and discovered this AHmazing & simple tutorial by PS I Made This for how to make a chunky accent necklace!



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Tuesday Shoesday: Flats to Match Your Bright Shoes

[Photo via]

It’s no surprise how much I love the bright wedding shoe trend, I mean, my bridal shoes are a bright hue of blue! It’s no longer the times of boring ivory and white, nowadays brides are using their shoe color choices to showcase their favorite hues and their personalities. A sexy, bright heel is fun to photograph and wear when you’re dancing up a storm, especially if you have a short dress that shows them off! However fabulous they are, they can really take a toll on your stems, even if you are one of the smart ladies who wore them in. No matter how many times you danced around the house in them or wore them out, 14 hours in a high pair of heels is going to hurt. Instead of maiming your feet, pair your bright heels with a matching pair of sandals, flats or flip-flops! That way, you still get that bright color that you love and your feet get a break! It’s a win win! Check out these pairings for bright wedding shoes. It’s your wedding, why spend it in pain?


[Photos 1 & 2]
Switch out your bright green pumps with these darling BØRN floral flats from Nordstrom. They are comfortable, affordable and stylish!

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Choosing a Dress for your Pre-Wedding Party!

It’s time to show some love to the rehearsal dinner, which is often overlooked and shoved aside in the wake of the wedding. [Obviously!] So today, I’ve decided to funnel my creative juices into picking out some beautiful rehearsal dinner dresses for casual, garden, beachy and formal celebrations [for spring and summer]. Because when the stress level is high and you’re knee-deep in photo proofs and invites, a little retail therapy is the only remedy!

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Bling Bling!!

As some of you already know, I found my wedding dress this weekend!! AHH! Big news, big steps. I’m so excited. It’s absolutely gorgeous and done by my favorite wedding designer. Unfortunately, I can not share what it is [right now], but let me just tell you, it’s freaking perfect!

Besides being the perfect dress for me, another thing I love about my gown is the neckline [modified sweetheart] and the fact that it’s not overtly dramatic or flashy. Which means….STATEMENT NECKLACE! I’m a statement jewelry kind of girl. If it’s big, flashy and kind of costume-y, chances are, I own it or am oogling it. There’s something so “me” about a statement piece.  Of course I started looking for necklaces last night, in my euphoric “I FOUND IT” haze, and thought I must share my finds.  If you have a statement piece or wore one for your wedding, share with me!

Blossom Bauble Necklaces, JCREW

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Tuesday Shoesday…Let my addiction continue.

I like pretty things. As simple as that statement is, it’s the best way to explain my obsession love for gorgeous shoes, accessories, jewelry, clothing, home decor, etc. Most of my lusting is just in the form of window shopping [stupid budgets and paying rent] these days, which is sad for my closet, but great for my blog! I caught the Tuesday Shoesday fever [thanks Twitter!] which is a perfect way to show case the current objects [in this case, shoes] of my affection. With my wedding approaching and me already in save mode, who knows. Maybe one day, some of these sassy numbers will be mine!

Valentino Lace Couture D’orsay

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