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Tuesday Shoesday: Floral Mary Janes

I’m sad to report I’m not feeling any better about life ūüė¶ But I’m going to be writing a REALLY heavy post on what’s bugging me over on my nutrition/healthy living blog, so stay tuned for that. Until then, I’ll be moping around, holding back tears, trying to keep my¬† head up. Oh, and I’ll also be scouring Pinterest for happy, pretty things that I hope will improve my sadness. And, great news, I found a pair of gorgeous mary janes that have me, temporaily, forgetting my woes.

Sadly, as all good things are, they were found on Tumblr and I can’t locate their orgin. ANYONE, if you can hear me, please help me find these. I’m sure I can’t afford them but knowing that they exist on some online retail store makes my heart just a little happier. Because, God willing, I will find a way to own them.

What goes better with vintage, floral mary janes than a tea length lace gown with a silk floral sash? Absolutely nothing, I’ll argue.

[photo via Love My Dress]

When I close my eyes and image my perfect day, I’m in this outfit. Strolling around the streets of London, window shopping while twirling my perfectly vintage Burberry umbrella, laughing with a girlfriend as we stroll to a late, afternoon lunch.

Even if, just for an instant, my spirits are instantly lifted.



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Real Wedding: Julie & Eric

Oh Monday. I can’t complain about the weather, but the rest of my life is sort of a¬†jumbled mess lately. I’m not going to go into full details, I’m just having some issues sorting through some stuff. With that, if you see that I’m a little quiet over here or not as enthused or perky as I normally am, understand that I still love y’all and will hopefully shake what’s going on soon.

However, I will not let my sour mood take over today because I have to share the rest of the perfectly vintage, seaside Laguna wedding I teased you with last week! There’s no easier way to put a smile on my face and ignite a warm spark in my heart than with a vintage lace gown, a gorgeous cathedral veil and a view overlooking the sea. Julie and Eric were married on July 20th at the Laguna Cliff’s Marriot in Dana Point, California. Her veil and cap are vintage pieces given to her by her grandmother. Her bridesmaids worn champagne¬†colored gowns and carried pink, purple and ivory bouquets. Eric and his groomsmen wore purple bow ties¬†and tuxes. What I love about this wedding was how simple, yet completely elegant it was. They had a simple white, classical wedding cake and had minimal decorations. But with a gorgeous view over Laguna, you don’t need much do you? The photos were submitted by the amazing¬† Deborah Huber Photography via Two Bright Lights.

Isn’t her veil and floral cap absolutely gorgeous? It was passed down to her from her grandmother.

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Sneak Peek: Julie & Eric

Happy Thursday! It’s finally a beautiful, sunny morning here in DC so my spirits are very high! Plus, it’s one day closer to the weekend! I have some super fun (yep, i said that) fall activities lined up for Saturday! My friend and I are going outlet shopping, winery tasting and then going to a haunted house! Wee! It’s really kind of awkward how much I love fall and Halloween.

I could blab your ears off about fall and Halloween, but I’d much rather show you a wedding that has me GIDDY with excitement. A vintage inspired bride,¬†glittery belt¬†and a venue overlooking the bay? Yes, please! Julie wore a gorgeous, vintage inspired all lace gown with cap sleeves and had soft, finger curls in her hair. The wedding was in Dana Point California at the picturesque Laguna Cliff Marriot, which overlooks the gorgeous Laguna bay area. Oh and the men had on purple bow ties. How CUTE! Photos submitted by Deborah Huber Photography via Two Bright Lights.

Stay tuned for the rest of this beautifully vintage, seaside wedding!


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Tuesday Shoesday: Pretty in Green

I’m not a huge fan of the color pink. I’ve never been. I was one of the only girls growing up who didn’t want to wear pink dresses or ride a pink bike. I’ve always been more of a¬†blue & green¬†kind of girl. This could, partly, be due to the fact I grew up with 3 rambunctious¬†brothers.¬†For example,¬†they used to tear the heads off my Barbies and shave their heads. Imagine what¬† they would do if I pranced around in a pink dress? Even now, at age 25, I just don’t gravitate towards pink. However, I’m still completely in love with blue and green. So when I saw these gorgeous, bright green suede pumps on Pinterest, my heart nearly stopped.

[Photo via]

I absolutely LOVE this color of green. These would add the perfect pop of color to any wedding dress, don’t you think? Plus, total re-wearability. You could rock these at the office with tailored skinny black pants or with dark jeans on girls night out! I’m smitten, completely smitten.


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Real Wedding: Mark & Ashley

Oh, Monday. I’m having a rough day already. But, I suspect it will perk up, especially after I’m done looking at these adorable DIY wedding pictures.

Ashley and Mark¬†wed at Mark’s family home in Raleigh, North Carolina. What I love most about this wedding is how personal, understated and comfortable it is. They wanted just a simple wedding surrounded by the people they love most. Ashley¬†carried a classic bouquet in green, yellow and white and carried those colors throughout the rest of the reception. Her favorite food, peanut butter and jelly, was also featured in the adorable hor’s devours. Plus, their¬†“how I met” story is absolutely heart melting. Thank you Sarah of Whitmeyer photography for sharing this adorable wedding! [All images submitted via Two Bright Lights].


Ashley¬†and mark¬†were introduced by Ashley’s cousin, Tracy, who lived across the street from Mark. Tracy kept telling Mark, “Ashley is your future wife” and continued to tell Ashley, “Mark is your future husband”. Both Ashley and Mark brushed Tracy’s remarks off without knowing that Tracy was speaking the truth! When the two finally met, Mark walked up to Ashley and said, ” I guess I should introduce myself to my future wife!!” And low and behold….the two were wedded at Mark’s Parent’s home in Raleigh on September 10th!

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Anniversary Band Shopping & Affordable Bling from Anjolee

There is nothing I love more than a good deal. Whether it be on clothing, food, trips, shoes or jewelry, I’m always looking for a way to save money on the things I need (or, in most cases, want). That’s why when I was contacted by the online jewelry store Anjolee¬†to do a review of one of their products, I was immediately on board.

For those who don’t know, Anjolee¬†is an online jewelry¬†retailer that has a large selection of engagement and bridal jewelry. Anjolee is the also the only jewelry website that offers customers the ability to customize any jewelry designs to the customers‚Äô exact preferences, taste and budget. Anjolee‚Äôs product line includes fine diamond and bridal jewelry. Their selection is INCREDIBLE and they have a piece for, literally, anyone. To review, I chose a 14k white gold band with aqua blue topaz. When it arrived and I opened the box, I was very surprised by how pretty it was. I had an expectation that it would look cheap, but I was completely wrong.

As many of you know, I REALLY wanted two wedding bands. I wanted the one that was made with my ring and I also wanted a sapphire and diamond one to go above my ring. Because of budgets and stuff, that didn’t happen by wedding date. However, I’ve hinted to my husband (about 10,000 times) that I want a pretty band for our anniversary in March. I just love the look of two bands. I tried the aqua topaz band out, above my engagement¬†ring, to see if I would actually like the look on. Um, guys? I’m freakin’ obsessed. I LOVE the pop of color and it looks SO regal with my set.

Don’t they just look so pretty together? So, whether or not my husband knows this, I’m completely sold on another band. I want one with sapphires (love the regal look of them and the bright pop of blue). Now, this is where I need your help, friends. I absolutely LOVE Anjolee’s selection (and hubs will love the prices) so please help me pick which one to point in his direction.

Option 1: Sapphire & Diamond Eternity Band

 Option 2: Gemstone Accent 2 Stone Anniversary Band

Option 3: Splendid Romance Double Row Ring

So what do y’all think?? I seriously can’t decide. I love them all ūüôā

Whether you are in the market for an anniversary¬†band, an engagement ring or just a pretty piece of jewelry, check out Anjolee. You can truly create a piece of jewelry that is meant for you! (And won’t send the hubs/bf/fiance into tears because of the price).¬†Head over there now to¬†find your perfect diamond wedding ring, diamond wedding band and fidn other fabulous diamond wedding bands!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

*This is a sponsored post.


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Real Wedding: Katie and David

Happy Tuesday, friends! I apologize for leaving you on the edge with my sneak peek of this adorable wedding but life has been busy! But have no fear, I have the rest of the GORGEOUS photos here with some words from the beautiful bride.

The¬†April 30th¬†ceremony took place at the St. Helena Catholic church, with a reception directly following at the Charles Krug Winery. I’ve always been a sucker for classical vineyard weddings and this one is definitely one of the prettiest I’ve seen. The pale pink peonies with the white, ivory¬†bouquets¬†were simple, yet glamorous and the centerpieces, place cards and props matched the natural, rustic chic vibe of the venue. One of my FAVORITE parts of this wedding doesn’t have anything to do with the decor. This couple is SO adorable. They are whimsical, fun and visibly madly in love. Couples like this are why I love weddings. They understand it’s a serious event, but you need to be YOU and have the whole thing represent that. Okay enough of my blabbing, lets look at some pretty pictures courtesy of the talented Lori Paladino photography.

The wedding planning process was certainly daunting at first. We really wanted it to be a classic, timeless affair and we kept that in mind as we were searching for all of our vendors starting with our wonderful wedding planner, Amy Thumhart! She had worked on my brother’s wedding so we decided to build on that relationship and invite her to make the magic happen for our wedding. From then on, we gathered a team of vendors who were absolutely amazing every step of the way. I could not thank them enough after the wedding day.

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