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Marvelous Monday: Burlap and Bling

I owe this entire post to the lovely Allison of Engaged & Inspired. She pinned a gorgeous picture on Pinterest, which led me to an entire amazing feature on Elizabeth Anne Designs with photography by Kristyn Hogan!

Now, I must first preface this by saying that I’m not a huge burlap girl. I appreciate it and I honestly think it looks great, it’s just not my go-to when it comes to design or decor. Well, that was until I saw it paired with something I do gravitate towards; bling! I’m such a big fan of sparkle, glitter and all things shiny, but ya’ll know that with this post, this post and this one. However, as much as I love sparkle, it can be seriously overwhelming if it’s not paired down with something more natural. The burlap compliments the sparkle PERFECTLY, giving you a touch of glamour and sophistication AND rustic chic.

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New Hair Do

It’s a double post kinda day over hurr! But why the second post when the first one is so amazing? Well, I’m getting my hair did on Sunday and I finally decided what I’m going to do with it! Before we get to my inspiration, I need to show you a picture of the lion’s mane I have now.

So I realize I kind of look like a demented serial killer here, apologize in advance for that. I hope we can still be friends. As you’ll see in the graphic above, my hair is a HOT MESS. It’s wild, it’s unmanageable and the color is completely faded. To give you some color perspective, this is the color it was in March.

See the difference? Red typically fades faster than any color but my hair kept a sliver of red in it for about 3 months. Then one day it was gone and I was left with a grungy brown/dirty blonde mix. I never saw myself as a red-head and never was brave enough to go all red. Well, that was until a few months before the wedding when I had a hair breakdown. Instead of keep the blondish color I’ve had forever, I listened to my colorist’s urgings (she kept telling me how gorgeous I would be with red hair, how my eyes would pop, etc) and took the plunge. Now, I’m never looking back. I feel like a totally different woman with red hair and to be honest? I feel more attractive and confident.

See! Don’t my eyes and features really stick out? As weird as this sounds (and as unnatural as it should be since I’m 75% Hungarian), I think I’m meant to be a red-head. So on Sunday when I go in for a cut & color, I’m asking for deep, dark red, almost like a burgundy. My inspiration is this photo I found on Engaged & Inspired.

How perfect is her hair color? She’s absolutely stunning anyway but I’m absolutely IN LOVE with her hair’s deep & dark, almost purple shade of red.

Now, in terms of cut, I want to keep the length but do something with the crazed bangs I have now. I’m between straight across bangs and soft side swept bangs. Here’s me with both options. I need your help, what do you think?

Straight across

Side Swept

All opinions are welcome, unless I don’t agree and in that case, shut up. (I KID, I KID!)


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The Inspired List: A Tool All Brides Should Check Out

Today’s fab follow go to one of my favorite twitter folk, Allison from Engaged and Inspired. Not only is this girl a great source of support, but she’s also a huge inspiration to brides everywhere. From featuring fabulous do-it-yourself projects to helping answer vendor questions, her site has it all, and now, with the launch of her newest feature, The Inspired List, she’s truly the go-to in bridal inspiration (and help!)

When the opportunity arose to review The Inspired List, I felt privileged and a little nervous. I wanted to make sure I gave it an unbiased, impartial review, which is tricky when it comes to someone’s blood sweat and tears.  But after spending the better part of an hour playing around on the list, I’m so happy to report that I love it and truly think it’s such a helpful tool for stressed out brides to be.  The biggest problem with the List, thus far, is the small range of vendors and limited list of cities. However, she’s continually adding more vendors and cities everyday.

A Full List of Vendors

As the picture portrays, The Inspired List offers a full range of vendor options that make searching for anyone in a particular city easier than before. Although there are other fabulous websites that list certain vendors (such as Snap Knot, a site geared towards helping brides find photographers), The Inspired List is one of the few that offer more than just one vendor type. You can choose between florists, photographers, event designers and bakers, which make this site a one stop shop.

Shopping by Budget

There’s no such thing as “an endless budget” when it comes to weddings. Even people with the most money have to work under some parameters. Some budgets are higher, some are lower, and this site caters to all ends of the spectrums. You can also search for vendors in cities that fall within a budget, so if you are trying to fund a wedding for under 12k, you can seemingly pick out your main vendors on this site based on the budget tool! The biggest problem with this feature is that most vendors offer services ranging on a low and high side and you are unable to see what each price point gets you without clicking on the actual vendor’s website.

Search by Cities

Although the list of cities is still quite small, Allison is constantly working on adding new cities, vendors and price points each day. This tool is especially helpful if you are getting married in these cities because she picks the vendors that are the highest reviewed by other wedding bloggers (like me) so you are only seeing the best of the best. And these best of the best still range in all price points so you don’t have to worry about getting the run around. This is also really key to brides who are planning weddings in San Francisco or New York from afar because it puts all the best vendors together in one place. As a bride planning her wedding from 400 miles away, this is a VERY awesome feature.

If you are newly engaged or a frazzled soon-to-be-wed bride having trouble finding a vendor, this site is a great tool to help you. If you don’t see your city listed or don’t see any vendors for your city, email Allison (theinspiredlist@gmail.com) and she’ll be happy to take care of that.

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