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Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Chloé

On a rainy day like today, it’s hard to stay awake, better yet feel motivated or excited towards anything. When the rain is pouring down and it’s dark and dreary, the only thing I want to do is hide under my covers and sleep. These feelings of misery, fatigue and weather depression quickly faded, though, when I realized it was Thursday, which meant it’s handbag designer spotlight time! There are few things in this world that can shake my moods, and designer bags are one of them! This week I’m focusing on Chloé, who I have a fairly new obsession with. I’ve seen Chloé’s bags on many celebs arms, but never really got what all the hype was about. That was until I stumbled upon the collection on Nordstrom and instantly fell in love. The collection features bags with unique shapes and designs that aren’t overly dramatic, embellished or flashy and are made of 100% real leather. With a product this good, why gunk it up with sequins or a crowded design? As of now, I’m drooling over the ‘Aurore’ Jacquard tote. I’d seriously live in this bag if I had to.

Aurore Jacquard Satchel
[I want this bag. Wedding gift? It’d be perfect as my honeymoon carry on!]

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A Perfect Charleston Wedding by Richard Israel

I’m so excited to feature this gorgeous wedding for a few reasons. One, it took place in Charleston, which you all know, is a place very near and dear to my heart. Secondly, the bride and groom [Whitney and Eric] are such a gorgeous couple who are madly in love, as you can see in every photograph. And third, it was shot by a photographer too good for words, Richard Israel and his fabulous assistant Elizabeth Rose. This wedding showcases true love and classic, simple elegance, which to me, are the makings of a perfect affair. For more on this beautiful wedding, visit Richard’s blog.

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Tuesday Shoesday: Fall Wedges

It’s time to whip out the booties, boots and…wedges? Yes, you heard me right. Wedges are no longer just for spring and summer anymore. This season’s wedges are full of exotic print, fur trim, embellishment and are made of deliciously soft leathers and suedes which make them perfect for any outfit, from a pair of skinnies to your D&G tweed work suit. [A girl can dream, right?] They also come in all shapes this season from booties to over-the-knee boots. What I’m also seeing in this season’s wedges are some ‘tude, my friends, with zippers, black lace and studs. So whether your feeling safe or sassy, there’s a perfect fall wedge for you! All can be found on Neimen Marcus.

Albert Fermani Lace-up Wedge

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Friday’s Fabulous Finds: The Wishing Tree

A wish tree is a personal, very beautiful, way to congratulate the bride and groom

There’s one trend I’ve seen lately in weddings that I honestly think is the cutest.thing.ever. And this adorable little number leaves me giggling and happy every time I see someone use it. This new favorite of mine is the wishing tree. The wishing tree is an older tradition where instead of a guest  book, guests are given a piece of cardstock, or paper shaped like a leaf where they can write a well wish to the bride and groom. After the tree is filled, it’s often garnished with jewels or lights and used as a centerpiece or decor item. These trees not only look gorgeous, but they provide guests with a fun way to congratulate the bride and groom that is both new and deeply traditional. It’s also one of those fabulous decor items that serves more than one purpose, especially if you use it as a centerpiece or a lantern at night!

[Boho and Wedding Events]

[English Weding]

[Melia Spring Weddings]

[Wedding Bee]

[Paperdoll Romance]

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Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Kate Spade

Any store with decor like this is already a favorite in my book!

What is there to be said about Kate Spade that hasn’t already been? Her designs are timeless, modern, preppy, couture and highly elegant. What I love most about her designs are how bold they are, but not too bold that they aren’t still timeless season to season. Even her trendiest pieces can be carried through each season, year to year. Instead of blabbing about how fantastic and wonderful this line is, why don’t I just show you? I know it’s early, but Santa, can you put me down for one of these fabulous bags? I promise I’ll be good! [At least kinda good]. All these amazing pieces can be found at Nordstrom.

Studio Stripe Quinn Canvas Tote

Randi Nylon Baby Bag [I know, a baby bag, but I’d carry this to work as my work tote! How amazing is that red interior?]

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Happy Autumn!

To celebrate my favorite season, I made this delicious inspiration board full of deep colors, leaves, pumpkins and pumpkin pies and of course, autumn weddings and love. Enjoy!

Autumn Leaves & Love.


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Tuesday Shoesday: Bright Colored Pumps [Adds flavor to any ensemble!]


I’m a colorful person. I’ve always been. This one woman I work with even commented “You always wear such bright colors, it’s really refreshing.” She said that during our 34 foot snow downpour as well. And you know what, I love to hear that. I wear bright colors, even in the dead of winter, because it adds a dash of sunshine and summer no matter what the temperature. Bright colors also make me feel better, happier and more optimistic [I’m sure they’ve done a study confirming this logic!] Some days, though, I just feel like rocking a LBD or a grey shift, so the only way to really incorporate some dashes of neon is in my shoes, which provides just the right amount pizzaz to my outfit! I also LOVE the idea of bridesmaids wearing all black dress with differently colored bright shoes [see photo above!] All fab shoes found at DSW.

SM Adell Pump [Love the bright blue! Your something blue?]

SM Trish Pump in Fuchsia [I love the mix of patent and suede, so trendy!]

SM Henaa Pump in Hot Pink [The color make them summer, the material make them fall!]

Miss Me Jocelyn 20 Platform Pump [I love red, patent pumps. Sexy  and very sassy!]

Gucci Peep Toe Signature Pump in Turquoise [Not crazy about the design but LOVE the color!]


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