Let the wind take you dancing

What a week it’s been friends. And, as shocking as this is, I’m all talked out. I’ve talked, cried, laughed, sobbed and yelled more times this week than I care to share. So today, this gorgeous Friday, I’m just going to share a beautiful picture with you and ASK YOU to do the talking.

Look at this gorgeous photo of a bride by the Mediterranean sea. What do you feel when you look at this photo?  What does this photo represent?

[Photo by Jonas Peterson]

Okay, I’m cheating but to get the convo started I’ll share what I think. For me, this dreamy photo represents letting go. It’s about living in the moment and absorbing every single element around you. It’s about recognizing that this moment, whatever moment it may be, could just as well be the most important moment of your life. This picture compels me to close my eyes, take a deep breath and live in THIS very instant. Because guess what folks, you are never going to have this moment again.



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3 responses to “Let the wind take you dancing

  1. That photo just looks relaxing to me, and it sounds like you need a relaxing weekend my friend. Hope you get one. ❤

  2. Oh darling-I’m right there with you. This week has all out kicked the shit out of me, but a photo that lovely reminds me that there’s more than just the four walls where we live or work, and the stuff that’s consuming us right now. Here’s hoping we both have a restorative, relaxing weekend.

  3. Sigh, I second that Lena. With the new job and new clients and the house, I am one sleepy chick too! But here’s to the weekend! Make it a good one everyone xoxo

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