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Thursday Purseday: Grey & Pink

Happy Thursday! Anyone else feel like this week FLEW by? Either way, I’m pumped for the weekend because the boo and I are going hiking! In other life news, I have an interview today and I’m a little nervous! I don’t know why I get SO nervous because I’m a good interview person, it’s just very nerve-wracking having to “sell yourself” ya know? I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes!

In purse & fashion news, my new favorite color combination is grey and pale pink. I have no idea why, but I’m COMPLETELY obsessed with how these colors compliment each other. The grey lends a very modern & sleek look while the pink softens it up.

[1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6]

Don’t you absolutely love this duo? If I had a do-over, I would have my bridesmaids wearing a tea length grey dress with ivory shoes and carrying a bouquet of pale pink peonies. Ah, sounds dreamy right? If these colors fit your palette, I’ve found you the perfect bridal clutches. I can’t decide between the grey or pink so why not show you both? And if you can’t chose either, have one for the ceremony & one for the reception?


[Via Wedding Bee]


[Via Magnifique]

I must find where that pink clutch is for sale, I absolutely NEED it in my wardrobe or I will die. Just die. (I say in my best Scarlet O’Hara accent).



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Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Just Another Rainy Day…

I got the inspiration for this board from a commercial, an Aqua di Gio perfume ad actually. A model is running through a forest by the beach during a rain storm. For some reason, I was transfixed. Then my crazy brain thought “this would make an INCREDIBLY SEXY inspiration board.”

My mind works in mysterious ways, folks. I eagerly spent an hour searching & documenting the perfect images for this sexy, rainy board and am incredibly intrigued by the outcome.

Rain brings more than just precipitation, it brings mystery, adventure and hope. Rain makes you see things you normally overlook and makes you feel senses you never knew you had. Rain wipes away the day’s dirt and grime and leaves the world with a sparkly, fresh new perspective. Rain brings life and movement, and without it, we wouldn’t have any of the beauty we sometimes take for granted. Makes you look at a raindrop a little differently, doesn’t it?

[Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8]


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Vintage Glamour Wedding Inspiration Board

Vintage Glamour

There’s no better way to celebrate Sunday than with a gorgeous inspiration board dripping with old Hollywood inspiration, vintage accessories and gorgeous couples. Who said Sunday can’t be glamorous?


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Southern Vintage

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve created my FIRST inspiration board, all courtesy of Style Me Pretty’s very intuitive Style Circle.  Much like my upcoming nuptials, this board has Southern and vintage flairs, with DIY flavor and old-southern charm!

Southern Vintage
Photos [as they appear]; The Wedding Chicks, Wedding Dress Gown, Enchanted Dreams & Wedding Affairs, Once Wed, Get Married Blogging Brides, Perfect Wedding Guide, Masterpiece Weddings & Stephanie Williams Photography.


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New found inspiration

As you all know, my theme is southern vintage, with a little dash of sophisticated elegance. I’m constantly on the look out for new inspiring ideas on how to bring this dream to life. Well after doing a bit of searching, I found some BEAUTIFUL weddings that tie into this theme.  [All thanks to Style Me Pretty, who has become my first go-to for inspiration!]

Vintage Chic
Courtesy of Ernie Garland]

Vintage High Tea

[Courtesy of Renee Reguson]

Vintage Glam

[Courtesy of Carrie from Cincinnati]

Modern, Vintage, Me . . . 2

[Courtesy of Shannon Stewart]

Vintage Yellow

[Courtesy of Solera]

Opposites Attract

[Courtesy of Ruffled]

Outdoor Inspiration Test 1

[Courtesy of Chocoloka]


[Courtesy of Erin of Lucky Me!]

These, along with thousands of others, can be found on the inspiration board segment of Style Me Pretty.

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