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Stephanie & Raidi Wintry Chicago E-Sesh

I am very excited to bring you the rest of Steph & Raidi’s GORGEOUS e-sesh. I’m absolutely SO in love with these photographs (if you couldn’t tell by my gushing on the sneak peek) and am sure you will love the rest as much as I do. The couple behind Enmuse Photography truly have mastered the art of photography. Plus, with the heat index as high as it is in DC, these chilly, snowy images give me a much-needed chill! Thank you Avina for sending the images and providing commentary!

Stephanie & Raidi love Chicago during the winter time, but how could they not? Despite what seemed like 100 mile per hour wind on our faces, we were blown away by how breathtakingly gorgeous the city is! Their #1 request was to help preserve their lovely memory about Chicago in an e-sesh, so we gladly obliged! 

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New Hair Do

It’s a double post kinda day over hurr! But why the second post when the first one is so amazing? Well, I’m getting my hair did on Sunday and I finally decided what I’m going to do with it! Before we get to my inspiration, I need to show you a picture of the lion’s mane I have now.

So I realize I kind of look like a demented serial killer here, apologize in advance for that. I hope we can still be friends. As you’ll see in the graphic above, my hair is a HOT MESS. It’s wild, it’s unmanageable and the color is completely faded. To give you some color perspective, this is the color it was in March.

See the difference? Red typically fades faster than any color but my hair kept a sliver of red in it for about 3 months. Then one day it was gone and I was left with a grungy brown/dirty blonde mix. I never saw myself as a red-head and never was brave enough to go all red. Well, that was until a few months before the wedding when I had a hair breakdown. Instead of keep the blondish color I’ve had forever, I listened to my colorist’s urgings (she kept telling me how gorgeous I would be with red hair, how my eyes would pop, etc) and took the plunge. Now, I’m never looking back. I feel like a totally different woman with red hair and to be honest? I feel more attractive and confident.

See! Don’t my eyes and features really stick out? As weird as this sounds (and as unnatural as it should be since I’m 75% Hungarian), I think I’m meant to be a red-head. So on Sunday when I go in for a cut & color, I’m asking for deep, dark red, almost like a burgundy. My inspiration is this photo I found on Engaged & Inspired.

How perfect is her hair color? She’s absolutely stunning anyway but I’m absolutely IN LOVE with her hair’s deep & dark, almost purple shade of red.

Now, in terms of cut, I want to keep the length but do something with the crazed bangs I have now. I’m between straight across bangs and soft side swept bangs. Here’s me with both options. I need your help, what do you think?

Straight across

Side Swept

All opinions are welcome, unless I don’t agree and in that case, shut up. (I KID, I KID!)


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Sneak Peek: Teph & Riadi

Happy hump day friends! It’s a glorious day in my neighborhood because it’s a pleasant 88 degrees with a bit of a breeze, which is paradise compared to the stifling 110 degree heat with NO breeze we’ve had the past few days. However, if the weather in your hood is still unbearable, this sneak peek wintry e-sesh will surely cool you off.

The blustery Chicago shoot, done by the insanely talented duo of Enmuse photography, features the adorable couple Teph & Raidi. Chicago is one of my favorite city backdrops for a shoot because of the beautiful & unique architecture of the buildings and the stunning hidden gems that lie in each corner & nook. When I first got this shoot, I got chills all over my body because of how jaw-droppingly gorgeous the pictures are. I am, literally, DYING to show you the rest. And because I’m feelin’ generous today, I’m going to show you 3 photos from this incredible set instead of the normal two. And just an FYI, it was SO hard having to pick which ones to feature because they are all so amazing. But you’ll see that soon enough 🙂

and one of my favorites because it gives you a glimpse at “Old Chicago” decor.

Seriously, I’m SO pumped to show you the rest tomorrow.


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Real Wedding: Molly & Greg

HI EVERYONE!! I’m sorry about the all caps but I’m just so excited to be blogging. I’ve missed ya’ll. Plus, I have the rest of the incredible images from Molly & Greg’s Pensecola nuptials, which I know is the real reason you’re excited I’m back 🙂 So without further ado, I bring you the gorgeous couple on their very special day photographed by the fabulous Ashley Victoria Photography and styled by Molly & Megan K Events!

But before we get to the rest of the photos, I must share the ADORABLE story on how they met & how he proposed, from the gorgeous blushing bride herself!

“We met in 7th grade in St. Marys, GA when his dad was stationed to Kingsbay, GA.  We were friends and he dated my best friend.  In 9th grade he moved to Maryland but we stayed friends and always saw each other when he came to visit soccer friends in St. Marys.  His family regulary vacationed to Key West and one year they had a lay over in Jacksonville (only 30 min away!!) and my mom drove me to the airport to see him.  He brought me a pair of Kino sandals from Key West.  Ever since then we’d talk about going to Key West together.  Freshman year of college, we had both ended our relationships with our highschool sweethearts just in time to plan Spring Break together to Key West.  After that trip we talked, emailed and wrote letters weekly.  By Christmas we had decided that we wanted to be in a relationship despite being so far apart.  Greg was in New London, CT and I was in Macon, GA.  After 2 and a half more years of dating and many plane trips to visit each other, we both graduated and Greg was commissioned into the Coast Guard and sent to a cutter in Virginia Beach, VA.  I followed.

In the summer of 2009, we had been dating almost 3.5 years and living in the same city for a year.  Greg told me his mom’s friend makes jewelry and I need to figure out my ring size so she can make me a ring.  I got my right hand ring sized and of course got my left hand sized too.  I was always skeptical about the jewelry making friend, mostly because I had no jewelry from her.  Greg told me she made it but he forgot to bring it home.  In October 2009, we were going to Annapolis to visit his parents for a sailing weekend.  It was going to be our first overnight.  He was rushed and upset that I was late (which is always), but I joked it off.  Turns out he had to get to Annapolis before the jewelry store closed to get my ring.  We didn’t make it in time, but his mom picked it up.  We ended up not sailing either because the weather wasn’t sunny and I was sick.  One night after dinner I wanted ice cream to sooth my sore throat.  We went downtown Annapolis to get ice cream and while looking over the Bay, Greg proposed.  It was perfect because after 4 years I was surprised!  Then we went to get ice cream. :)”

I loved the classic style of everything, Molly’s elegant dress and pearls and the way she wore her hair.  I mean, I was there, it was 2011, but looking back at some of the pictures I took, I feel like I’m looking at portraits from the 30s or 40s.  She just has that timeless elegance about her.

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Sneak Peek: Molly & Greg

Happy Thursday ya’ll! I apologize for my lack of, well, life in the blogosphere yesterday. I started my new job! It’s going to be fun and the people are awesome! It’s just a new environment, new lingo and new rules I’ll need to get used to. But really,  thank ya’ll for your sweet words of encouragement. The TWIPS really are an incredibly supportive group of people.

To make up for my absence, I have an absolutely ahhh-mazing sneak peek to show you by the incredibly talented Ashley Victoria Photography. The ceremony of Molly and Greg took place at the St. Michael Catholic Church and the reception was at the Mustin Beach Club on the Navy base in Pensacola Florida. I absolutely love this couple because the bride is gorgeous and the groom? Well, who can resist a man in uniform? 😉

I’m dying over her necklace and the black & white portrait. I can not wait to show ya’ll the rest tomorrow!

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Tuesday Shoesday: Glitter & Feathers

Happy Tuesday! It’s my last FULL day of “vacation” before I start my new job and I’m feeling a mix of emotions. I’m excited, obviously, to have a new job for the steady paycheck, new opportunity and great networking possibilities. But at the same time, I’ve really enjoyed my time at home. I’ve gotten into my writing (I’m working on a book, ya’ll!), I’ve had time to figure out what I want to do and to be honest, I haven’t had any time off to myself since I graduated. That’s 2 years of constant work with a few vacations thrown in. I needed this time to figure out who I am, what I want, what I can be. You know? But, it’s over and it’s time for a new challenge. So BRING IT ONNNNNNNN.

So shoes! My favorite subject, especially when they involve glittery Christian Louboutins & feathered rosettes. Before you have a heart attack, I haven’t found a pair of glittered Louboutins that have feathered rosettes on them. Trust me, I’d be living in a box because I would have already spent my rent money on them. If you happen to find a pair, do me a favor and send them my way. My husband won’t love the $900 dollar charge on the credit card, but my feet will be VERY happy! 🙂 Since I couldn’t find this dream pair yet, I’m sharing a pair of glittery goddess pumps and some stunning feathered rosette pumps, both which would equally be stunning on your perfectly manicured toes. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with both of them, so dear shoe gods, combine them with that iconic red heel and you have yourself a customer FOR LIFE.



Shoes like this make me happy to be a shopping addict 🙂


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Friday’s Fab Finds: DIY Necklaces

Happy Friday! Or should I say, Harry Potter Day? How many of you were up at midnight to see the last Harry Potter movie? I’m going tonight with my husband and I’m really excited, although a bit sad. I grew up with Harry Potter. I read all the books, I saw all the movies. I kind of feel like I grew up with the characters. Does that make me a total nerd? Yes? Okay, let’s move on to something that will redeem myself, DIY necklaces!

I know, here I go again with the DIY stuff. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on attempting these. (The chandelier is still something I plan on tackling, don’t worry). While I was perusing the web for DIY projects (for an upcoming wedding) I stumbled across these incredible DIY statement necklaces and knew I had to post about them. Making a statement necklace, for your bridesmaids or for you, is not a small feat. However, they are very do-able (from my standards, that says something) and very budget friendly, all you need to do is hit up your local crafts store! Plus, wouldn’t this make a really sweet gift for your girls?

DIY Ribbon Necklace

  • This is one of my favorite tutorials because it’s easy and the end product is absolutely stunning. It looks like something you’d find at JCREW! This statement necklace would be gorgeous paired with a navy bridesmaid dress, don’t you think? For the complete project, check out Ink & Button’s post on Ruffled!
Pearl & Ruffle Necklace
  • I absolutely love this one because it looks EXACTLY like a necklace I bought from Anne Taylor. I love the vintage flair and the elegant ribbon tie. This would be a gorgeous necklace to wear as the bride! (And imagine the faces of your guests when you said you did it yourself!) For the tutorial, check out Refinery 29!
Rosette & Pearl Necklace

  • I love, love, LOVE long necklaces, especially when they are paired with rosettes. I mean, pearls and rosettes are the way to my heart, remember? This would be stunning paired with a vintage & lace strapless gown & a rosette headpiece. I think I’ll wear it to my vow renewal 🙂 Check out Mrs. Priss for the whole step-by-step!
After looking at how easy these are, I may have to try one on my own. Or, who am I kidding, just buy one from the amazing talented women mentioned above.


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