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A Charleston Wedding: Fried Green Tomatoes & a Faulty Bridge

What a crazy week we had here in the DC area last week. First, an earthquake on Tuesday. Then a hurricane this weekend? I kept looking outside my window for a swarm of locusts to attack! But waking up this morning, you would have no idea anything happened. The weather is PERFECT.  The skies are bright and clear and there is a gorgeous autumn breeze in the air. I guess we have one thing to thank Irene for, right?

Jumping right back into the recaps (sorry for leaving y’all stranded last week without a recap!) we last talked about the adorable nail salon and the much-needed wine breakfast. After we were done with our manis and pedis, we headed out on Vendue Range street towards Poogans Porch, the place we were having our bridal luncheon. [All photos featured are my own or Emily’s, my paparazzi for the day].

Poogans Porch is one of the coolest restaurants in Charleston. It’s in a reformed old Charlestonian home (if you couldn’t tell by the amazing porches) which gives it a real homey vibe. Plus, the food was incredible. I tried to get a few pictures of everything but was too distracted by my delicious fried green tomato blt to focus on anything else. That sandwich was worth EVERY SINGLE calorie in it. I am salivating just thinking about it.

Ah-mazing. You can read more about the delicious food (and see some photos of what my ladies had!) on my healthy living site. However, one thing I must mention is when you go here, you have got to try a John Daly. It’s a delicious libation made of lemonade and sweet tea vodka. And yes, it does sound as delicious as it is. A few of my ladies got one and the taste is killa. Just, killa.

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A Charleston Wedding: Backstage Bridal Shoot & Morning Wine

Happy Monday! I’ve decided to kick off each week with a lovely wedding recap! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!

Jumping right in where we left off, my hair was perfectly coiled and my make-up flawlessly applied so it was time to put on my short little “reception” dress for the beach bridal shoot! Since I already recapped the professional photos, I’m going to feature the funny, backstage photos that my best friend Emily took. [Every photo featured on this post was taken by Emily!]  As soon as Richard arrived, Emily, Liz, Melanie and I trekked to Sullivan’s Island to snap some pictures. The weather was absolutely perfect with a lovely ocean breeze. When we first arrived, Richard had me hide in a bush so he could get some gorgeous pictures with the leaves around me.

Emily and Liz were singing “I’m a survivor!” by Destiny’s Child, hence the laughing.

After Richard switched to the digital, he gave Liz his amazing film camera…

…who was told it was his “baby”, so she proceeded to rock and coo it.

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and I’mmmmmm back!!

Friends! Fans! Loves! I’m back! Did you miss me terribly? Before I begin with a *few* teaser photographs of my fairytale wedding, I want to thank a few people first. Jacin, Annie, Naomi, Kristi, Angela, Erin and Sofia, thank you for your amazing guest posts while I was out! You girls are amazing and I’m SO thankful for you! I also want to really thank all of you who helped put on my ADORABLE virtual bridal shower. You all know me so well and are truly amazing friends. I can’t wait to try out these recipes! Thank you!

Now onto the stuff you really want to see, some amazing photos from the wedding! These aren’t our professional photos, but they are equally as amazing. I have some really talented photographers in the family! I honestly can’t stop thinking back on the day and smiling. Everything was perfect. Literally, perfect. There was NOTHING I would have changed. The decor was exactly what I wanted, the weather was amazing, the cake was beautiful, the food was delicious, the music was on key, the photographer was hilarious and EVERYONE had fun. It was a fairy tale and I’m just so blessed to have had such an unforgettable day. Okay, enough blab, here are some photos!

Make-up trial on Wednesday!

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