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Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Honeymoon Inspiration Board

The weather outside is gross and I’m in desperate need of a tan. So naturally, my mind wanders to the calm turquoise oceans and soft white sand of my honeymoon destination. Just gazing at this board, I can already hear the soft roar of the waves hitting the shore, feel the silky sand between my toes and taste the crisp, bubbly flavor of the champagne. Close your eyes and let’s go there together 🙂

Caribbean Honeymoon

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A Moment of Happiness…

I’m having a crummy day, for more reasons than I care to share right now. And I’m tired of talking about them. So instead, I’m going to show you some GORGEOUS photos of where I’ll be honeymooning 🙂 Ahh…the warm sunshine. How I long to feel you as I wander around these white sand beaches and relax in the salty ocean water.

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and my favorite…

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It’s amazing how much more relaxed I am just by looking at these photos. Where are your daydreams taking you today?


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I just wanted to briefly update everyone on where I’m going to be for the next 10 days and why there will be no new posts. I’m traveling to Italy with my family for vacation! We’re traveling all over and I’m ecstatic to spend time with them in a totally new environment. I am also going to be doing some wedding shopping [looking for a dress!] so I will hopefully return with some magfnico’ news! Ciao good friends, I’ll have plenty of photos when I return!

Below are the cities I’ll be visiting!




Tuscany [in a little town called Orvieto]

I can’t wait!

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