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Real Wedding: Julie & Eric

Oh Monday. I can’t complain about the weather, but the rest of my life is sort of a jumbled mess lately. I’m not going to go into full details, I’m just having some issues sorting through some stuff. With that, if you see that I’m a little quiet over here or not as enthused or perky as I normally am, understand that I still love y’all and will hopefully shake what’s going on soon.

However, I will not let my sour mood take over today because I have to share the rest of the perfectly vintage, seaside Laguna wedding I teased you with last week! There’s no easier way to put a smile on my face and ignite a warm spark in my heart than with a vintage lace gown, a gorgeous cathedral veil and a view overlooking the sea. Julie and Eric were married on July 20th at the Laguna Cliff’s Marriot in Dana Point, California. Her veil and cap are vintage pieces given to her by her grandmother. Her bridesmaids worn champagne colored gowns and carried pink, purple and ivory bouquets. Eric and his groomsmen wore purple bow ties and tuxes. What I love about this wedding was how simple, yet completely elegant it was. They had a simple white, classical wedding cake and had minimal decorations. But with a gorgeous view over Laguna, you don’t need much do you? The photos were submitted by the amazing  Deborah Huber Photography via Two Bright Lights.

Isn’t her veil and floral cap absolutely gorgeous? It was passed down to her from her grandmother.

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A Charleston Wedding: Bloody Mary’s, Beach Houses & Trials

So, I’m a little late on these recaps, aye? In my defense, I’ve been busy! But lately, I can’t put them off anymore because I’ve been experiencing some MAJOR wedding withdrawals. I was at my good friend Heidi’s wedding this past weekend and it really made me miss our incredibly amazing day. So, instead of moping around and staring incessantly at my photos, I’m going to be proactive and actually do these recaps!  Now, I could recap the whole year leading up to my wedding, but I’m pretty sure that would bore ya’ll to tears and cause you to never want to read my blog again. So instead, I’m going to begin at the most important time, 2 days before!

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Real Wedding: Molly & Greg

HI EVERYONE!! I’m sorry about the all caps but I’m just so excited to be blogging. I’ve missed ya’ll. Plus, I have the rest of the incredible images from Molly & Greg’s Pensecola nuptials, which I know is the real reason you’re excited I’m back 🙂 So without further ado, I bring you the gorgeous couple on their very special day photographed by the fabulous Ashley Victoria Photography and styled by Molly & Megan K Events!

But before we get to the rest of the photos, I must share the ADORABLE story on how they met & how he proposed, from the gorgeous blushing bride herself!

“We met in 7th grade in St. Marys, GA when his dad was stationed to Kingsbay, GA.  We were friends and he dated my best friend.  In 9th grade he moved to Maryland but we stayed friends and always saw each other when he came to visit soccer friends in St. Marys.  His family regulary vacationed to Key West and one year they had a lay over in Jacksonville (only 30 min away!!) and my mom drove me to the airport to see him.  He brought me a pair of Kino sandals from Key West.  Ever since then we’d talk about going to Key West together.  Freshman year of college, we had both ended our relationships with our highschool sweethearts just in time to plan Spring Break together to Key West.  After that trip we talked, emailed and wrote letters weekly.  By Christmas we had decided that we wanted to be in a relationship despite being so far apart.  Greg was in New London, CT and I was in Macon, GA.  After 2 and a half more years of dating and many plane trips to visit each other, we both graduated and Greg was commissioned into the Coast Guard and sent to a cutter in Virginia Beach, VA.  I followed.

In the summer of 2009, we had been dating almost 3.5 years and living in the same city for a year.  Greg told me his mom’s friend makes jewelry and I need to figure out my ring size so she can make me a ring.  I got my right hand ring sized and of course got my left hand sized too.  I was always skeptical about the jewelry making friend, mostly because I had no jewelry from her.  Greg told me she made it but he forgot to bring it home.  In October 2009, we were going to Annapolis to visit his parents for a sailing weekend.  It was going to be our first overnight.  He was rushed and upset that I was late (which is always), but I joked it off.  Turns out he had to get to Annapolis before the jewelry store closed to get my ring.  We didn’t make it in time, but his mom picked it up.  We ended up not sailing either because the weather wasn’t sunny and I was sick.  One night after dinner I wanted ice cream to sooth my sore throat.  We went downtown Annapolis to get ice cream and while looking over the Bay, Greg proposed.  It was perfect because after 4 years I was surprised!  Then we went to get ice cream. :)”

I loved the classic style of everything, Molly’s elegant dress and pearls and the way she wore her hair.  I mean, I was there, it was 2011, but looking back at some of the pictures I took, I feel like I’m looking at portraits from the 30s or 40s.  She just has that timeless elegance about her.

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Tuesday Shoesday: Simple, White, Perfection

There is something so stunning about all-white weddings. White dress, white shoes, white centerpieces, white linens. If I could do anything over again with my own wedding day, I’d pick to have everything white. If for nothing else, it makes for incredible photography.  I mean, seriously, how perfect is this bride’s outfit and her pristine white Louboutins?

[Photo via Jonas Peterson]


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Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Olive & Cocoa

I’m scoring some pretty sweet new catalouges in my mail lately.

As you’ll recall, the home good gods surprised me with a subscription to Garnet and Hill, which got my house decorating juices flowing. As I was prancing around my one bedroom home this weekend, measuring walls for paintings and carpet for rugs, I stumbled upon a little gem I must have overlooked in last week’s mail, a catalog for the Salt Lake City boutique Olive and Cocoa. After just a few moments of flipping through it, I immediately fell in love. This catalog? It’s where it’s at friends, especially if you are looking for some fabulous decor pieces for your wedding.

How beautiful would these Glaçon trees be at the entrance to your reception? Or placed around the dance floor/bar? And that’s not all, guys. Olive and Cocoa has more fabulously rustic decor pieces like these, as well as other fabulous centerpieces, favors and gift ideas, jewelry, table top accessories and food. Yep, they even have delicious food. I’m all about the one stop shopping, especially when it comes to wedding decor and accessory shopping. Why pay to ship from multiple stores when there is just one that has everything you need? Enough gabbing, here are my favorite O & C pieces. How would you use them for your wedding?

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Wedding Wednesday Wonders: Our Wedding Inspiration Board

Ya’ll remember how I created an inspiration board for my bridal look? Well, I’ve decided to do an inspiration board for the decor look! I’m honestly so thankful to have such an amazing coordinator, Melissa of A Charleston Bride. From the moment we first sat down and looked over my thousands of pictures of inspiration, she has done everything in her power to help me turn my dream into a reality. Honestly, she is the best in the business! Well, thanks to her help, we’ve outlined the most gorgeous, vintage and glamorous wedding and I’m DYING with excitement to see it come to life on March 25th!

My Vintage Charleston Wedding!

Image Credits: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6]


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Marvelous Monday: My Wedding Look

So…we are getting married THIS YEAR. Like, in less than 3 months. Holy eff. I honestly can’t believe it. At this point, I have all of the big pieces figured out and just have to put the little pieces into place. I’m so excited to see how my inspiration will turn into reality on March 25th! It dawned on me today that I haven’t really talked much about my own nuptials on here in a while. I’ve been so busy trying to showcase other weddings, new inspirational ideas and photographers that I forgot to update ya’ll on my own wedding plans! Well, I’m happy to report I have my entire look mapped out! Now, before you gasp of excitement, none of these images are exactly what I’ll be wearing, just inspirational photos. A girl has to keep some things a surprise!

My Wedding Look

Image Credits: [1, 2, 3, 4 and 5]


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