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Tuesday Shoesday: Fancy DiY Wedding Shoes

Wow. What a weekend. I’m so exhausted I’m surprised I can actually type today. I had such an INCREDIBLE time in New Mexico at Mary’s wedding. Albuquerque is such a cute little city! I love the architecture (most of the buildings in the Old Town area were adobe), the food was incredible and the weather was perfect. I was thinking it would be like 1,000 degrees but it was pleasantly around the 80’s! (And the 40’s when we were on top of the mountain!) I haven’t edited any of my photos yet but wanted to share one I stole from a friend of hers (touche, friend, for posting pictures already!)

Although only one of us is looking at the camera, you can get an idea of HOW BEAUTIFUL Mary was. She was a perfect bride. Congrats again on your gorgeous day, Mary and Phil!

Now, let’s talk shoes. I’ve talked forever about how much I loved my shoes. Not only where they EXACTLY what I was looking for, they were just a smidgen over $50 dollars. I wanted those gorgeous blue satin Manolos from SATC but I just could not justify spending $900 on shoes. I wish I did, but I’m pretty sure that would have further contributed to our blown out budget. If you are like me and lust after perfect shoes but can’t quite afford them, I have a secret. You can do them yourself!

Take these feathered Badgley Mishka pumps. Although they aren’t extreme budget busters (around $200) they are a bit steep.

[via Scobey Photography]

These are amazing shoes, but don’t think you can’t have shoes this gorgeous just because you can’t spend that much. Why not make your own wedding shoes with a pair you already own and a shoe clip? Of if you’d prefer to emulate that exact look, I’ve found gold pumps AND a shoe clip for under $70.

Michael Antonio Kashmir pump, $39.95

Jessie handmade shoe clip, $30

Wala! Perfect shoes that won’t blow your budget!



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Tuesday Shoesday: Chiffon Bows, Um Yes

Soft chiffon, a pearlescent color and a flattering ankle strap. To many, these sound like the world’s perfect shoes. And to one, very very lucky bride, they were HER perfect wedding shoes.

[via Style Me Pretty]

I literally gasped when I saw them. How absolutely breath-taking are they? Now close your eyes and imagine them, for a moment, paired with a tee length wedding dress that has a tight lace bodice and a flowing, tulled skirt? (like the one below?)

[via Pinterest]

A dream combination. A perfect mix of vintage lace with a modern shape and a unique pump.

What do you think? Too bold for a wedding shoe or just perfect?


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Tuesday Shoesday: Glitter & Feathers

Happy Tuesday! It’s my last FULL day of “vacation” before I start my new job and I’m feeling a mix of emotions. I’m excited, obviously, to have a new job for the steady paycheck, new opportunity and great networking possibilities. But at the same time, I’ve really enjoyed my time at home. I’ve gotten into my writing (I’m working on a book, ya’ll!), I’ve had time to figure out what I want to do and to be honest, I haven’t had any time off to myself since I graduated. That’s 2 years of constant work with a few vacations thrown in. I needed this time to figure out who I am, what I want, what I can be. You know? But, it’s over and it’s time for a new challenge. So BRING IT ONNNNNNNN.

So shoes! My favorite subject, especially when they involve glittery Christian Louboutins & feathered rosettes. Before you have a heart attack, I haven’t found a pair of glittered Louboutins that have feathered rosettes on them. Trust me, I’d be living in a box because I would have already spent my rent money on them. If you happen to find a pair, do me a favor and send them my way. My husband won’t love the $900 dollar charge on the credit card, but my feet will be VERY happy! 🙂 Since I couldn’t find this dream pair yet, I’m sharing a pair of glittery goddess pumps and some stunning feathered rosette pumps, both which would equally be stunning on your perfectly manicured toes. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with both of them, so dear shoe gods, combine them with that iconic red heel and you have yourself a customer FOR LIFE.



Shoes like this make me happy to be a shopping addict 🙂


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Tuesday Shoesday: Life’s Better With a Bit of Bubbly

Happy Tuesday Shoesday friends!

I’m exhausted and look really rough (I won’t take a picture because I like you all and don’t want to scare you away) but I’m so incredibly happy. We are moved into our new adorable little house! I use the word “moved” lightly because our house is covered in boxes and we had to sleep in the basement on the pull-out because we couldn’t find our bed stand. (Yes, we have that much stuff). I may also have given up on unpacking at around 8pm and indulged in some bubbly wine. I may just be partial, but isn’t life better once you’ve had a bit of bubbly? You may think I’m getting off course here topic wise, but wait until I show you this picture, it combines two of my favorite things in this world, bubbly and shoes!

And wait until you see these shoes, they are jaw-droppers.

Gorgeous, right? Talk about a match made in heaven! Photo via Tobiah Tayo Photography.


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Tuesday Shoesday: A Little Bit of Kate

Who doesn’t love Kate Spade? Seriously, I’ve yet to meet a fashion minded woman who’s scoffed at this well-known trendy designer. Her designs are unique but classic, whimsical but sophisticated, embellished yet timeless. Her shoes provide a vacation from the ordinary, they give your outfit a whole new breath of life. As you can tell, I’m a wee bit obsessed. Today, for this lovely [trying to remain optimistic] Tuesday, I am revisiting this fabulous designer and showing off some of my new-found favorites. If only money grew on trees…



and the finale…

Such a luxurious shoe, don’t you think?

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Tuesday Shoesday: I think I’m in Love

I am in love, friends and followers, with a pair of shoes so amazing I can’t imagine living any longer without them on my feet and in my closet. These gorgeous shoes were made for me and my wedding, I’m sure of it. They have a vintage, old South, 1940’s vibe and are made entirely of a gorgeous ivory lace, which will match the bodice of my wedding gown perfectly. And, to top it off, they have a stunning, hand-made rosette perfectly situated right on top. [Ya’ll know how I feel about rosettes].  So what is standing in the way of me owning these amazing, absolutely perfect booties? I don’t know where to find them! I came across them while searching for vintage wedding photographs for my latest inspiration board and I can’t seem to find the designer or who the photographer is! Apart from this being a normal #tuesdayshoesday post, it’s also a plea for help finding where I can buy these gorgeous shoes, or at least find the owner so I can bribe them with money, lots and lots of money.


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Tuesday Shoesday…Let my addiction continue.

I like pretty things. As simple as that statement is, it’s the best way to explain my obsession love for gorgeous shoes, accessories, jewelry, clothing, home decor, etc. Most of my lusting is just in the form of window shopping [stupid budgets and paying rent] these days, which is sad for my closet, but great for my blog! I caught the Tuesday Shoesday fever [thanks Twitter!] which is a perfect way to show case the current objects [in this case, shoes] of my affection. With my wedding approaching and me already in save mode, who knows. Maybe one day, some of these sassy numbers will be mine!

Valentino Lace Couture D’orsay

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