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Venue Spotlight: The William Aiken House

Photo by Susan Stripling

It’s time for another venue spotlight, but this one is INCREDIBLY exciting for me. Why? Well, it’s my venue! I’ve been keeping it in a top-secret vault from everyone but very close family and friends. I just wanted there to be an element of suspense in my wedding planning and keep my guests intrigued as to where we were actually getting married! Well since the invites have been sent out and opened by our guests, I figured it’s finally time to unleash the amazing venue we chose for our nuptials. Honestly, every time I see this place I get chills. If you are planning a southern wedding in Charleston, this venue is on the must list to check out.

The William Aiken House is located on the bustling King street which boasts tons of shopping, restaurants and other historic landmarks. Not only is the location perfect, the mansion itself dates back to the 1800’s and is registered as a national historic landmark. The house is kept in pristine condition and is fully furnished with antique furniture, paintings and chandeliers. It also has a private garden with a coy pond and giant Magnolia tree, which is often decorated in lights and lanterns for weddings. A quaint carriage house is located in the back of the grounds and is open to reserve for newlyweds and family to spend the night! But enough from me, time to drool over the photographs!


Patrick Hall Photography

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Venue Spotlight: The Meridian House

[Via Jay Premack Photography]

Happy Tuesday! It’s time to explore another gorgeous venue! This next venue is as gorgeous and historic as the last, but is situated in a bustling urban city instead of the rolling mountains of the Blue Ridge. For all you city girls craving a venue with a historic feel and political vibe, the Meridian House in Washington DC is your destination.

The Meridian House was designed by renowned architect John Russel Pope, the talented man who also designed the Jefferson Memorial, the National Gallery of Art and the National Archives. This historic home is also the headquarters of the Meridian International Center, which advances the United State’s public and cultural diplomacy efforts and has since 1960.  The house sits next to the White-Meyer house, another historic home which once housed two very prominent Washington families, including Henry White, a diplomat to Italy and France. Both houses are surrounded by private gardens, which make these homes seem like they are in the country, not the nation’s capital. The surrounding plush gardens and the home’s antique and formal interior make the Meridian House a perfect place for an intimate and formal wedding.  The cost to rent the house and gardens for a 10 hour event on a Saturday evening is $9,500. The house can hold up to 300 guests.


DC Wedding Photographer: Wedding Photojournalism and Event Photography in Washington, DC

DC Wedding Photographer: Wedding Photojournalism and Event Photography in Washington, DC

DC Wedding Photographer: Wedding Photojournalism and Event Photography in Washington, DC

Jay Premack Weddings: Wedding Photojournalism in Washington, DC

Above photos courtesy of Jay Premack Photography.

[Photos via Love Life Images]

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Marvelous Monday Venue Spotlight: The Biltmore Estate


Happy Monday y’all!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed that extra hour of shut-eye yesterday! Although I still woke up at 7:30 [I am allergic to sleeping in, I think] I really enjoyed having an extra hour to do everything I needed to!

In other news, I’m so excited to start my Venue Spotlight feature today! Picking a venue is one of the most important decisions us brides have to make. Choosing a venue helps to lock down a date, which will define  what flowers are used and food is served, based on whats in season. The venue also shapes the entire wedding, from the overall theme down to the individual details on each place setting.  To me, the venue also symbolizes who you are as a person and as a couple.  For my fiancé and I, our venue captures our personality and history to a T! The venue is the place you are celebrating the biggest day of your life, so it definitely should not be chosen on a whim!

As you’ll see from the headline and the stunning photo above, my first venue in this series is one of the most amazing ones out there. The Biltmore Estate, which is the largest privately owned home in the United States, is one of the most popular and revered wedding venues in the business. Built by George Washington Vanderbilt between 1885 and 1895, this home celebrates American royalty, wealth and classic charm and has 250 rooms which are still in the process of being  historically renovated and restored to their natural beauty. The venue is perfect for brides who are striving for a “royal, formal affair.” This American castle is also settled in the gorgeous town of Asheville, NC, which is nestled along the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you are looking for a historic building with stunning views, this is your place.

The Estate

Image #14624

[Above via Micheal Oppenheim Photography]

[via Audrey Goforth Photography]

[via Peak Definition Photography]

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