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and I’mmmmmm back!!

Friends! Fans! Loves! I’m back! Did you miss me terribly? Before I begin with a *few* teaser photographs of my fairytale wedding, I want to thank a few people first. Jacin, Annie, Naomi, Kristi, Angela, Erin and Sofia, thank you for your amazing guest posts while I was out! You girls are amazing and I’m SO thankful for you! I also want to really thank all of you who helped put on my ADORABLE virtual bridal shower. You all know me so well and are truly amazing friends. I can’t wait to try out these recipes! Thank you!

Now onto the stuff you really want to see, some amazing photos from the wedding! These aren’t our professional photos, but they are equally as amazing. I have some really talented photographers in the family! I honestly can’t stop thinking back on the day and smiling. Everything was perfect. Literally, perfect. There was NOTHING I would have changed. The decor was exactly what I wanted, the weather was amazing, the cake was beautiful, the food was delicious, the music was on key, the photographer was hilarious and EVERYONE had fun. It was a fairy tale and I’m just so blessed to have had such an unforgettable day. Okay, enough blab, here are some photos!

Make-up trial on Wednesday!

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Welcome to my wedding world!

Hello friends! After some deliberation, I’ve decided to create new blog to document the planning of my wedding. [And all of the pieces of advice, freak-outs, fits, eureka moments and tears that I experience along the way!] I’ve currently been documenting some parts of my wedding on my other blog, The Realistic Nutritionist, but my wedding has gotten ‘too big’ and needs it’s own place to grow. I’m really excited to have another place to funnel my wedding, honeymoon and thoughts on love! 

Click here to visit my other posts on my wedding to get an idea on where I’m at, planning wise.  Then going forward, visit this site for all the newest additions and all up to date information on my date, March 25, 2011! Below is also a breakdown of the vendors we have so far 🙂

Venue: Secret [located in Charleston, South Carolina]

Officants: Terry Wilson & Rabbi [still awaiting word]

Coordinator: Melissa Barton of A Charleston Bride


Make-up: Leslie Moore of Moore Makeup


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