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A Charleston Wedding: Backstage Bridal Shoot & Morning Wine

Happy Monday! I’ve decided to kick off each week with a lovely wedding recap! Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!

Jumping right in where we left off, my hair was perfectly coiled and my make-up flawlessly applied so it was time to put on my short little “reception” dress for the beach bridal shoot! Since I already recapped the professional photos, I’m going to feature the funny, backstage photos that my best friend Emily took. [Every photo featured on this post was taken by Emily!]  As soon as Richard arrived, Emily, Liz, Melanie and I trekked to Sullivan’s Island to snap some pictures. The weather was absolutely perfect with a lovely ocean breeze. When we first arrived, Richard had me hide in a bush so he could get some gorgeous pictures with the leaves around me.

Emily and Liz were singing “I’m a survivor!” by Destiny’s Child, hence the laughing.

After Richard switched to the digital, he gave Liz his amazing film camera…

…who was told it was his “baby”, so she proceeded to rock and coo it.

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A Charleston Wedding: Bloody Mary’s, Beach Houses & Trials

So, I’m a little late on these recaps, aye? In my defense, I’ve been busy! But lately, I can’t put them off anymore because I’ve been experiencing some MAJOR wedding withdrawals. I was at my good friend Heidi’s wedding this past weekend and it really made me miss our incredibly amazing day. So, instead of moping around and staring incessantly at my photos, I’m going to be proactive and actually do these recaps!  Now, I could recap the whole year leading up to my wedding, but I’m pretty sure that would bore ya’ll to tears and cause you to never want to read my blog again. So instead, I’m going to begin at the most important time, 2 days before!

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A Sneak Peek of Alicia and Kyle..

So I wrote this amazing, loving, PERFECT post about Alicia and Kyle’s wedding on Friday. I had it scheduled to go up this morning and was pumped to showcase it. However, I woke up and it wasn’t posted so I went to find out why. Turns out, my site crashed, somehow, completely over the weekend and wiped out my scheduled posts this week. Yep. So, please bear with me as I try to fix this whole website conundrum.

But I couldn’t just leave you without a few sneak peek photos of Alicia and Kyle’s amazing Arizona nuptials. Alicia is one of the most inspirational people I know and I’m so excited to be able to show you some amazing snapshots from her gorgeous outdoor wedding. I’ll have the rest of these amazing photos up tomorrow! Photos courtesy of Melissa Dunstan.

Isn’t the backdrop just breathtaking?


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