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Sneak Peek: A Perfectly Modern Vegas Wedding

Guys. GUYS! Wake up, I have a pretty amazing wedding to show you. For one, it was at the Mandarian Oriential hotel in Las Vegas. Plus, the bride has darling purple pumps with little bows. Y’all know how I feel about bows. Plus, the scenery is incredible and the bride and groom’s personalities really shine through in every little detail. This wedding was theirs, about them and their love, and that makes me giddy with excitement. So without further ado, I bring you a sneak peek of this fabulously modern Las Vegas affair, submitted to me by the super talented Infiniti Foto on Two Bright Lights.


Stay tuned Tuesday for the rest of this amazing wedding!



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4 Days…

Holy. Freaking. Crap. How did time pass this quickly? But, wasn’t it just 23 days? Ahhh! I’m frantic, if you couldn’t tell by my jumbled sentences. There are about 4.5 million things I need to do before I leave tomorrow plus I have to make sure my full-time job is squared away! I can’t remember the last time my heart was beating this fast, I just hope it doesn’t rupture!

Since I have negative time to post, I’m leaving you with two photographs that make me smile. This is what marriage, love, and weddings are about. In the end, the little details and logistics that you stress about don’t matter. All your guests will remember and hopefully all you remember is how much fun it was.  Weddings bring together everyone that means the most to you two, so why not completely live it up? That’s why I love these photos. They capture the essence of happiness and fun on a wedding day.

Via First Floor Films

Photograph by Sayher Heffernan, featured on Polka Dot Bride

Because in the end, life is all about having fun!


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Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Fall Weddings

Granby, Massachusetts, during peak autumn foliage season

It’s true, I’m now obsessively counting down until the first day of fall [see another pretty foliage photo above]. I only partly blame the AMAZING boots and booties on my Tuesday Shoesday post yesterday. Truth be told, Autumn has always been my favorite season. To me, there is nothing better than sitting on the front porch with a glass of hot cider [spiked with rum, of course] watching the lives fall in a deliciously cozy sweater.  So obviously, I’ve been oogling fall weddings for a long time, longer than I’ve been engaged, sad  to say. The only reason we aren’t tying the knot under a sea of colored leaves is because Elliot could not wait that long to make me his wife [I know, he’s so sweet sometimes!] So to show my love [and jealousy] to all of the lucky Autumn brides, I’m featuring my favorite fall wedding essentials!

Adorable pumpkin, cornucopia & leaf decor. [Charlotte Geary Photography]

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