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Tuesday Shoesday: Turqouise Pieces of Heaven

The title pretty much sums up the delicious pumps I’m about to wow you with. I’m sure you’ve seen them (well, those of you who stalk Anthropologie & BHLDN and have a virtual shopping bag well into the thousands). Although the color is stunning, it’s the modest shape, vintage design and Mad Man-esque vibe that have totally won me over. If you couldn’t tell, I’m sorta obsessed with vintage/retro ANYTHING. Well, friends, let these shoes take you back to the non complicated days of martinis at lunch and pearls with your apron. [Shoes are from BHLDN]

Um, what a freakin’ dream they are.

They are named the Elopement pump, which actually makes perfect sense. I could totally see myself, in a flirty, big skirted short lace dress running to the Little White Chapel with these magnificent heels on my feet, a pouty red lip and cascading red curls flowing down on my shoulder, hand in hand with my perfect Don Draper (Mad Man reference, duh). That is, of course, if I wasn’t already married.

I’d wear these with jeans, a dress, a pencil skirt, shorts, hell, even just my underwear. I mean, look at them though, it would be hard to NOT put them on 🙂 These are shoes that are not meant to sit in any closet.



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A Charleston Wedding: Fried Green Tomatoes & a Faulty Bridge

What a crazy week we had here in the DC area last week. First, an earthquake on Tuesday. Then a hurricane this weekend? I kept looking outside my window for a swarm of locusts to attack! But waking up this morning, you would have no idea anything happened. The weather is PERFECT.  The skies are bright and clear and there is a gorgeous autumn breeze in the air. I guess we have one thing to thank Irene for, right?

Jumping right back into the recaps (sorry for leaving y’all stranded last week without a recap!) we last talked about the adorable nail salon and the much-needed wine breakfast. After we were done with our manis and pedis, we headed out on Vendue Range street towards Poogans Porch, the place we were having our bridal luncheon. [All photos featured are my own or Emily’s, my paparazzi for the day].

Poogans Porch is one of the coolest restaurants in Charleston. It’s in a reformed old Charlestonian home (if you couldn’t tell by the amazing porches) which gives it a real homey vibe. Plus, the food was incredible. I tried to get a few pictures of everything but was too distracted by my delicious fried green tomato blt to focus on anything else. That sandwich was worth EVERY SINGLE calorie in it. I am salivating just thinking about it.

Ah-mazing. You can read more about the delicious food (and see some photos of what my ladies had!) on my healthy living site. However, one thing I must mention is when you go here, you have got to try a John Daly. It’s a delicious libation made of lemonade and sweet tea vodka. And yes, it does sound as delicious as it is. A few of my ladies got one and the taste is killa. Just, killa.

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Friday’s Fab Finds: More Ideas for Your Crib

HAPPY FRIIIIIDAY!!! Wahoo! I won’t let this impending natural disaster kill my excitement! (And, don’t worry, I’m fully stocked on enough wine, food and gossip mags to keep me sane for at least 3 days!)

I had a few ideas for what to post for today’s finds, but of course, Pinterest got in the way and I found a whole new slew of gorgeous somethin’ somethin’s to delight your eyeballs with. And, even  better, they all have to do with creating your perfect nest. Like many brides, I moved right after the wedding, so creating a dream newlywed home has been top of mind for me. Even though I’ve been married for 5 months, I’m still trying to create the perfect home for me and my new hubby. Well, I’m pretty sure these fabulous finds and inspiration ideas will get me there (once I have enough money to buy them, of course. Anyone want to sponsor me?)







and the world’s most perfect little set up:


Have a safe and happy weekend! For more of my musings, check out my Five Things Friday!

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Thursday Purseday: A Girl Needs Choices!

Sometimes, a girl just can’t decide on what she wants to wear. I mean, it’s a rare occurrence, of course, but it does happen. On days like that, where you can’t quite figure out the perfect outfit to wear, you need to have some interchangeable options for your handbags and accessories. Are you going for an understated modest look but with a killer, sparkled bag? Or a sassy mini dress with a simple blow clutch? Or dress up your jeans with a fabulous leopard print hobo. The options are endless, so why not play around? That’s the thing I love about fashion, you could wear the same outfit day in and day out, and with a different accessory every day, no one would have a clue!

[via Pinterest]

[via By Stephanie Lynn]

And of course, with all your options and many choices, you clearly need a fabulous closet to hold them all, right?

[via theBERRY]

That closet is a DREAM, right? When I die, I’d like to wake up in there please. With a mimosa, obviously.

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Tuesday Shoesday: Picture Perfect

Ya’ll, I’m pretty sure you know me very well by now. You know I collect statement jewelry pieces and have an old vintage soul. Ya’ll also know that I can’t pass up a deliciously sparkly pair of shoes. I dress fairly moderately (shift dresses, pencil skirts and flowy blouses), so my shoes and my jewelry are really the places I like to shine. To me, nothing makes an outfit like an incredible pair of glittered Louboutins or a pair of peep toes with some serious bling. Well, this shoe I’m about to share is no different. It’s glittery, perfectly peach with a sexy silhouette. I can’t tell you how many of my outfits these shoes would bring to life.


Plus, these shoes are perfectly paired with a vintage stack of books AND a princess crown. I may have found my version of heaven.


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Marvelous Monday: Pimp Your Ride

How is it already noon? On Monday? Today is FLYING by! I’m not complaining though, I can’t wait to get home, cook dinner and sleep! As many of you know, I was at the Healthy Living Summit this past weekend promoting my health/nutrition and food blog! It was INCREDIBLE, but very, very tiring. It really got me jazzed up, though, for my website re-design, which I’m hoping will be complete by the end of the year!

Now, as tired as I am, I still want to talk about something I’ve been asked about a lot lately; what kind of vehicle we used as our getaway back to the hotel after the reception.


To answer ya’ll, we used a rickshaw, which is a very popular Charleston mode of transportation.  As you can see, you sit on the back of a bike and a native takes you around offering interesting tidbits about the history of the city! Although the rickshaw is kind of played out, I loved it! The ride was a great time for us to unwind a little bit from all the excitement and take a really scenic ride through Charleston. Plus, our “driver” was awesome because he took us through the academic campus! Students and passersby were cheering us along the whole time! It was definitely a great memory. And sadly, it was almost something we cut, due to budget and stress! Thankfully our wedding coordinator talked us out of it because it was a moment we really cherish.

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Thursday Purseday OR Tuesday Shoesday, you pick!

So I know that title doesn’t make any sense, but that’s my ploy here. It’ll make you WANT to read! Or you’ll just go “Claire’s actually gone off the reservation this time.” Which, is probably more accurate. But, either way, I have something REAL real real pretty to show you, courtesy of….PINTEREST. (Duh, is there ever any other way to find pretties this day in age?)

The joy of pinterest (done right) is that most of the pins lead you back to their source, and I’m SO happy this particular one did because it led me to my new favorite fashion blog, Gal Meets Glam. The blogger, Julia, has the BEST sense of style. In addition, most of her finds are very affordable, so normal people like you and me can mock her outfits! She’s also a real person which makes it easier to read and relate to!

Now, before I show you, I must warn you. You aren’t going to know where to look. The shoes are killer, the purse is INCREDIBLE and the dress is perfectly chic. I’m just, in awe of everything that’s happening. Hence, this post could either be a “tuesday shoesday” or a “thursday purseday”. Take your pick 🙂

Photos are courtesy of Gal Meets Glam.

Um, incredible right? Those shoes are amazing!! But, for the sake of it being Thursday Purseday, let’s take a closer look at the bag.

Absolutely perfect. The sparkle makes it perfect for special occasions and the color makes it oh-so versatile. Swoon.

Now, I’ll ask, what do you think of this ensemble?


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