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Sneak Peek: Ashley and Mark

Shameless plug: the amazing La Petite Coquin featured my bridal shoot on her site today! Check it out!

Happy Wedding Wednesday friends! I have so many amazing weddings to share with you, I just can’t contain my excitement. What I love, even more, is that each one is SO different from the next. Every single wedding reflects the personality and tastes of each couple perfectly. It’s so refreshing. With that, I bring you a few teaser images of a FABULOUS backyard wedding in North Carolina. What makes this diy wedding even better is that the home has a pool! I love, LOVE when brides decorate the pool to match their wedding decor with lily pods, floating candles, etc. I love. Plus, they  have one of the cutest how I met stories, but I’ll save that for the feature 🙂

Thank you Whitmeyer Photography for the photos! (All photographs submitted via Two Bright Lights).

and my favorite…

Stay tuned for the rest of this September backyard wedding 🙂 Have a great Wednesday!



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Tuesday Shoesday: Fancy DiY Wedding Shoes

Wow. What a weekend. I’m so exhausted I’m surprised I can actually type today. I had such an INCREDIBLE time in New Mexico at Mary’s wedding. Albuquerque is such a cute little city! I love the architecture (most of the buildings in the Old Town area were adobe), the food was incredible and the weather was perfect. I was thinking it would be like 1,000 degrees but it was pleasantly around the 80’s! (And the 40’s when we were on top of the mountain!) I haven’t edited any of my photos yet but wanted to share one I stole from a friend of hers (touche, friend, for posting pictures already!)

Although only one of us is looking at the camera, you can get an idea of HOW BEAUTIFUL Mary was. She was a perfect bride. Congrats again on your gorgeous day, Mary and Phil!

Now, let’s talk shoes. I’ve talked forever about how much I loved my shoes. Not only where they EXACTLY what I was looking for, they were just a smidgen over $50 dollars. I wanted those gorgeous blue satin Manolos from SATC but I just could not justify spending $900 on shoes. I wish I did, but I’m pretty sure that would have further contributed to our blown out budget. If you are like me and lust after perfect shoes but can’t quite afford them, I have a secret. You can do them yourself!

Take these feathered Badgley Mishka pumps. Although they aren’t extreme budget busters (around $200) they are a bit steep.

[via Scobey Photography]

These are amazing shoes, but don’t think you can’t have shoes this gorgeous just because you can’t spend that much. Why not make your own wedding shoes with a pair you already own and a shoe clip? Of if you’d prefer to emulate that exact look, I’ve found gold pumps AND a shoe clip for under $70.

Michael Antonio Kashmir pump, $39.95

Jessie handmade shoe clip, $30

Wala! Perfect shoes that won’t blow your budget!


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Marvelous Monday: DiY Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Okay, so before you slap me for posting about fall already (I mean, in  my defense, it IS back to school time) I need to show you why I’m already patiently waiting for the first leaf to drop. I was greeted by THIS when I went to DSW to shop for some fun wedges for a September wedding I’m attending.

Hello, lovelies. That tall brown riding boot is calling my name. I’m now beyond ready for the change of seasons. I’m stoked for boots (esp. those brown ones), sweaters, rum & apple cider, leaves, crisp air, pumpkins and Halloween. I’m stoked for pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving turkey, roasted pumpkin seeds and sharp trench jackets. But above all, I’m even more excited to see this year’s gorgeous fall weddings (and brides!) As I mentioned last year, a fall wedding was my destiny. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely would not change a thing about my late March nuptials, but I still can’t get the vision of me walking down the aisle amongst piles and piles of crisp yellow and red leaves out of my mind. Let’s all just envision it for a moment, mkay?

Now that your mind is situated happily among pumpkins & fallen leaves, I’m going to show you the CUTEST diy centerpiece I found on Once Wed.

Isn’t it perfect for an Autumn reception? I also love the rustic vibe you get from the twine & the tree ring! Plus, if you head over to their page, you’ll see just how easy the whole thing is to put together! This would also be fabulous for your Thanksgiving table scape or any fall dinner party!

In other news, the TWIPS blog launches today at 1pm PST! So please make sure to check that out! A LOT of blood, sweat and tears went into it and it’ll showcase all the incredible talent that is in our little community!

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Friday’s Fab Finds: DIY Necklaces

Happy Friday! Or should I say, Harry Potter Day? How many of you were up at midnight to see the last Harry Potter movie? I’m going tonight with my husband and I’m really excited, although a bit sad. I grew up with Harry Potter. I read all the books, I saw all the movies. I kind of feel like I grew up with the characters. Does that make me a total nerd? Yes? Okay, let’s move on to something that will redeem myself, DIY necklaces!

I know, here I go again with the DIY stuff. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on attempting these. (The chandelier is still something I plan on tackling, don’t worry). While I was perusing the web for DIY projects (for an upcoming wedding) I stumbled across these incredible DIY statement necklaces and knew I had to post about them. Making a statement necklace, for your bridesmaids or for you, is not a small feat. However, they are very do-able (from my standards, that says something) and very budget friendly, all you need to do is hit up your local crafts store! Plus, wouldn’t this make a really sweet gift for your girls?

DIY Ribbon Necklace

  • This is one of my favorite tutorials because it’s easy and the end product is absolutely stunning. It looks like something you’d find at JCREW! This statement necklace would be gorgeous paired with a navy bridesmaid dress, don’t you think? For the complete project, check out Ink & Button’s post on Ruffled!
Pearl & Ruffle Necklace
  • I absolutely love this one because it looks EXACTLY like a necklace I bought from Anne Taylor. I love the vintage flair and the elegant ribbon tie. This would be a gorgeous necklace to wear as the bride! (And imagine the faces of your guests when you said you did it yourself!) For the tutorial, check out Refinery 29!
Rosette & Pearl Necklace

  • I love, love, LOVE long necklaces, especially when they are paired with rosettes. I mean, pearls and rosettes are the way to my heart, remember? This would be stunning paired with a vintage & lace strapless gown & a rosette headpiece. I think I’ll wear it to my vow renewal 🙂 Check out Mrs. Priss for the whole step-by-step!
After looking at how easy these are, I may have to try one on my own. Or, who am I kidding, just buy one from the amazing talented women mentioned above.


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Marvelous Monday: The Doughnut

Happy Monday! If you are one of the many people who LOATHE Monday’s, I have something that should make them a bit more bearable. Or just give you an insatiable craving for a doughnut.


Doughnuts are nothing new, they’ve been around since the late 1800’s. Although their exact origin is still being disputed, these sweet fried dough cakes have become a staple in our culture as the ultimate breakfast food and indulgence. They come in a vast variety of flavors, from glazed to bacon maple. But I’m not here to sell you on the greatness of doughnuts, because there’s a pretty big chance you already know how good they are 🙂 I’m just here to talk about their place at your wedding’s sweets bar.

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Marvelous Monday: DIY Rose Cake

Happy Monday!

I know, those words don’t usually come out of my mouth. After a crazy turn of events though, I can’t help but smile. Maybe this week I’ll divulge why I’m so happy? Because it’s Monday and I know not all of you are sharing my same enthusiasm, I’m going to show you something that I know will make you smile; cake.  And not just any ol’ cake, the most beautiful piece of confectionary heaven you will ever lay your eyes on. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Imagine the look on your guest’s faces when they get a plate of something this gorgeous. Now, imagine their look after you tell them that YOU made it. I know, I’m blowing your mind right now. Let me take a step back. The amazing baker who created this incredible cake, I am Baker, not only shared this cake on her blog, but also shared a TUTORIAL so that you can make your own. This cake has been all over the blogosphere since it’s debut in January, but I just knew I had to share in case you haven’t seen it.

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Marvelous Monday: DIY Chandelier

I’m not crafty, but ya’ll know that. I think I’ve hammered that point pretty hard. My lack of coordination, patience and inability to follow directions make these projects nearly unbearable, which stinks because I want to be crafty. I want to create one of a kind knick-knacks for our home decor project instead of spend 20+ dollars for the same thing on Etsy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Etsy, but some of the stuff on there I can easily do myself, just need a bit of elbow grease and patience.

We don’t have too much left to do, decor wise,  to really bring my dream to life, but my home is lacking in few key areas; dining room lighting, living room wall space and bedroom furniture. My main focus right now is the dining room lighting. We currently have a very low hanging plastic light and it’s hideous.  So naturally, I start thinking chandeliers and did a bit of Pinterest searching for inspiration ideas.

This search didn’t really help much because the gorgeous chandeliers above cost at least a thousand dollars. Now, if I was rich enough to buy them, I would (and would probably have a stylist and interior decorator too!) But I’m a young twenty-something living in one of the most expensive metro areas in the country. Even if I was raking in the dough, the cost of living here is so high I wouldn’t really see the fruits of my labor. To satisfy my chandelier obsession, I’m going to…gasp…attempt a DIY chandelier. Now, before you automatically put the fire department/poison control on speed dial, let me first tell you that I’m not attempting to try the impossible here, I found a VERY easy project with a limited supply list. Sure, it’s not as elegant as the all crystal stunners above, but it’ll serve the purpose until I win the lottery.

Not only is this a home project, but this is also a great idea for those DIY brides out there who want to add a touch of glitz and glamour to their reception decor.

Entire tutorial and photos via Dollar Store Crafts. 

DIY Chandelier tutorial

What You’ll Need:

    • Hanging wire basket
    • 6 packages of Mardi Gras-style metallic beads (about 48 necklaces)
    • Light gauge wire (floral wire will work)
    • Spray paint
    • Wire cutters
    • Hot glue gun & sticks
    • Additional embellishments

For the step by step tutorial, check out the Dollar Store blog!


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