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Tuesday Shoesday: Chiffon Bows, Um Yes

Soft chiffon, a pearlescent color and a flattering ankle strap. To many, these sound like the world’s perfect shoes. And to one, very very lucky bride, they were HER perfect wedding shoes.

[via Style Me Pretty]

I literally gasped when I saw them. How absolutely breath-taking are they? Now close your eyes and imagine them, for a moment, paired with a tee length wedding dress that has a tight lace bodice and a flowing, tulled skirt? (like the one below?)

[via Pinterest]

A dream combination. A perfect mix of vintage lace with a modern shape and a unique pump.

What do you think? Too bold for a wedding shoe or just perfect?



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Tuesday Shoesday: A Tribute to Photography

As of late, I’ve found myself completely enchanted by photography.  I find myself spending hours totally immersed in photographs, especially weddings and portraits. I’m sure my recent nuptials and my utter fascination with weddings is party to blame, but there’s something else that draws me in and hooks me. There is something so incredibly haunting about a good photograph. You see things that the naked eye misses, you feel like you are a part of what’s being shot. Amazing photographs have the power to awaken your senses and allow you to feel things and see things you had no idea were there.

Just me who feels like that? Oh. Well, this is awkward. I’ll get to my point then. 🙂

I was stalking Style Me Pretty this morning and was completely enamored by the post on the American Photo Magazine’s top 10 wedding photographers. So enamored that I clicked each of their portfolios and found myself permanently transfixed on each site, unable to tear my eyes away.

I know, this is a Tuesday Shoesday, I’ll get to the shoes. As I was gazing through Greg Gibson’s, a Washington DC based photographer who made the esteemed list, portfolio, my eyes were met with not only a stunning photography, but even more gorgeous shoes. I don’t know who made them or if they are available, all I know is that they are incredibly stunning. The yellow soles, the small rhinestone clasp, these shoes were made to be worn at a wedding.

[Photo by Greg Gibson]


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Rehearsal Dinner Inspiration by A Charity Wedding

Hello A Realistic Wedding readers!! I’m Alicia, a newlywed from The Charity Wedding. When I saw a cry for help by a stressed out planning bride aka Claire, I instantly had a flashback to just a few weeks ago when I was in her shoes. I knew I had to help! I am honored and thrilled to be posting on Claire’s blog today as she always has beautiful inspiration and ideas. For those lucky enough to follow her on Twitter, she recently Tweeted her pick for her rehearsal dinner dress. Virtual shoe shopping ensued as many Tweeters weighed in on what they thought would look best with the dress! I decided to create an inspiration board using her dress as the main inspiration. Here is a pick of the dress, followed by my inspiration board, using the same colors and idea!

kate spade new york 'elyse' silk dressKate Spade New York Elyse Dress, Nordstrom

For Claire


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Gorgeous Cakes that are too Pretty to Eat!

These cakes are too beautiful to even think about eating. I am drooling at how magnificently decorated and detailed they are. Just as my friend Angela from Swatchbook Weddings said a few days ago, cakes like these are pretty enough to wear!

Image #73564

La Fleur Weddings, Photography by Megan Sorel, Featured on Style Me Pretty

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Southern Vintage

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve created my FIRST inspiration board, all courtesy of Style Me Pretty’s very intuitive Style Circle.  Much like my upcoming nuptials, this board has Southern and vintage flairs, with DIY flavor and old-southern charm!

Southern Vintage
Photos [as they appear]; The Wedding Chicks, Wedding Dress Gown, Enchanted Dreams & Wedding Affairs, Once Wed, Get Married Blogging Brides, Perfect Wedding Guide, Masterpiece Weddings & Stephanie Williams Photography.


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