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Tuesday Shoesday: Floral Mary Janes

I’m sad to report I’m not feeling any better about life 😦 But I’m going to be writing a REALLY heavy post on what’s bugging me over on my nutrition/healthy living blog, so stay tuned for that. Until then, I’ll be moping around, holding back tears, trying to keep my  head up. Oh, and I’ll also be scouring Pinterest for happy, pretty things that I hope will improve my sadness. And, great news, I found a pair of gorgeous mary janes that have me, temporaily, forgetting my woes.

Sadly, as all good things are, they were found on Tumblr and I can’t locate their orgin. ANYONE, if you can hear me, please help me find these. I’m sure I can’t afford them but knowing that they exist on some online retail store makes my heart just a little happier. Because, God willing, I will find a way to own them.

What goes better with vintage, floral mary janes than a tea length lace gown with a silk floral sash? Absolutely nothing, I’ll argue.

[photo via Love My Dress]

When I close my eyes and image my perfect day, I’m in this outfit. Strolling around the streets of London, window shopping while twirling my perfectly vintage Burberry umbrella, laughing with a girlfriend as we stroll to a late, afternoon lunch.

Even if, just for an instant, my spirits are instantly lifted.



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Thursday Purseday: What a Dream!

Aw, guys! Thanks so much for your sweet as pie words on my first wedding recap. I’m so happy ya’ll want to read more about my big day! 🙂 And don’t worry, I’m sending all my submissions in this week so you’ll FINALLY see all the pictures soon!

Today’s purse is, literally, a DREAM. It’s blush, feathery and blingy, which encompass just about everything I’m obsessed with lately. Plus, it has such a vintage look and feel to it, which as ya’ll know, is the key to my heart. I swear, I was meant to be a flapper in the 20’s. Instead, I’m a product of the 80’s and now live in the 2000’s. BUT, that doesn’t mean I can’t still dress like I’m an extra in The Great Gatsby, right? I’m currently salivating over these amazingly 20’s inspired dresses.

[via All Things Lovely]

Abbbbbbsolutely divine. I want that fourth one SO BADLY. I could totally justify it, right? I mean, it’s work appropriate? Maybe a casual Friday?

Obviously with a fabulous dress like that, you need a perfect purse to go with it. Enter the amazing blush, blingy beauty I was alluding to earlier. It hits me in all the right spots and would help create the most incredible Gatsby outfit ever. Oh, and it’s even more incredible next to a vintage inspired lace wedding gown. [All photos below via Kristin Vining Photography and Etsy].

Oh and it’s only a mere $88. What a dream.


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Wedding Wednesday Wonders: Our Wedding Inspiration Board

Ya’ll remember how I created an inspiration board for my bridal look? Well, I’ve decided to do an inspiration board for the decor look! I’m honestly so thankful to have such an amazing coordinator, Melissa of A Charleston Bride. From the moment we first sat down and looked over my thousands of pictures of inspiration, she has done everything in her power to help me turn my dream into a reality. Honestly, she is the best in the business! Well, thanks to her help, we’ve outlined the most gorgeous, vintage and glamorous wedding and I’m DYING with excitement to see it come to life on March 25th!

My Vintage Charleston Wedding!

Image Credits: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6]


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Wednesday Wedding Wonders

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I wanted to keep the W trend going so I added the ‘Wonders.’ But after you take a peek at these gorgeous  inspiration boards [courtesy of Style Me Pretty] you will agree with my choice of words.

Old Hollywood } Seafoam memories.

Old Hollywood Glam, Courtesy of Cami Wade Photography

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