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Life needs a bit of COLOR!

Just like the headline states, life is meant to have some dashes and splashes of color. And what better place to have some color than in your wedding? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some colorless weddings pulled off beautifully, but that just isn’t me. My life is more bold and bright! However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to have my wedding look like a bowl of Trix cereal either. Instead, I’m going to feature splashes of two of my favorite colors in the world featured in the decor, on the bridesmaid dresses, on my shoes, in the flowers and in the decorations. Below is my color scheme. A classic black and white with a not so classic Capri blue and yellow.

Elegant and Classic Combo: Black and White

A taste of Italy with Capri Blue

Bright and Beautiful Yellow

Stay tuned to see how these colors will work together!


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Takin’ it back…to the 30’s.

I’m very excited about my theme. Like, smiling right now, giddy butterflies inside excited.  I knew when it came to my wedding, I wanted something traditional but with a fun, elegant twist. After doing extensive reasearch, I fell in love with the vintage-inspired theme.  There’s just something so classic, elegant, unique and…well, me, about it. After a bit of a crisis, “My bridesmaid dresses don’t fit this theme, I’m going to have to change everything, nothing will match..I have no idea what i’m doing!”, my coordinator reminded me of one very important thing pertaining to my wedding. A theme is just a theme, it needs to fit you and your personality, not the other way around.  I think I was meant for a vintage wedding even before I started researching because my fiance, not even meaning to, picked out a ring that has such an amazing vintage vibe!  So below are a few inspirational photos I’m using to design my perfect vintage wedding. 

MY RING!! My fiance did such an amazing job. And the cushion set diamond and oranate filigree gives this ring a vintage flair!

Easy, DIY signs! All you need is some wood, paint and your imagination!

I’ve never been a bird person, but I simply love this idea. It’s not only creative, it’s cheap, DIY and very vintage!

Since we are having an evening wedding, lanterns on the trees will add elegance to the night sky. I also love the idea of using old mason jars. [Must be the southern girl in me!] Another DIY, cheap project!

I really wasn’t into the all white floral design until my coordinator showed me some photos. Now I’m obsessed! There’s something so elegant, classic and beautiful about an all white display. You can spice it up by adding a few statement flowers or a bright sash!

I’m obsessed with statement jewelry and you better believe I’ll be wearing a bold necklace on my wedding day! I love the diamond, pearl, big flower design of this necklace. I might actually buy it right now!  For necklaces like this one, visit Magpie Vintage.

I’m obsessed with this cake! I love the black and white design, the little splashes of red and the big bow on top! For our wedding, we would probably forgo the bow for some fresh flowers!

Minus the red, which isn’t my taste, I love the candlestick & floral centerpiece idea! The pewter candlesticks add a vintage vibe while the flowers keep it elegant and beautiful.

I think these are probably the cutest cookies I’ve ever seen! Even though the cost per cookie of these range from 3-6 dollars, it might be worth a splurge to have a batch on our sweets bar!

These are just a few of my favorite vintage inspiration pieces! I’ll continue to share any ah-ha! pieces I find and hope you all can do the same!

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Buried in bags…

This post goes out to my bff Emily, who I’ve been blabbing about bags to since I got engaged basically. She asks “Claire, why the fixation on bags?” and I reply, “Bags are all I can handle right now!” And that’s not entirely true, but the less on my plate, the less stressed I am, which is always a plus.

Welcome Bags: I love the idea of a welcome bag for all out-of-town guests. It adds a touch of personality and sincerity and really reinforces that you are truly happy they came to share in your special day. At first, I got a little beau-coup crazy and started visualizing these beautifully lavish gift bags  full of personalized wine bottles, personalized chocolate bars, home-made Charleston baskets, she-crab soup mix, personalized soda bottles, personalized cups and mugs…as you can imagine, these gifts added up and soon, my little welcome bags were more expensive than the dress. So I’ve done a bit, lot of tweaking and am a little excited about the new ideas I have for these. [I’ll share only a few of them].

Custom Label Bottled Water

Personalized water labels for water bottles

I kind of stole this idea from Emily, but it’s not only cute, it’s really useful! [After the many cocktails of the rehearsal dinner, it was nice to have a bottle of water in the room!]

Personalized Spiral Notepads

Personalized mini notebooks

I love this idea and it’s nice to have a place for the guests to jot notes!

A stamped post card

A cute and fun way to remember the place our wedding took place!

These are just a few of the ideas I’m thinking for the bags…the rest will be a surprise!

Gift Bags/Favor Bags: I’ve had some fun researching ideas for my gift/favor bags! I think gift bags are such a fun way to thank everyone for sharing your special day with you and to give them something to remember you both and the great time they had.  You can also really play with your theme with the gifts you chose! There are so many ways I can incorporate my vintage theme into my gifts while still being creative and cost-effective! I’ve seen country themes with little, personalized hot sauces and french themes with little crepes. 

Embossed Square Favor Boxes

Favor boxes for to-go sweets

We are going to have a sweets bar and we wanted guests to have a cute box to take some home with them.


These mints have been around for decades and are a perfect way to stay kissably fresh!

I have a few more in mind, but those shall remain in my vault.

I’m still not sure on the types of bags I’m going to have for either the welcome and favor bags. I was thinking black with capri blue and yellow accents for the welcome bags and maybe the other way around for the gift bags. Other brides to be, what did your actual bags look like and how did you personalize them? 

I’m so happy my bags are coming together, one more thing to have a little bit under control.

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Welcome to my wedding world!

Hello friends! After some deliberation, I’ve decided to create new blog to document the planning of my wedding. [And all of the pieces of advice, freak-outs, fits, eureka moments and tears that I experience along the way!] I’ve currently been documenting some parts of my wedding on my other blog, The Realistic Nutritionist, but my wedding has gotten ‘too big’ and needs it’s own place to grow. I’m really excited to have another place to funnel my wedding, honeymoon and thoughts on love! 

Click here to visit my other posts on my wedding to get an idea on where I’m at, planning wise.  Then going forward, visit this site for all the newest additions and all up to date information on my date, March 25, 2011! Below is also a breakdown of the vendors we have so far 🙂

Venue: Secret [located in Charleston, South Carolina]

Officants: Terry Wilson & Rabbi [still awaiting word]

Coordinator: Melissa Barton of A Charleston Bride


Make-up: Leslie Moore of Moore Makeup


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