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Thursday Purseday: A Fall Preview

I know what you’re thinking, it’s barely summer, how on EARTH could I already be thinking about fall? Well, that is a valid question. I’m a summer girl, I love everything about this upcoming season. I love the smell of the ocean and taste of tart lemonade, the sound of kids laughing and playing outside, the glitter of lighting bugs soaring through the night. As much as I love summer, I also love handbags and I couldn’t tear myself away from the fall collection preview at Neiman Marcus! I mean, take a gander, you’ll find yourself kind of wishing for fall, if even just for the fashion.



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Tuesday Shoesday: Hello, Tweed

First, I want to thank everyone for their extremely kind words and for being such an amazing support system yesterday. I honestly don’t know how I’d get through my darkest times without ya’ll! The funeral is scheduled for this weekend and we are driving down on Thursday night. I’m always happy to get to go home to Cleveland to see my family, I just wish it was under different circumstances this time. Either way, I’m glad to be home with my loved ones, especially during this time of need.

Now, enough sadness for now, let’s talk shoes. And not just any ol’ shoes friends, a pair so magnificent they will knock you into next Tuesday Shoesday.  I’m not traditionally drawn to tweet patterns in the Spring or Summer, but these are no ordinary tweed.  The bright oranges, reds, greens and blues give these tweed pumps a look perfect for summer cocktail parties and date nights by the water.  Although the price is a bit steep ($745) these Oscar de la Renta’s are worth the splurge. Available at Neiman Marcus.

You could go with the red/orange/chocolate brown ones…

…or go for a navy/white or green/chocolate brown?

I’m LOVING the orange/red duo. I would rock those Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! (But at $795 bones, I would need to!)

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Royal Wedding Attire

Let’s all make pretend for just a few minutes today, okay? Let’s pretend that we got an invite to the monumental wedding of Will & Kate. Let’s pretend that we are jet setting off to London as we speak, with a champagne in hand and a proper hat on head and we are just gushing about the day to come. Because in real life, I’m at work, looking at a storm stricken sky, with nothing as joyous ahead. So just for now, for today, let’s pretend we were invited to the event of the season.

Now, the question that looms before us as we stand, overwhelmed, with seas of dresses before us, is what on earth will we wear? Well, since I’ve been pretending I’m a royal elite for some time, I’ve had my entire ensemble chosen for a while, complete with hair style (see Tyra’s do below), just in case dear ol’ Kate decided to send me an invite.  What do you think of my choices? Royal wedding worthy? And as you’ll see, I’ve also carefully chosen the entrance vehicle, because you can’t so much dare roll up to the royal wedding in any ol’ cab!

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Thursday Purseday: Royal Clutches

[The lovely couple, photo via]

So, you know, this whole Royal Wedding shindig is coming up. Have you heard of it? No? Well, it’s sort of a big deal in the wedding world. I’ve never been big on celebrity/royal affairs, but for some reason, this wedding has taken hold of me and I must admit, I’ve got serious K & W fever. I partly blame the Lifetime movie William and Katie for really solidifying my obsession. Well, my friends, what better way to celebrate this monumental occasion than with some clutches made for a princess? Full of glitz, glamour and sophistication, these are clutches I could certainly see Kate carrying around town or even on her wedding day!

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Tuesday Shoesday: Serious Sparkle [AND NEWS!]

Why, I feel like it’s been AGES since I’ve done a proper Tuesday Shoesday. I think the last one was before I became a Mrs! But don’t you worry, I’ve found QUITE the shoes for you! Before I share them, I have some fun and EXCITING news. Drum-roll please….

I’m going to be helping coordinate my first wedding this summer!! My cousin’s fiancée has enlisted my help and I honestly could not be more excited. I have so much work to do to make sure I’m 100% on game, but I’m thrilled. To make sure I’m ready for it, I’m going to enroll in a course to be certified as a wedding and event planner! AH! I never knew I wanted to do this until I got married. And now,  as I help her chose the decor details for her big day, I get an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and excitement. I’m not quitting my day job or giving up on nutrition, of course, but this is an exciting little detour I’m taking and I can’t wait to see what happens with it! And yes, I realize there is much more to event coordination than decor design.  Now onto shoes…

I’m obsessed with sparkly shoes, of course. They are the peanut butter to my jelly.  I have a pair of sparkly black pumps that I wore out a lot in Vegas  and really give my outfits that extra pizzazz. What better way to kick off my first Tuesday Shoesday as a Mrs. than with some FABULOUSLY blingy pumps? All can be found (and purchased if you’re lucky) at Neiman Marcus.

To. Die. For.

You’re a very pretty shoe. I want to take you out to a nice steak dinner.

and the finale, because you can’t beat Kate Spade.

Swoon. I loved my wedding shoes but if I knew these babies existed, I would have picked them. Sparkle + blue? Perfection.


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Thursday Purseday Beach Totes by Angela of Swatchbook Weddings

Angela is my cyber twin sister, I swear. I’ve always loved Angela from her hilarious posts to her adorable posts, but really connected with her over pop culture, Seinfeld to be exact. I believe I gchated ” Hellooooooooooooo! Ps Angela, I said that in my best Seinfeld voice.” Her response? “AHHH NEWMAN!” I knew we’d be fast friends. I’m so happy she came back from her hiatus to post for me. Angela, you are the George to my Jerry and thank you so much for posting!

Hello m’dears! It’s Angela from Swatchbook Weddings & I’m filling in for Ms. – actually, MRS! Claire while she is whisked away on her honeymoon. I know you guys feel the same when I say I am so happy for her! We have been each other’s ear via gchat many times and no matter what is stressing us out, we always sign off cracking up & feeling much better. So in honor of her much deserved honeymoon & the fact that it’s Thursday Purseday, I’ve picked out some of my favorite brightly colored beach totes that are perfect for a tropical getaway!






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Tuesday Shoesday: Last one as a Miss!

I’m getting a little choked up here guys. It’s my LAST, very last, Tuesday Shoesday as a Miss! Can you believe it friends? It’s been a long journey but it’s here! Weee! So to celebrate my madness and my impending nuptials, I’m going wild and crazy. I’m talking clashing colors, 5 inch heels and crazy patterns. Go big or go home, and I’m going big! (No, I’m not on crack, I’m just losing my mind, NBD.) And in the world of crazy, high couture shoes, these aren’t that expensive. These Gaga like pumps will only set you back $795! Can be found at Neiman Marcus.

Aren’t these wild?


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