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A Lovely Fairhope Wedding by Ashley Victoria Photography

Happy Friday loves!! Today I bring you an incredible wedding in the adorable town of Fairhope, Alabama. But before I get to the rest of the fabulous photos, I have to share a little back story of me and the photographer, Ashley Victoria.

In middle school, I was a bit awkward. I had frizzy hair, was a bit chunky and had no idea how to dress. Safe to say, I wasn’t swimming in party invites or being asked to join the cheer leading squad. I wasn’t a loner, per say, but I had only a few select friends. Well, one day, I met the cutest little person you ever did see, Ashley. She was so nice, funny and sweet. She invited me to her birthday party at the ice skating rink and over for sodas at her house after school. Another score was that she lived RIGHT in my neighborhood. Right as we were really connecting, her parents told her that she was moving to Alabama. I was devastated, of course. We kept in touch via Facebook (I think she found me? or I found her, can’t quite remember) but I’ve become quite obsessed with stalking her life via social media. Well, just last week, I got a little message in my Facebook inbox from her saying how much she loved this blog (thank you again, by the way!) and sent me this lovely wedding to feature because it’s perfect for my site. Ashley, you couldn’t be more right!

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The Volkman New Home Makeover: The Kitchen

We are moving on Monday!! And what I’m about to show you is what our living room looks like now. Before you see it, you must understand how much courage it took me to post this photo. If you want to submit me to Hoarders, I won’t be upset. It’s an utter amazement how myself, my husband and our 2 furry babies have managed to live amongst the clutter.

Gasp. I know. This is horrific. BUT, on the plus side, we ARE moving on Monday. And I refuse to live in clutter anymore so all of next week will be spent unpacking, decorating and being the cutest little housewife you ever did meet. Housewife with a full time job, 2 blogs, 2 dogs and pre-requisite dietetic classes. Now add interior decorator to this list because I am hitting the decoration of our new house HARD for a few reasons.

  1. It’s our first home as a married couple. Sure we are only renting it, but it’s our first actual home as the Volkmans. No more shared walls and elevators for us!
  2. We’re both in a place, financially, where we can actually spend money on decorations. As young 20 somethings, we’ve been living off furniture hand me downs and flea market finds. It’ll be nice to splurge on some fabulous matching couches and a new dining room set.
  3. I’m utterly obsessed with designs, details and vintage accessories. I fully blame my wedding, but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
So what am I thinking, design and decor wise? Why, let me show you in the form of inspiration boards! I’m going to make this a weekly series on Fridays (don’t worry, fab finds will be back!). This week? My favorite room of the house, of course…the kitchen!


[Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7]

Our new kitchen has all white cabinetry and appliances, which immediately has me thinking of shabby, vintage cottage chic with milk glass vases, white frames, tea cups and fabulous handmade signage. Plus, I’m also DYING over this amazing rug from C & B.

I want my new kitchen (which has AMAZING natural lighting) to be a room I never want to leave. My current kitchen in my apartment is nice enough, has a cute little island and updated appliances, but is SO SMALL with no windows. I want a kitchen that reflects who I am as a person and a cook. I spent my summers growing up on an island with a beach cottage and honestly, that’s where I’m happiest. So when I saw the opportunity to create a cottage like atmosphere in my kitchen, I immediately went for it. The best part? E doesn’t care, as long as I’m happy and continue to make him delicious meals!

Have an AMAZING Memorial Day weekend friends!!


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Friday’s Fab Finds: Goods for Your Nest

Oh Lilly, How I love thee! [1 & 2]

It’s 70 degrees out today! In DC! And it’s sunny! Please excuse me while I run around outside, jumping up and down. As one of my friends so wonderfully put today: “It’s a perfect day to have roof-top drinks.” I could not agree more. However, it’s also a Friday, which means I’m at work. Which also means I’m not partaking in the gorgeous weather OR said rooftop drinks. It’s just a little heart breaking. Well, to cheer up my sullen mood by being trapped inside, I’m bringing ya’ll some GORGEOUS home good stuff that will brighten up your day, no matter what the weather is like where you are!

Ya’ll have heard of Garnet Hill I presume? For some reason lately, I’ve been getting their catalogs. I never subscribed, so I think it’s a work of fate. The home good gods are seeing my sad excuse of an apartment and saying, “She needs some cute new accessories and a new comforter set. Let’s send her this catalog in  hopes she’ll get inspired.” Well, home good gods, I am! And this is because Garnet Hill is now featuring LILLY PULITZER home accessories. Yes, the same Lilly Pulitzer who made those gorgeous dresses above made a special line of home stuff for your house/apartment! Take a peek, you’ll want to buy them, trust me! You can find these here.

Heritage Floral Comforter Cover
I LOVE the bright, beautiful colors! It would feel like springtime in your bedroom all year long!

Chinoiserie towels, Lilly of the Valley shower curtain and Chinoiserie bath rug
I’m pretty sure I would live in this bathroom. All the time. So bright and beautiful!

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Friday’s Fab Finds: The Glory of ModCloth

I owe my new-found obsession with ModCloth to my dear friend Annie of Marry You Me. She sent me a link to a gorgeous dress she wore for her Mad Men party and from that point, I was smitten. I’m such a vintage/antique/retro junkie so the vibe of their clothes and accessories is right up my alley. I’m in constant swoon over their retro and chic sheath dresses, embellished cardigans and chunky Mary Janes. Once this wedding is over, I’m going to boost their sales quota by purchasing a few of the fabulous numbers below. I’ll have all the makings of a stunning little housewife then! 🙂 Just don’t ask me to make you a sandwich.


Spotted Around Town Dress

Spotted Around Town Dress

Spotted Around Town

Janey Jump-Ups Dress

Janey Jump-Ups Dress

Janey Jump-Ups Dress

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Friday’s Fab Finds: Darling Little Trinkets

I haven’t used the word trinket in a while but the amazing finds I’m about to show you don’t really fit into any other word description. I just couldn’t decide on one type of product, so I thought I’d share a mis-mash variety of a bunch of different types of products. Some days, like today, it’s good to color outside of the lines, so to speak 🙂 All of these fabulous trinkets can be found at Anthropologie. And I know I’m not the only person who thinks these could make fabulous holiday gifts!

[1, 2, 3 and 4]

[4, 5, 6 and 7]

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Friday’s Fab Finds: A perfect send-off




The send-off is one of my favorite moments in a wedding because of how amazing the photos turn out. Traditionally, most send offs occur right after the ceremony as the bride and groom as whisked off in a private car, limo, what have you to be taken to the reception. However, now, with many brides I know, they are getting married at the same venue they are hosting their reception at, so their send off occurs after the last song and they are carted to their hotel or wherever they are spending their first night as a married couple. Regardless of when you do it, the photos turn out fantastic because at that moment, not only are you excited and emotional, but every single person there is as well, and the camera really captures that. Although I think throwing rice is an adorable tradition, I’m falling in love with some of the more modern and whimsical send-off ideas I’m seeing in blogs and magazines. Here are some of my favorites!

Paper confetti adds such fun, silly flair to any wedding! [via]

Throwing paper/plastic leaves is seriously perfect for an Autumn wedding! [via]

Sparklers are a perfect end to a Spring or Summer evening affair! [via]

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