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Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Fendi

Although this ad, like most of theirs, is very sexy and alluring, I must admit…I’ve never been a big fan of Fendi. I’ve seen a few girls with the monogrammed Fendi bags, and honestly, they just aren’t my style. To me, the only monogram bag I’ll carry is  a Louis. Well, after stalking Neiman Marcus for quite some time, I stumbled on a STUNNING floral inspired tote bag that made me salivate. I started gasping, oohing and ahhing (to Elliot’s dismay) and nearly died of shock when I realized who made it. If Fendi makes bags that look like this, I thought, I will happily jump on that bandwagon and ride into the sunset. So folks, although I’m still not a fan of their monograms, I’m absolutely in love with their other designs. All are available at Neiman Marcus.

Embroidered Baguette

Floral Zucca Shopper

Woven Pois Baguette

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