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What I’m Loving Wednesday: Rehearsal Dinner Mad Men Frocks

Why, hello Wednesday. You are looking pretty good today. Have you lost weight? New hair cut? Not sure what you’ve done but you are looking FINNNEE. I have ONE MORE DAY until the weekend and I’m barely holding on. So Wednesday, be kind to me okay?

Let’s talk for a minute about rehearsal dinner attire. I may be old-fashioned, but I believe a rehearsal dinner is a very special event. I don’t care if you host it at the Ritz Carlton or a trailer park, the event itself is a very big deal. It’s the night before your wedding, for petes sake! It’s the night before the madness, the last night you are an I instead of a we, the last night (many of us) are known as the name we’ve grown up with. Plus, it’s time you get to really spent with your bridal party uninterrupted with the craze of the actual wedding day. You get to talk to some of your guests and laugh with your husband. Honestly, I loved every second of our rehearsal dinner for that very reason. However, through the blog world, I’ve learned that some people just don’t care about rehearsals or dinners. They serve the purpose of purely being time to practice and that’s it. They don’t host a dinner or dress up, they just run through the motions. Although I don’t agree with this, to each their own. All I know is that it was a very special event TO ME and I wanted to frame the event accordingly, attire wise. I even remember talking on the phone with my mom a few days before, saying “please tell everyone not to wear jeans, to dress nicely.” and my mom going “well, duh! It’s a rehearsal dinner, who would wear jeans?” Maybe it’s just my family and how I presented the rehearsal dinner’s formality, but almost everyone showed up looking dapper. 

My ladies looking gorgeous!

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Choosing a Dress for your Pre-Wedding Party!

It’s time to show some love to the rehearsal dinner, which is often overlooked and shoved aside in the wake of the wedding. [Obviously!] So today, I’ve decided to funnel my creative juices into picking out some beautiful rehearsal dinner dresses for casual, garden, beachy and formal celebrations [for spring and summer]. Because when the stress level is high and you’re knee-deep in photo proofs and invites, a little retail therapy is the only remedy!

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