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Tuesday Shoesday: Bright Colored Pumps [Adds flavor to any ensemble!]


I’m a colorful person. I’ve always been. This one woman I work with even commented “You always wear such bright colors, it’s really refreshing.” She said that during our 34 foot snow downpour as well. And you know what, I love to hear that. I wear bright colors, even in the dead of winter, because it adds a dash of sunshine and summer no matter what the temperature. Bright colors also make me feel better, happier and more optimistic [I’m sure they’ve done a study confirming this logic!] Some days, though, I just feel like rocking a LBD or a grey shift, so the only way to really incorporate some dashes of neon is in my shoes, which provides just the right amount pizzaz to my outfit! I also LOVE the idea of bridesmaids wearing all black dress with differently colored bright shoes [see photo above!] All fab shoes found at DSW.

SM Adell Pump [Love the bright blue! Your something blue?]

SM Trish Pump in Fuchsia [I love the mix of patent and suede, so trendy!]

SM Henaa Pump in Hot Pink [The color make them summer, the material make them fall!]

Miss Me Jocelyn 20 Platform Pump [I love red, patent pumps. Sexy  and very sassy!]

Gucci Peep Toe Signature Pump in Turquoise [Not crazy about the design but LOVE the color!]



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