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Tuesday Shoesday: Floral Mary Janes

I’m sad to report I’m not feeling any better about life 😦 But I’m going to be writing a REALLY heavy post on what’s bugging me over on my nutrition/healthy living blog, so stay tuned for that. Until then, I’ll be moping around, holding back tears, trying to keep my  head up. Oh, and I’ll also be scouring Pinterest for happy, pretty things that I hope will improve my sadness. And, great news, I found a pair of gorgeous mary janes that have me, temporaily, forgetting my woes.

Sadly, as all good things are, they were found on Tumblr and I can’t locate their orgin. ANYONE, if you can hear me, please help me find these. I’m sure I can’t afford them but knowing that they exist on some online retail store makes my heart just a little happier. Because, God willing, I will find a way to own them.

What goes better with vintage, floral mary janes than a tea length lace gown with a silk floral sash? Absolutely nothing, I’ll argue.

[photo via Love My Dress]

When I close my eyes and image my perfect day, I’m in this outfit. Strolling around the streets of London, window shopping while twirling my perfectly vintage Burberry umbrella, laughing with a girlfriend as we stroll to a late, afternoon lunch.

Even if, just for an instant, my spirits are instantly lifted.



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Tuesday Shoesday: Break out the Mary Jane (s) :)

Mary Janes are a versatile and fun fall alternative to the standard black pump!

You can always tell it’s the first day back after a holiday weekend when I break out the potty/inappropriate humor [hence, title]. I blame the 9.5 hour drive yesterday and my entire lack of sleep.  But, no matter how tired or mopey I am [I miss Charleston], it’s one of my favorite days of the week because it’s Tuesday Shoesday! What better way to perk up then look at gorgeous shoes? Due to my obsession with fall and the plethora of fall shoes now stocked in my favorite stores [virtual and online] I’ve come to really love some of the upgraded Mary Janes I see [ones that aren’t drab, with awkwardly chunky heels or resemble Grandma shoes].  I’ve loved Mary Janes since my youth, when I would prance around in them, excited because they were the only shoes I could wear with heels [small heels, but a victory in my eyes]  at the ripe age of 7.  There’s something so whimsical, girly, flirty, youthful and fun about these fall shoes!

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