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Thursday Purseday: Colorful Clutches

I’m going to post n’ run today because we have a daunting 10 hour car ride in front of us. As tedious as the journey is, the destination makes it all worth it. My good friend Heidi (who was a BM in my wedding) is tying the knot in South Bend!

I am so so so excited for her big day and after what happened with the whole bachelorette debacle, I am beyond ready to see her again!

Thanks to the glory of Pinterest (seriously, what would we do without it?), I found the most INCREDIBLE set of colorful clutches, all of which would be perfect on your big day. Why have an ivory clutch when you can have one that is coral, blue or yellow?

I mean, how adorable are these? I love the ruffles, the size and the colors! Plus, you can customize them more by adding a fancy pin or brooch!

Happy Thursday, ya’ll!



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