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Thursday Purseday: A Girl Needs Choices!

Sometimes, a girl just can’t decide on what she wants to wear. I mean, it’s a rare occurrence, of course, but it does happen. On days like that, where you can’t quite figure out the perfect outfit to wear, you need to have some interchangeable options for your handbags and accessories. Are you going for an understated modest look but with a killer, sparkled bag? Or a sassy mini dress with a simple blow clutch? Or dress up your jeans with a fabulous leopard print hobo. The options are endless, so why not play around? That’s the thing I love about fashion, you could wear the same outfit day in and day out, and with a different accessory every day, no one would have a clue!

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And of course, with all your options and many choices, you clearly need a fabulous closet to hold them all, right?

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That closet is a DREAM, right? When I die, I’d like to wake up in there please. With a mimosa, obviously.


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