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Thursday Purseday Designer Spotlight: Chloé

On a rainy day like today, it’s hard to stay awake, better yet feel motivated or excited towards anything. When the rain is pouring down and it’s dark and dreary, the only thing I want to do is hide under my covers and sleep. These feelings of misery, fatigue and weather depression quickly faded, though, when I realized it was Thursday, which meant it’s handbag designer spotlight time! There are few things in this world that can shake my moods, and designer bags are one of them! This week I’m focusing on Chloé, who I have a fairly new obsession with. I’ve seen Chloé’s bags on many celebs arms, but never really got what all the hype was about. That was until I stumbled upon the collection on Nordstrom and instantly fell in love. The collection features bags with unique shapes and designs that aren’t overly dramatic, embellished or flashy and are made of 100% real leather. With a product this good, why gunk it up with sequins or a crowded design? As of now, I’m drooling over the ‘Aurore’ Jacquard tote. I’d seriously live in this bag if I had to.

Aurore Jacquard Satchel
[I want this bag. Wedding gift? It’d be perfect as my honeymoon carry on!]

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