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Tuesday Shoesday: Flats to Match Your Bright Shoes

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It’s no surprise how much I love the bright wedding shoe trend, I mean, my bridal shoes are a bright hue of blue! It’s no longer the times of boring ivory and white, nowadays brides are using their shoe color choices to showcase their favorite hues and their personalities. A sexy, bright heel is fun to photograph and wear when you’re dancing up a storm, especially if you have a short dress that shows them off! However fabulous they are, they can really take a toll on your stems, even if you are one of the smart ladies who wore them in. No matter how many times you danced around the house in them or wore them out, 14 hours in a high pair of heels is going to hurt. Instead of maiming your feet, pair your bright heels with a matching pair of sandals, flats or flip-flops! That way, you still get that bright color that you love and your feet get a break! It’s a win win! Check out these pairings for bright wedding shoes. It’s your wedding, why spend it in pain?


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Switch out your bright green pumps with these darling BØRN floral flats from Nordstrom. They are comfortable, affordable and stylish!

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Tuesday Shoesday: Bright Colored Pumps [Adds flavor to any ensemble!]


I’m a colorful person. I’ve always been. This one woman I work with even commented “You always wear such bright colors, it’s really refreshing.” She said that during our 34 foot snow downpour as well. And you know what, I love to hear that. I wear bright colors, even in the dead of winter, because it adds a dash of sunshine and summer no matter what the temperature. Bright colors also make me feel better, happier and more optimistic [I’m sure they’ve done a study confirming this logic!] Some days, though, I just feel like rocking a LBD or a grey shift, so the only way to really incorporate some dashes of neon is in my shoes, which provides just the right amount pizzaz to my outfit! I also LOVE the idea of bridesmaids wearing all black dress with differently colored bright shoes [see photo above!] All fab shoes found at DSW.

SM Adell Pump [Love the bright blue! Your something blue?]

SM Trish Pump in Fuchsia [I love the mix of patent and suede, so trendy!]

SM Henaa Pump in Hot Pink [The color make them summer, the material make them fall!]

Miss Me Jocelyn 20 Platform Pump [I love red, patent pumps. Sexy  and very sassy!]

Gucci Peep Toe Signature Pump in Turquoise [Not crazy about the design but LOVE the color!]


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