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Releasing Your Burdens

[Photo via Pinterest]

I just LOVE this picture, don’t you?

I’m not a huge balloon person (Em can vouch for that) but there’s  something so wonderfully symbolic about releasing a balloon into the air. We each live day-to-day with so many burdens and weights that keep us down, whether they be financial, love or career, everyday we carry around more weight on our shoulders than we can possibly muster, keeping us well secured to the earth below us. Although we chip away at these burdens, emotions and woes, we can’t fully get rid of them until we allow ourselves, until we take a giant leap of faith and let go of EVERYTHING. Until we do that, we’ll remain stuck to the ground, never able to release into our full potential.

Very sadly, this blog that I love, that I’ve harvested from 2 readers to thousands, is becoming a burden. It’s becoming something I throw together on a last minute’s whim, something I dread and stress about every day. And you know what? Realizing that is the hardest part. This blog was becoming something that kept me firmly stuck to the ground.

[Photo via Pinterest]

I had a conversation with my dear friend Alicia who told me “it’s better to do two things really well than a handful of things just average.” And I couldn’t agree more. Back when I had more time, this blog was everything to me. I got joy out of updating it, interacting with commenters and finding new content. Now, because I’m in a new job, a full-time freelance writer and author to another very quickly growing blog, I’ve lost the passion I once had for this. I’m losing the excitement that once filled every single post, that exploded out of every word. Keeping it up everyday isn’t fair to me anymore and more importantly, isn’t fair to you all, my tried and true readers. You all are incredible and I can never express how much I love and appreciate each one of you. And you deserve me at my best, you deserve my best writing, my best photography and my best EVERYTHING. So, until I have that back, I’m going to be spending less time over here and more time cultivating my food blog, my freelance career and my photography skills. My dream is to be a writer and a full-time dietitian and I’m ready to see where chasing those goals, head on, takes me!

[Photo via Pinterest]

So, I’m letting go. I’m releasing this “balloon” back into the air. I’ll be back next week to share a few more amazing weddings I have saved then it’s time for me to let go. You never know, I may miss this wedding world too much that i’ll be back in a jiffy. Until then, I’ll see you in the clouds 🙂

You can find me ALWAYS blabbing about food on my food blog, talking recipes, entertainment and fun facts on She Knows and tweeting, updating and sharing jokes on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. PLEASE feel free to contact me, share any exciting news you have and just talk with me in an email! Y’all know I love you 🙂 claire dot gallam 10 {at}



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A Charleston Wedding: Fried Green Tomatoes & a Faulty Bridge

What a crazy week we had here in the DC area last week. First, an earthquake on Tuesday. Then a hurricane this weekend? I kept looking outside my window for a swarm of locusts to attack! But waking up this morning, you would have no idea anything happened. The weather is PERFECT.  The skies are bright and clear and there is a gorgeous autumn breeze in the air. I guess we have one thing to thank Irene for, right?

Jumping right back into the recaps (sorry for leaving y’all stranded last week without a recap!) we last talked about the adorable nail salon and the much-needed wine breakfast. After we were done with our manis and pedis, we headed out on Vendue Range street towards Poogans Porch, the place we were having our bridal luncheon. [All photos featured are my own or Emily’s, my paparazzi for the day].

Poogans Porch is one of the coolest restaurants in Charleston. It’s in a reformed old Charlestonian home (if you couldn’t tell by the amazing porches) which gives it a real homey vibe. Plus, the food was incredible. I tried to get a few pictures of everything but was too distracted by my delicious fried green tomato blt to focus on anything else. That sandwich was worth EVERY SINGLE calorie in it. I am salivating just thinking about it.

Ah-mazing. You can read more about the delicious food (and see some photos of what my ladies had!) on my healthy living site. However, one thing I must mention is when you go here, you have got to try a John Daly. It’s a delicious libation made of lemonade and sweet tea vodka. And yes, it does sound as delicious as it is. A few of my ladies got one and the taste is killa. Just, killa.

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Friday’s Fab Finds: More Ideas for Your Crib

HAPPY FRIIIIIDAY!!! Wahoo! I won’t let this impending natural disaster kill my excitement! (And, don’t worry, I’m fully stocked on enough wine, food and gossip mags to keep me sane for at least 3 days!)

I had a few ideas for what to post for today’s finds, but of course, Pinterest got in the way and I found a whole new slew of gorgeous somethin’ somethin’s to delight your eyeballs with. And, even  better, they all have to do with creating your perfect nest. Like many brides, I moved right after the wedding, so creating a dream newlywed home has been top of mind for me. Even though I’ve been married for 5 months, I’m still trying to create the perfect home for me and my new hubby. Well, I’m pretty sure these fabulous finds and inspiration ideas will get me there (once I have enough money to buy them, of course. Anyone want to sponsor me?)







and the world’s most perfect little set up:


Have a safe and happy weekend! For more of my musings, check out my Five Things Friday!

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New Hair Do

It’s a double post kinda day over hurr! But why the second post when the first one is so amazing? Well, I’m getting my hair did on Sunday and I finally decided what I’m going to do with it! Before we get to my inspiration, I need to show you a picture of the lion’s mane I have now.

So I realize I kind of look like a demented serial killer here, apologize in advance for that. I hope we can still be friends. As you’ll see in the graphic above, my hair is a HOT MESS. It’s wild, it’s unmanageable and the color is completely faded. To give you some color perspective, this is the color it was in March.

See the difference? Red typically fades faster than any color but my hair kept a sliver of red in it for about 3 months. Then one day it was gone and I was left with a grungy brown/dirty blonde mix. I never saw myself as a red-head and never was brave enough to go all red. Well, that was until a few months before the wedding when I had a hair breakdown. Instead of keep the blondish color I’ve had forever, I listened to my colorist’s urgings (she kept telling me how gorgeous I would be with red hair, how my eyes would pop, etc) and took the plunge. Now, I’m never looking back. I feel like a totally different woman with red hair and to be honest? I feel more attractive and confident.

See! Don’t my eyes and features really stick out? As weird as this sounds (and as unnatural as it should be since I’m 75% Hungarian), I think I’m meant to be a red-head. So on Sunday when I go in for a cut & color, I’m asking for deep, dark red, almost like a burgundy. My inspiration is this photo I found on Engaged & Inspired.

How perfect is her hair color? She’s absolutely stunning anyway but I’m absolutely IN LOVE with her hair’s deep & dark, almost purple shade of red.

Now, in terms of cut, I want to keep the length but do something with the crazed bangs I have now. I’m between straight across bangs and soft side swept bangs. Here’s me with both options. I need your help, what do you think?

Straight across

Side Swept

All opinions are welcome, unless I don’t agree and in that case, shut up. (I KID, I KID!)


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The Volkman Home Makeover: The Living Room

We are finally making some headway on the home decor, thanks to a weekend of no real plans which allowed us to finish unpacking. It’s amazing how gorgeous a room looks when it’s not completely covered in boxes.


Now the hard part, finding out how to fill the space! For starters, we are going to begin with some sitting furniture. I found the most amazing couch + love seat and a darling “workman’s bench” at VCF. The whole set is a bit steep, but in my opinion, completely worth the cost. A solid couch set can last you years! Now all it needs is the tooshy comfort approval (and husband bank approval) and it’s ours!

Darling, right? I want to keep with a light beige and walnut motif with bright accent colors like yellow and red.

[Images via Pinterest]

This chair, the vintage suitcases and amazing rug, which all cost more than one month’s rent, would make all of my furniture dreams come true. I could totally see myself enjoying a nice cocktail or two on my fancy vintage yellow arm-chair.

Now that my furniture is set, it’s time to figure out how I’m going to decorate all of that blank wall space. Luckily, we have a pretty good selection of art up already but I found some amazing prints and random wall decor on Overstock that will fill in the gaping holes.

Hand painted red flower set, $99.99

Jacquiel Flower Dance, $87.99

Howard Miller Vercelli Wall Clock, $56.99

Lastly, all it needs is a gorgeous plant and we are set! (A girl can dream, right?)


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My Realistic Life: Trying to Avoid Homelessness

Since I’m no longer a bride (weep) and am now a wife (yipee!) I’m going to start posting some of my real, married life stories 🙂 But don’t worry, I’ll still be doing real weddings, inspiration boards and venue spotlights, but I’ll toss in a few real Mrs. V stories too. PLUS, this will be a BIG category on my new website! (Read about it here!)

As ya’ll know, and if you don’t you must live under a rock, we are moving at the end of May. Where? Well, we don’t know yet.  The DC metropolitan area is a fantastic place to live. There is always something to do, whether you are in DC, MD or VA, the restaurants and food are amazing and the job market is pretty impressive. However, what comes with such a fantastic location is a ridiculously high cost of living.  Like $2,400 a month for 700 square feet high. We currently reside in a 1080 square foot apartment WITH a loft and it still doesn’t house all of our goods. Now, I know that moving closer to the city is going to result in a place that is a.) more expensive and b.) smaller, but over 300 square feet less for $600 extra dollars? I just can’t justify.  So why is it so hard to find a decent place to live? Let me share you the top reasons, at least for us.

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