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Real Wedding: Julie & Eric

Oh Monday. I can’t complain about the weather, but the rest of my life is sort of a jumbled mess lately. I’m not going to go into full details, I’m just having some issues sorting through some stuff. With that, if you see that I’m a little quiet over here or not as enthused or perky as I normally am, understand that I still love y’all and will hopefully shake what’s going on soon.

However, I will not let my sour mood take over today because I have to share the rest of the perfectly vintage, seaside Laguna wedding I teased you with last week! There’s no easier way to put a smile on my face and ignite a warm spark in my heart than with a vintage lace gown, a gorgeous cathedral veil and a view overlooking the sea. Julie and Eric were married on July 20th at the Laguna Cliff’s Marriot in Dana Point, California. Her veil and cap are vintage pieces given to her by her grandmother. Her bridesmaids worn champagne colored gowns and carried pink, purple and ivory bouquets. Eric and his groomsmen wore purple bow ties and tuxes. What I love about this wedding was how simple, yet completely elegant it was. They had a simple white, classical wedding cake and had minimal decorations. But with a gorgeous view over Laguna, you don’t need much do you? The photos were submitted by the amazing  Deborah Huber Photography via Two Bright Lights.

Isn’t her veil and floral cap absolutely gorgeous? It was passed down to her from her grandmother.

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What I’m Loving Wednesday: Lavish Outdoor Receptions

I’m thinking I should rename this series “Pinterest Wednesdays” because I’m finding that I spend a better part of my Tuesday evenings finding stuff I love on that site to feature on Wednesdays! I don’t know how I ever lived before Pinterest, do you? (All photos courtesy of Pinterest).

Hopping right in today, I have some INCREDIBLE outdoor reception ideas to share with ya’ll. As you know, I’m the number 1 fan in the outdoor wedding club and I don’t ever see that changing. You could be getting married in the fanciest ballroom ever and it still would not trump the  natural beauty of the outdoors. However, a tree is a tree and on your special day you want something a little bit more eye catching right?  Something a little bit more like this?

Or this?

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Stephanie & Raidi Wintry Chicago E-Sesh

I am very excited to bring you the rest of Steph & Raidi’s GORGEOUS e-sesh. I’m absolutely SO in love with these photographs (if you couldn’t tell by my gushing on the sneak peek) and am sure you will love the rest as much as I do. The couple behind Enmuse Photography truly have mastered the art of photography. Plus, with the heat index as high as it is in DC, these chilly, snowy images give me a much-needed chill! Thank you Avina for sending the images and providing commentary!

Stephanie & Raidi love Chicago during the winter time, but how could they not? Despite what seemed like 100 mile per hour wind on our faces, we were blown away by how breathtakingly gorgeous the city is! Their #1 request was to help preserve their lovely memory about Chicago in an e-sesh, so we gladly obliged! 

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Friday’s Fab Finds: Family Style Reception Tables

Happy Friday!! Since I now “work” from home, Friday doesn’t carry the same allure it once did. Don’t get me wrong, I love the weekends though. I love spending time with the husband & friends. Plus, it’s the only time I get to spend by the pool (I mooch off my lucky pool friends). Besides hiking, I’m not sure whats on deck this weekend. But those are always my favorite kind of weekends, esp. after the busy one we had in Charleston for the 4th!

Onto the topic at hand, family style reception tables. I absolutely love these set ups because they feel so homey, so comfortable. Plus, they make the seating chart debacle just a little easier to manage! Our main reception room was a “mini” mockup of the long table look (see below). Because of the set up of the mansion, we couldn’t swing full family style tables.


The rooms were STUNNING. But I can’t help but imagine what I could have done, decor wise, if we could have used a more family style set up. You can really play with the centerpieces. Instead of one big centerpiece on each table, you can have several clusters of vases, jars and flowers along the whole table. Paired with candles, luminaries and chandeliers, this look is absolutely dreamy.





Along the more rustic, vintage chic trend, I absolutely love when brides choose NOT to drape these long tables with linens. Instead, they use place mats under the centerpieces and other covers, like patterned runners, to add some more character. Who said you had to use linens? Not only will the table look more authentic, you’ll save some change!




You seriously can’t go wrong with this type of seating. Plus, you can really get creative with how you decorate! I love how Allison, of Engaged & Inspired, created a one of a kind look with her reception tables using book pages and mason jars!


I’m absolutely gushing over this idea. So I must ask, what are your thoughts? Brides, would you use a family style set up at your wedding? Pros, do you prefer this type of seating?


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Marvelous Monday: DIY Chandelier

I’m not crafty, but ya’ll know that. I think I’ve hammered that point pretty hard. My lack of coordination, patience and inability to follow directions make these projects nearly unbearable, which stinks because I want to be crafty. I want to create one of a kind knick-knacks for our home decor project instead of spend 20+ dollars for the same thing on Etsy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Etsy, but some of the stuff on there I can easily do myself, just need a bit of elbow grease and patience.

We don’t have too much left to do, decor wise,  to really bring my dream to life, but my home is lacking in few key areas; dining room lighting, living room wall space and bedroom furniture. My main focus right now is the dining room lighting. We currently have a very low hanging plastic light and it’s hideous.  So naturally, I start thinking chandeliers and did a bit of Pinterest searching for inspiration ideas.

This search didn’t really help much because the gorgeous chandeliers above cost at least a thousand dollars. Now, if I was rich enough to buy them, I would (and would probably have a stylist and interior decorator too!) But I’m a young twenty-something living in one of the most expensive metro areas in the country. Even if I was raking in the dough, the cost of living here is so high I wouldn’t really see the fruits of my labor. To satisfy my chandelier obsession, I’m going to…gasp…attempt a DIY chandelier. Now, before you automatically put the fire department/poison control on speed dial, let me first tell you that I’m not attempting to try the impossible here, I found a VERY easy project with a limited supply list. Sure, it’s not as elegant as the all crystal stunners above, but it’ll serve the purpose until I win the lottery.

Not only is this a home project, but this is also a great idea for those DIY brides out there who want to add a touch of glitz and glamour to their reception decor.

Entire tutorial and photos via Dollar Store Crafts. 

DIY Chandelier tutorial

What You’ll Need:

    • Hanging wire basket
    • 6 packages of Mardi Gras-style metallic beads (about 48 necklaces)
    • Light gauge wire (floral wire will work)
    • Spray paint
    • Wire cutters
    • Hot glue gun & sticks
    • Additional embellishments

For the step by step tutorial, check out the Dollar Store blog!


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A Lovely Fairhope Wedding by Ashley Victoria Photography

Happy Friday loves!! Today I bring you an incredible wedding in the adorable town of Fairhope, Alabama. But before I get to the rest of the fabulous photos, I have to share a little back story of me and the photographer, Ashley Victoria.

In middle school, I was a bit awkward. I had frizzy hair, was a bit chunky and had no idea how to dress. Safe to say, I wasn’t swimming in party invites or being asked to join the cheer leading squad. I wasn’t a loner, per say, but I had only a few select friends. Well, one day, I met the cutest little person you ever did see, Ashley. She was so nice, funny and sweet. She invited me to her birthday party at the ice skating rink and over for sodas at her house after school. Another score was that she lived RIGHT in my neighborhood. Right as we were really connecting, her parents told her that she was moving to Alabama. I was devastated, of course. We kept in touch via Facebook (I think she found me? or I found her, can’t quite remember) but I’ve become quite obsessed with stalking her life via social media. Well, just last week, I got a little message in my Facebook inbox from her saying how much she loved this blog (thank you again, by the way!) and sent me this lovely wedding to feature because it’s perfect for my site. Ashley, you couldn’t be more right!

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Lime and Lavender Inspiration

Hi friends! I apologize for falling a bit off the radar this week (HOLY BUSY) but I’m back with two exciting blog posts, including the rest of the gorgeous real wedding of Alisha and Neil! But until we get to that, I wanted to show you a little number I’ve been working on for some time.

I’ve always been a lime girl. I love the color, I love the flavor, I love the look of the fruit. Lime, to me, just rocks. It’s bright, it’s cheery, it reminds you of summertime margaritas by the pool and it creates such a fabulous statement. It’s not as offensive as neon yellow but has all of the more favorable neon properties.  Plus, who doesn’t like key lime pie? Really? I’ve also always adored lavender. And now, thanks to my office mate L, I am obsessed with lavender flavored food. I’ll take a bowl of lavender ice cream over chocolate chip any day. Plus, it’s a less abrasive purple and it reminds me of Easter Egg hunts and soft cotton dresses. So imagine my excitement when I saw these two paired together. Let’s just say, it was legendary. These colors are a perfect choice for a late spring, early summer-time bride.

[Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9]

What are your thoughts?


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