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What I’m Loving Wednesday: In a Jar Favors

Looking back at my wedding, as perfect as it was, there are a few things I wish I did differently. I wish, for one, we hired a videographer. I wish I knew that the bridesmaids didn’t have to match. I wish I re-applied my make-up towards the end of the night. I really wish I had carved out more time to really personalize the details. Like, I don’t know, spent a few extra hours baking little pies into jars with heart-shaped crusts on top?


They wouldn’t have matched my theme, at all, but aren’t they cute? I’ve noticed a lot of brides making “in a jar” favors for their guests and I’m completely smitten with the idea. Not only are they cute and delicious, but they are quite cheap to assemble. The most expensive part would be finding all of those mini jars, which I”m pretty sure you can find at any home goods shop anyway!

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Friday’s Fab Finds: Unique Save the Dates

Although our save the dates turned out fine, I really wish I had put more time into them. We made them online, used our engagement photos and printed them on post cards. All in all, they were cute and served the purpose. However, now, when I see people using corkscrews, balloons and playing cards as their save the dates, I kick myself for not being more creative in the assembly of ours.

Instead of weeping about something I can’t change, I’m going to feature some fabulously unique save the date ideas for brides out there who are trying to find a creative way to tell their guests to hold their special day. I’m in serious save the date envy right now with some of these amazing ideas!

Floppy Disk Save the Date - Fun Clever Save the Date Idea

Floppy Disk Save the Date - Fun Clever Save the Date Idea

Floppy Disk Save the Date, Etsy
I love how retro & geeky chic this idea is. This is a great idea if you or your hubby work with computers!

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Wednesday Wedding Wonders: Olive & Cocoa

I’m scoring some pretty sweet new catalouges in my mail lately.

As you’ll recall, the home good gods surprised me with a subscription to Garnet and Hill, which got my house decorating juices flowing. As I was prancing around my one bedroom home this weekend, measuring walls for paintings and carpet for rugs, I stumbled upon a little gem I must have overlooked in last week’s mail, a catalog for the Salt Lake City boutique Olive and Cocoa. After just a few moments of flipping through it, I immediately fell in love. This catalog? It’s where it’s at friends, especially if you are looking for some fabulous decor pieces for your wedding.

How beautiful would these Glaçon trees be at the entrance to your reception? Or placed around the dance floor/bar? And that’s not all, guys. Olive and Cocoa has more fabulously rustic decor pieces like these, as well as other fabulous centerpieces, favors and gift ideas, jewelry, table top accessories and food. Yep, they even have delicious food. I’m all about the one stop shopping, especially when it comes to wedding decor and accessory shopping. Why pay to ship from multiple stores when there is just one that has everything you need? Enough gabbing, here are my favorite O & C pieces. How would you use them for your wedding?

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Weekend Fab Finds: Pottery Barn’s Under $25

I want my life to emulate the Pottery Barn holiday catalog. Don’t you? [Via]

Tis the season to be…budget friendly! Fa la la la la la la la! 🙂 With my wedding less than 4 months away, I’m left with a smaller than usual holiday gift budget. However, that doesn’t mean I still can’t get my family and friends some amazing gifts! Thanks to my good friend Annie, I stumbled upon Pottery Barn’s under $25 and I’m wowed by the selection! Usually with prices this cheap, the quality is the first thing that is compromised. However, with all of Pottery Barn’s merchandise, these gifts reflect the same artisan crafting and quality to be expected from even their highest cost items! Oh, and these gifts are not only perfect for the holidays. Brides, some of these pieces would be gorgeous as accessories and decor for your big day! Why spend a ton on a mini dessert stand when you can get one for less than $30? Happy shopping!

Emma Monogrammed Mug, White

Monogrammed Mugs
How perfect would these be for wedding centerpieces or decor!

Bird Nest Place Card Holder, Set of 4

Birds Nest Place Card Holder
These would be gorgeous for a rustic, outdoor wedding!

Paperwhite Votives Benefiting St. Jude, Set of 2

Paperwhite Votives
These gorgeous votives benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Adorable centerpieces for an amazing charity!

Bird Ceramic Jewelry Dish, White

Bird Jewelry Dish
A perfect bridesmaid gift or gift for your best friend this Christmas!

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Fridays Fab Finds: Emici Bridal Spotlight

Catala Blush Bloom Bridal Sash

This is just one of Emici Bridal’s beautiful accessories.

I’m not the craftiest of girls, I’ll admit. I’m sort of DIY challenged. So when I see people create gorgeous things with just their own two hands, I’m not only jealous, but simply amazed. One person who continues to blow my mind with her gorgeous creations is Marie, the designer behind Emici Bridal. Her one of a kind designs have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Modern Bride and on Style Me Pretty! So without further ado, I present to you my favorite Emici Bridal designs. I’m currently accepting any one of these as a gift for my wedding, for all of the interested parties out there hankering to buy me a fabulous gift. Visit her site or Etsy shop for the complete, knock your socks off amazing collection.

Catala Bloom Bridal Bouquet - Made to Order

Catala Bloom Bridal Bouquet

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Marvelous Monday: The Photo booth

The photo booth is one of my favorite wedding trends as of late. As a kid, my cousin and I would have lemonade stands at our summer cottage. Even though we sold our glasses at merely 25 cents a pop, we still often walked away with 30-50 dollars a piece! At the ripe old age of 7 and 8, that money went to two places,  the island arcade and candy bar. After we’d spend a majority of our money stocking up on liquid candy and Big League Chew, we’d spend our last few dollars on  the arcade photo booth. [The photos in question are still hanging on the fridge at the cottage!] Every time I see those, I laugh [at my hair and outfit mostly, but also at the goofy faces we’d make] and each time I remember how much fun we had.  That is one thing I love about photos, the memories and the joy they bring, even years after the fact.

If you are going for the nostalgic look and feel at your wedding, I highly recommend renting an actual photo booth. Many companies have a few different booths they rent out, ranging from very vintage to very modern. Most offer many different photo options and allow guests to print their photos on the spot. Prices vary greatly, but some booths can cost over 1,000 dollars. If your budget does not allow for an actual booth, ask your photographer to stage one for you! If your photographer will be bringing an assistant, see if the assistant can assemble a “booth” area for 30-60 minutes of the reception, where guests can come and stage their own goofy/cute photos! If you want the look of the booth, design a fun backdrop using frames or mirrors or find a well decorated/fun area of your reception!

Photo booths are fun entertainment for guests of all ages! [Via]

This bride made her own backdrop with frames and wallpaper! This adds a very vintage and DIY vibe to the makeshift booth! [Via]

A makeshift DIY photo booth with different cameras for totally different looks. Leaving the film behind gives the bride and groom an extra gift at the end of the wedding. [Via]

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Fabulous Foodie Friday: Edible Favors

This could be due to the fact that I’m starving or just the plain fact that I love food, but today’s post is all about edible stuff.  And not just random stuff, edible party favors for all the lucky guests attending your wedding! There’s no better way to say thank you than to leave your guests with some yummy treats as they head home, back to the hotel or wherever the night takes them. A full guest is a happy one!

Brownie Pops from the Lollipop Chef

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