Marvelous Monday: Sneak Peek: Amanda & Daniel

Guys, I feel like I have about 10,000 things to write about. You know, like the 3 weddings I went to this past month and the countless other activities I had lined up. But I’ll get to those, eventually. First, I have to tease you with some AMAZING photos from Amanda & Daniel’s Quebec wedding submitted to me on Two Bright Lights.

The adorable couple was married in Mercier, Quebec, Canada this past June at the Salles du Boisé. The bright pink flowers, bridesmaid dresses and shoes complimented the gorgeous summer landscape perfectly. I don’t want to give too much away (I’ll share the rest on Wednesday!) but how they met is so cute! Amanda’s long time best friend Candice is Daniel’s sister! They fell in love with each other over the years and Amanda transitioned from sister’s best friend to (now) wife seamlessly. How cute is that? Photos courtesy of Ella Photography.

and my favorite photo of the entire set. It’s absolutely enchanting.

See why I’m so giddy to share the rest? Have a great Monday!


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One response to “Marvelous Monday: Sneak Peek: Amanda & Daniel

  1. Jane

    Elegantly, beautiful!!

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