A Charleston Wedding: Fried Green Tomatoes & a Faulty Bridge

What a crazy week we had here in the DC area last week. First, an earthquake on Tuesday. Then a hurricane this weekend? I kept looking outside my window for a swarm of locusts to attack! But waking up this morning, you would have no idea anything happened. The weather is PERFECT.  The skies are bright and clear and there is a gorgeous autumn breeze in the air. I guess we have one thing to thank Irene for, right?

Jumping right back into the recaps (sorry for leaving y’all stranded last week without a recap!) we last talked about the adorable nail salon and the much-needed wine breakfast. After we were done with our manis and pedis, we headed out on Vendue Range street towards Poogans Porch, the place we were having our bridal luncheon. [All photos featured are my own or Emily’s, my paparazzi for the day].

Poogans Porch is one of the coolest restaurants in Charleston. It’s in a reformed old Charlestonian home (if you couldn’t tell by the amazing porches) which gives it a real homey vibe. Plus, the food was incredible. I tried to get a few pictures of everything but was too distracted by my delicious fried green tomato blt to focus on anything else. That sandwich was worth EVERY SINGLE calorie in it. I am salivating just thinking about it.

Ah-mazing. You can read more about the delicious food (and see some photos of what my ladies had!) on my healthy living site. However, one thing I must mention is when you go here, you have got to try a John Daly. It’s a delicious libation made of lemonade and sweet tea vodka. And yes, it does sound as delicious as it is. A few of my ladies got one and the taste is killa. Just, killa.

After lunch, my MOH and I headed back to check into the hotel and get ready for the rehearsal dinner! E and I booked a HUGE suite (like 1,200 square feet huge) at the historic Francis Marion hotel. I didn’t snap any photos of just the room, but for reals friends, it was HUGE. My apartment was 1,008 square feet so um, it was bigger than where I lived. It had one bedroom, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, dining room and living area. Basically, I sort of wanted to move in. Plus, it’s located right on King Street which is where all the action is! After Liz and I changed, it was time to head out to the rehearsal!

We arrived a little later than everyone else (I’m the briddde, I can do what I want) but I was SO excited to see the ceremony chairs set up! It made it feel so real. However, my joy was immediately squashed when I saw my now husband, THE GROOM TO BE, wearing cargo shorts, sandals and a polo. See, this is a problem because I had picked out a nice outfit for him to wear (it’s OUR WEDDING, for Pete’s sake) and I was a little perturbed to see it NOT on him.

“I’m so happy, it looks so pretty!”

“Um, are those shorts? ELLIOT IS WEARING SHORTS? WHY?”

Before the rehearsal began, I immediately pulled him aside to figure out why he wasn’t dressed nice. (I mean, everyone else was in khakis and nice shirts). Luckily, he put me at ease with the real reason behind his attire.

“so, I was dressed in what you picked out, however, as soon as I was about to leave, I picked up YOUR dog [NOTE: whenever Oscar does something bad, he becomes MY DOG, not our dog] and he peed all over me. I didn’t have time to change so I had to put on the closest outfit I had without dog urine.”

If this was any other dog, I’d be a little skeptical. But my dog? Yeah, he pees on everything so I’m not at all surprised. My frown quickly dissipated and I was ready to get the rehearsal started. [A HUGE thanks to Emily’s husband Josh for photographing all of the rehearsal!]

E makes weird faces in pictures, that man.

We all took our places (thank god for Melissa) and began!

My MOH and BFF

Now, it wouldn’t be MY rehearsal unless something bizarre happened. So as my dad and I were walking over the bridge (that was set up to go over the pond) the board started to shake and I nearly topped over into the coy pond. My dad and I quickly hopped off and the bridge nose-dived into the water. My dad and I, of course, were really shaken up. As you’ll see in the photo below, so was the rest of the bridal party!

At that VERY moment, I made the executive decision NOT to have the bridge used in our actual ceremony. Nope, nope, not happenin. The rest of the rehearsal went by without a hitch (thankfully).

We ended a bit early so E and I snuck away to check out the decor (in process) and chat, away from everyone. I’m so glad we got those few moments to ourselves.

Although I nearly died (okay, I’m being dramatic, I almost ruined my dress and make-up) I loved my rehearsal. It was so good to run through everything before the big day and just see how everything was going to be. Where the set up was, how to get places, where I’ll be getting ready. Brides who are thinking about not having a rehearsal, I strongly urge you to reconsider. Even if you have to coordinate it yourself, it’ll give you a huge peace of mind knowing everyone knows where they need to be and you know where things are going to be.

Up next, we’ll talk about the rehearsal dinner, which, um, needs a post of its own. Have a good Monday y’all!



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9 responses to “A Charleston Wedding: Fried Green Tomatoes & a Faulty Bridge

  1. I’m glad you didn’t die! Or ruin your dress and and make up 🙂 I can’t ever imagine NOT having a rehearsal – I’m such a planner and would probably freak out if we weren’t going to have one!

  2. I was so afraid you were going to say you fell in!! OMG, thank goodness that wasn’t the case, PS. YOU’RE SO PRETTY.

  3. The image of you and your dad almost falling into the pond will forever be engrained in my mind. It was honestly one of the scariest things I’ve ever witnessed. THANK BABY JESUS you did a rehearsal and didn’t wing it on the wedding day. Can you imagine? Die.

    And yes, John Dalys are the shit.

  4. Maria

    EEE, so glad you didn’t fall in, I’m pretty sure I would have bawled my eyes out (drama queen alert). That luncheon sounds amazing!

  5. What a delicious afternoon and a wild rehearsal! Glad you stayed dry, and decided to skip the bridge!

  6. Nona

    While typically men will stay out of the way of bridezillas to ensure they are happy on their happiest of days, it is absurd to become upset over attire. Clearly your hubby had no desire to upset you or look unbecoming, but don’t you think it is a bit petty to bring it up months later, as if you are still mad, in a blog about REALISTIC weddings?

    What purpose does this blog serve you? I implore you to think back why you started this blog and why you are continuing to update it.

    • Tabatha Crayton

      I thought it was cute and she was just telling a story. Lighten up! @ the Bride: best of luck enjoyed your blog and don’t even know u!

  7. I LOVE that dress. Also, don’t kill me, but “coy pond”? Koi pond. Glad you didn’t fall in either of them. Love you!!

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