Marvelous Monday: Pimp Your Ride

How is it already noon? On Monday? Today is FLYING by! I’m not complaining though, I can’t wait to get home, cook dinner and sleep! As many of you know, I was at the Healthy Living Summit this past weekend promoting my health/nutrition and food blog! It was INCREDIBLE, but very, very tiring. It really got me jazzed up, though, for my website re-design, which I’m hoping will be complete by the end of the year!

Now, as tired as I am, I still want to talk about something I’ve been asked about a lot lately; what kind of vehicle we used as our getaway back to the hotel after the reception.


To answer ya’ll, we used a rickshaw, which is a very popular Charleston mode of transportation.  As you can see, you sit on the back of a bike and a native takes you around offering interesting tidbits about the history of the city! Although the rickshaw is kind of played out, I loved it! The ride was a great time for us to unwind a little bit from all the excitement and take a really scenic ride through Charleston. Plus, our “driver” was awesome because he took us through the academic campus! Students and passersby were cheering us along the whole time! It was definitely a great memory. And sadly, it was almost something we cut, due to budget and stress! Thankfully our wedding coordinator talked us out of it because it was a moment we really cherish.

If you don’t have rickshaws where you’re saying I Do, don’t worry! There are still cute/fun ways you can exit with your hubby that leave an impact AND save your pennies. Although a fancy 1950’s Bentley WOULD be nice, we all can’t swing it. I wanted my guests to have, you know, food, wine and music instead 🙂

[1, 2]

I’m absolutely LOVING the idea of hopping on a chair lift right after the reception. It’s perfect for those bride & grooms getting married in heavy ski areas, like Colorado and Utah! However, if your wedding is near a lake or pond, why not hop in a little boat (can be plastic, metal or wood) and row away into the sunset? I think it’s not only cute, but a fun way to take advantage of the nature and outdoor activities around you!

[3, 4]

If you don’t mind getting your dress a little dirty, hop on a tandem bike with your new hubby and bike to where you’re crashing! Not only does it make for an incredible photo, it’s a good way to get a little workout in. (However, I’m pretty sure getting married should be a new cardio, I was sore and my abs hurt after the day’s festivities!) If you are like me and can barely keep your eyes open when the clock strikes, have your husband scoop you into his arms and carry you away! This is ideal if you are staying on the property of your reception or a very nearby hotel. Plus, the photo is absolutely heart melting .


Or if you are more whimsical (and your budget allows), take off in a hot air balloon to see the sights that your town, city or destination has to offer. This is such a great way to sight-see while you relax with your new hubby. Bring a bottle of champagne and some French cheese and have your own private picnic, hundreds of feet in the air!

Although I love the above, one of my FAVORITE ideas (from my internet glances) has yet to be done. If I could do it all over again, I’d strap on some vintage skates and skate away, hand in hand with my  handsome hub. There’s something so romantic and nostalgic about roller skating and I think it’d be the perfect end to any wedding!


So what do ya’ll think? Are you more a vintage car person or a rollerskater? What are your ideas for the perfect getaway?



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2 responses to “Marvelous Monday: Pimp Your Ride

  1. That rickshaw is too stinkin’ sweet-the flower wreath is darling! I do love a good unusual exit!

  2. All of these are great ideas!! Except maybe rollerskating, that would NOT work out for clumsy me! I love the rickshaw idea, they have them all over Boston as well. Bf is a huge car fan though, so I’ll probably leave this decision up to him!

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